17.08.2021, 09:31

Snow hunting in Nhiu Co San

Located in the middle of the road from Sa Pa to Y Ty, Nhiu Co San is an impressive snow viewing spot.

Nhiu Co San is a small village located in the middle of the road going up to Y Ty commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai, by the road that people move or referred to as “Muong Hum street” and “Trinh Tuong street”. Located near DT158 road, but few people know about Nhiu Co San, only when ice and snow appear in early 2021 will people pay attention because the destination of most tourists is Y Ty – the paradise of “cloud rivers”. “.

When snowfall was forecast in the area of ​​Sa Pa town and Y Ty commune, monitoring the speed and altitude of the cold air intensification from the North and personal experience, we decided to go to Y Ty.

As a result, it snowed that very night. Except for the Fansipan peak, this is the only snowfall with a heavy amount of rain since 2016. The special thing is that it only snows a lot in Nhiu Co San village, probably due to the geographical location and topography.

For Ha Nhi children, this is probably a happy time when playing in the snow, watching the strange changes of the surrounding landscape and being surprised by the presence of many tourists.

The geese still swim and feed when the temperature drops to minus C, causing the lake surface to form a thin layer of ice.

When it snows, the scenery of Nhiu Co San changes completely, sometimes it looks as if you are lost in some land in Europe.

When the first rays of sunlight come in, the ice and snow on the peach blossoms will gradually melt, revealing the color of sparkling crystals.

The snow was quite thick in some places, in some places it was almost a hand thick.

The children play in the beautiful scenery like a fairy tale – the village by the lake with the old walled houses hidden among the white trees because of the snow.

A small experience for visitors to “hunt the snow” is to bring a jacket with outstanding colors like red because it can both keep the body warm and have beautiful memories.

Panorama of Nhiu Co San at dusk. Because the temperature cannot be maintained close to 0 degrees Celsius, the snow quickly melts during the day. Follow vnexpress

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