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Roaming around Hanoi, carrying flowers selling tens of millions of dong every day on the occasion of October 20

Roadside florists revealed that in the days approaching October 20, they can sell out tens of millions of dong for fresh flowers every day.

Roaming around Hanoi, carrying flowers selling tens of millions of dong every day on the occasion of October 20

On the occasion of October 20 this year, fresh flowers are especially attractive to customers. Most shops in Hanoi have to add workers and increase working hours to serve the sudden demand of the market. The more buyers attract, the more expensive flowers become, even jumping a price every day.

Fresh flowers are very expensive on the occasion of October 20.

The owner of a fresh flower shop located on Huynh Thuc Khang street (Dong Da district, Hanoi) explained: ” In fact, the price increase of fresh flowers on the days of October 20 is not because traders see that many customers buy so they push the price up. But because the market demand is high, the supply can’t meet up, leading to such an expensive situation of fresh flowers .”

Although the price of flowers is expensive, customers still pay, making these days still the most lucrative occasion of the year for shops. Even small flower vendors have the opportunity to attract money.

With only a bicycle and a small mat, carrying about 4 kinds of flowers on the car, Ms. Nguyen Thi H., 45 years old (from Bac Giang) sells out about 10 million goods every day. Ms. H. imported 4 types of flowers including sunflower, chrysanthemum, baby, jade eye, divided into small bunches, sold for 70,000 – 150,000 VND/bundle.

The money to import these fresh flower bouquets is worth more than tens of millions of dong.

This woman said that because flowers are so expensive these days, she only imported so much money, but on weekdays, she only dares to import 2-3 million.

Ms. H. honestly said: “ A car full of flowers like this, the import price is almost 20 million VND. On this occasion, I only sold out in two days. I have to import so much because if I buy and sell for a day, the price will increase tomorrow, making it difficult to sell . “

Ms. Nguyen Thi H. and her cart carrying more than ten million dongs of fresh flowers.

Like Ms. H., the florists on the street vendors have to get up at 3 am, go to the wholesale market to import flowers, then roam around on bicycles around the streets of Hanoi. In addition to fresh flowers and a magic hat, their carry-on luggage is plastic bottles of water to be ready to water the flowers at all times, not to let the flowers wilt.

Ms. Ngo Thi L. also brought a bicycle full of flowers, choosing a familiar place to sell flowers every day. “ Holidays sell more flowers,” she said. But it is more difficult and risky to calculate because the imported flowers are high. Street goods cannot increase the price, because if they sell expensive, customers would rather buy them in the shop. Cars with nearly tens of millions of goods but can’t be sold will suffer a heavy loss” .

The colorful flower basket of Ms. L.

October 20 is the time when she can sell the fastest and most products of the year.

Not far from Ms. L. is a woman carrying a street vendor from Bac Ninh. Unlike Ms. L., this woman’s flower basket is arranged on a motorbike, the number of flowers is twice as many as that of Ms. L.

The face clearly shows the worry of the woman from Bac Ninh because it is mid-afternoon but has not sold many flowers.

There were 7, 8 different types of flowers on the bus, “as high as a mountain.” By mid-afternoon, the flower basket was still full, making her anxious to find ways to invite guests. However, she still believed that she would consume all the flowers. on October 20 because the market is still very busy and crowded.

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