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The journey from empty hands to the owner of a billion-dong farm of a young man

At 19 years old, Hieu started his business by opening a chicken farm and selling eggs, but his relatives did not support him. Overcoming many difficulties, this guy now owns the basis for billions of dollars in revenue.

Nguyen Huu Hieu, a resident of Trung village, Ngoc Son commune (Thach Ha district, Ha Tinh province) owns a large-scale chicken farm in the region when he is only 29 years old this year.

Before becoming a young boss, Hieu experienced a memorable start-up journey with two “risks” against the advice of his relatives.

In 2012, Hieu graduated from high school but did not enter university or learn a trade. The young man who was not yet 20 years old decided to go to Angola (a country located in Southern Africa) to work with the desire to accumulate little capital back home. However, after just over a year, Hieu had to return home due to the devaluation of the Angolan currency. The debt of more than 100 million dong, which the family borrowed for the boy to go abroad, has not yet been paid.

The journey from empty hands to the owner of a billion-dong farm of a young man
Nguyen Huu Hieu in his chicken farm (Photo: VC).

A few months later, Hieu had the opportunity to join a group of farmers in the commune to exchange and learn about the chicken farming model in the North. The owner of the establishment both sells eggs and sells more broiler chickens, with high efficiency.

While at home and in his own family, Hieu only raised laying hens, incubated eggs and sold them on a small scale with low income.

“Also raising chickens, they can do it, why don’t we learn and apply?”, Hieu wondered and decided to start a business from here.

Returning home, he discussed with his father, Mr. Nguyen Huu Liem (70 years old) to borrow a plot of land with a hill garden of about 200m2 to open a farm. Hieu also asked his father to borrow some capital for him to build a barn and buy seeds. Without thinking much, Mr. Liem immediately objected to his son’s plan for fear of loss. Hieu is still too young, only 19 years old, unmarried and inexperienced.

Hieu installed automatic faucets to provide drinking water for pets (Photo: VC).
Hieu raises a combination of breeder and broiler chickens at his farm system (Photo: VC).

Anticipating this, Hieu did not give up. He persisted in convincing his parents. “Seeing me insisting like that, my father agreed but only lent me the land,” Hieu said.

The young man then borrowed from his brothers, the bank got 100 million dongs. He bought the materials to build the barn by himself, and the breeder asked his parents for help in choosing.

Initially, he raised chickens to incubate eggs and sell seed, but the challenge came when 700 chickens fell ill. Of which about 200 rollers out die.

To handle it, Hieu learned from experience in other farms and tried to buy vaccines. Chickens then live healthy, eggs hatch more evenly. But alas, at this time, the price of the chicken dropped again.

Hieu is still trying to sustain. More than a year later, chicken prices recovered. To recover capital soon, Hieu sold breeding stock, eggs and broiler chickens to his parents’ establishment and a number of local farms.

The young owner installed a cooling fan system around the barn and the ceiling to help chickens avoid heat in the summer (Photo: VC).

“Thereby, I realized that the people’s demand for raising chickens in the area is great, but there is a shortage of breeds. They have to get the breed in your province. I had a new idea to expand the farm, but again, Dad I disagree because of the high risk”, Hieu confided.

Just like the first time, Hieu did not obey his father but determined to do it. He poured all his capital to open 3 more farms on his family’s land of more than 7,000m2, buying thousands of chickens.

His farm currently raises more than 3,000 laying hens, breed D310. He chose this variety because it is known for its number one egg production in Vietnam and its high resistance to disease.

In particular, this breed of chickens lays a large number of eggs, but the quality of eggs is not inferior to our eggs. D310 chicken eggs are white and pink, delicious quality, suitable for many people’s taste.

About the way of raising, chickens are raised by Hieu in the barns, with automatic faucets installed to provide drinking water. At the barns, he arranged 100 more roosters to serve the breeding.

Because the weather in Ha Tinh is harsh, the summer is hot, and the winter is cold, the young owner installed a cooling fan system around the barn, the ceiling is equipped with lights, automatically installed by the hour. to stimulate hens to lay eggs.

Overcoming many difficulties, Hieu has “picked sweet fruits” after investing a total of more than 1 billion VND in livestock.

Every day, workers collect more than 2,000 to 2,500 eggs at the farm (Photo: VC).

With more than 3,000 laying hens, his farm produces more than 2,000 to 2,500 eggs every day. With an average price of 3,000 VND / egg, ($1=24,000 VND) the establishment has a revenue of about 7 million VND / day.

Broilers are sold by him for 85,000 VND/kg. In order to increase revenue, Hieu installed 2 more incubators with a capacity of 25,000 eggs each to sell scrambled eggs and produce seed to sell to customers. The product consumption market is expanded by Hieu to other provinces.

“My establishment currently has an average annual revenue of more than 2.5 billion dong, minus expenses, and a profit of more than 700 million dong. The farm also creates regular jobs for 5 workers,” Hieu shared . shall.

This year, 29 years old, this young boss got married, paid off his startup debt, built a spacious house, bought a car for travel and work.

Mr. Phan Tran Hung, Vice Chairman of Ngoc Son Commune People’s Committee said that Hieu’s chicken farm model brings high economic efficiency and helps create jobs for many workers. Hieu became an example for young people in starting a business and getting rich in their homeland.

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