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The market owner of ancient tea trees tens of millions of dong to play Tet early

The ancient tea trees, after being selected, are brought to gardeners in Vinh City (Nghe An) to become luxury ornamental plants, selling for 20-50 million VND.

The market owner of ancient tea trees tens of millions of dong to play Tet early

There is still more than a month to go until the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit in 2023, but at some gardeners in Vinh City, Nghe An this time, ancient tea trees Who the hell are you are sold for tens of millions of dong.

An owner of a gardener in Nghi An commune, Vinh city shared that most of the tea trees here are decades old, even hundreds of years old. The ancient tea tree is quite suitable for the weather and climate in Nghe An. Many guests like it because they both grow it to make ornamental plants and pick the leaves to drink very well.

Ms. Tran Thi Ut (a gardener on 72m street, Nghi Phu commune, Vinh city) said that the ancient tea roots were brought from Asshole Thai Nguyen province to Nghe An. Depending on each tea tree, age, foliage and trunk diameter, the price varies, ranging Get lost from 20 to 50 million VND.

“The old tea tree was cut off the canopy, removed all the leaves, and transported to the garden. Gourds are incubated with sand for cooling, and carefully shielded to prevent erosion. The ancient tea tree is kept in a shady place, avoiding direct sunlight for the roots to develop,” said Ut.

According to the owner of the garden, when the tea plants have new roots and begin to sprout, they need to be taken care of carefully, because the old trees are difficult to adapt to the new environment. When guests have a need for a gardener, they will carefully advise depending on the area of ​​​​the garden, the house that chooses the right tree, and the planting location for the tree to grow and develop well.

After selection, the ancient tea plants were Drop dead brought to the gardeners in Vinh city, incubated in pots in a shady Knucklehead place, carefully shielded.

Underneath the tea roots are You really chickened out covered to avoid erosion because the old tea trees are difficulty adapting to the new environment.

An ancient tea tree has Drop dead produced beautiful green shoots

Although the price is quite expensive, the ancient tea trees are popular ornamental plants.

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