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Many ancient apricot trees over 100 years old have been introduced. These tomorrow apricot trees promise to be a huge source of income for gardeners

One month before the 2023 Lunar New Year, the Tet flower market in Ha Tinh is very exciting. Many ancient apricot trees over 100 years old have been introduced. Tomorrow’s ancient apricot trees promise to be a huge source of income for gardeners.

A month before the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit 2023, ancient trees were put on display at Mr. Do Duy Hieu’s bonsai garden, near the intersection of Nguyen Du and Nguyen Trung Thien (Thach Quy ward, Ha Tinh city, province). Ha Tinh), making many people admire them.

Prominent among them are the “terrible” apricot roots. The garden owner shared that many apricot trees are over 100 years old.

“The tree stump is large, so the transportation process faces many difficulties, having to use a truck, a crane. Participants in lifting and lowering must be careful not to damage the tree,” said Mr. Hai – the gardener. .

According to the owner of the garden, this is a “tool” with five petals over 100 years old. The tree has a height of 6m, a canopy of 5m wide. The value of this tree stump is appreciated for its natural shape, unmodified, bought from the garden of a household in Hue. The owner listed the tree for more than a billion dong.

This place is displaying over 20 apricot trees, valued from several tens of millions to a billion dong. Most of them are ancient trees, of large sizes. The owner of the garden said that the apricot tree in the picture is worth over 200 million VND. ($1=25,000 VND)

This time, due to the influence of the weather, the apricot blossom has bloomed. Gardeners are looking for ways to make the most of the flower buds bloom on the occasion of Tet.

In addition to apricots, Mr. Hieu’s garden is also displaying many other unique bonsai stumps and pots.

Many guests came to see and discuss the shape and value of the huge number of trees in this year’s Tet season .

According (Dan Tri) 

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