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The hunter of ‘lonely beauty’ across Vietnam

The house on Mu Cang Chai, the boatman in the middle of Tuyen Lam lake evokes the quietness and loneliness of a landscape painting through a series of photos by photographer Cao Ky Nhan.

8X photographer Cao Ky Nhan, a native of Phu Yen, is known as a lover of travel and photography through his beautiful photos of his homeland and people of Vietnam. This new series of photos is the result of his recent writing trips, introducing readers to a painting of a quiet, peaceful and somewhat lonely landscape across the country.

Nhan said that at the beginning of January 2021, when he heard that there was a cold wave coming to the highlands of Lao Cai, he went to hunt for snow, fortunately to receive the first snowflakes that fell on January 10 on Nhiu Co San mountain area. , Bat Xat. In the picture is a cold house in the middle of winter in the white snow in Nhiu Co San.

A small house is located on a tea hill in Tan Lap, Moc Chau, Son La. In the early morning, the mist hovers over the tea fields stretching endlessly, impressing visitors.

“I like to travel in the mountains, open my heart to nature, find a little calm in my soul, think about life and that is the reason why I made this series of photos,” Nhan said.

The house is isolated on the ripe golden terraced fields in Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai. One of the favorite roads to watch ripe rice in autumn located in Yen Bai is Khau Pha – Lim Mong Valley, Lim Thai – Tu Le – Mu Cang Chai.

The Northwest and Northeast have many beautiful scenes, typical rhythms of life in different seasons and this is the land that Nhan visits the most, including Phong Nam and Cao Bang. At this point, Mr. Nhan was fascinated by the image of a farmer carrying a bunch of rice on a raft floating on the jade-colored water in the Quay Son river.

In the photo, he took a view of a house on a flooded mound belonging to a resort near the spillway area, Dong Mo, Son Tay, Hanoi. This small house serves for guests, once appeared in the movie The Judgeaired in 2017. Ho Dong Mo is about 40 km from Hanoi, famous for its charming scenery, located at the foot of Ba Vi mountain.

A fisherman alone rowing a basket boat in the middle of the immense sea at dawn in the waters of Binh Minh, Thang Binh, Quang Nam. This seaside fish market begins to become bustling at dawn. When boats have just landed, traders come to receive fish and shrimp and transport them to the markets.

A woman makes a living on the flat area, near Lai Giang bridge, Hoai Huong commune, Hoai Nhon district, Binh Dinh.

Lai Giang is the second largest river in Binh Dinh, formed from the confluence of two tributaries An Lao and Kim Son in Hoai An, from there flows through the communes of Hoai Nhon district and empties into An Du estuary. Downstream of Lai Giang, at low tide, people wade from knee to hip, catching local products such as rice snails and gobies.

“Lonely boat waiting at the wharf” is a work taken on Phu Ngan river, Tuy An district, Phu Yen.

The author is next to the “lonely tree” in the middle of the night, looking at the starry sky near Ganh Da Dia beach area, An Ninh, Tuy An, Phu Yen.

“This is the scene where I shoot the Milky Way, one of the most interesting types of landscapes. Some basic considerations when photographing the Milky Way are to watch at night with clear skies, no moon and no clouds, and the observation area should not be interfered with by urban lights,” Nhan said.

The woman in the green field when the sky turned dark clouds, taken in the remote district of Krong Bong, Dak Lak.

Lonely boatman on the lake in the early morning dew, surrounded by a forest full of leaves in the changing season, like a watercolor painting. This area is part of Tuyen Lam Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Da Lat, about 7 km from the city center in the direction of National Highway 20 up to Prenn Pass. This is also a place that attracts many photographers to work.

The work “On the sandhill” captures the scene of a street vendor crossing the hill leaving footprints in the sand in Mui Ne, Binh Thuan.

Mr. Nhan shared that there are still many quiet landscapes in Vietnam that have not been discovered yet, determined to continue the journey to the South, especially photographing at Khmer temples. Follow vnexpress

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