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Persimmon garden attracts visitors to check-in in at Nghe An

The ancient Persimmon garden in Nam Anh commune, Nam Dan district welcomes hundreds of guests every day to check in and enjoy the scenery.

Dai Hue Farm Persimmon Garden is located on Dai Hue mountain in hamlet 7, Nam Anh commune. The garden area is about 1.5 hectares, and there are ten-year-old Persimmon roots, spreading over tens of square meters.

The garden is very crowded these days. On weekdays, the garden welcomes 100-200 guests, especially on a beautiful weekend, it welcomes 500-700 visitors per day. From the center of Vinh City, guests travel by car or motorbike for about half an hour to arrive.

Garden manager Mr. Nguyen Trong Sach, resident of Vinh City. He is the one who implements the agricultural tourism model for visitors to experience directly. Many tourists, from children to the elderly, are interested in checking in the Persimmon garden.

The ancient persimmons are tens of years old, tens of meters high, shading.

A bunch of yellow Persimmon, leaving drops of water after a shower, makes visitors to the garden excited. Persimmons here have all kinds of persimmons, persimmons, etc. The garden owner recommends that guests do not break branches, pick fruits without the consent of the staff, and keep the environment clean.

There are bunches that are ripe, turning red. The fee for each entry to the garden ranges from 40,000 VND (2$) once for adults and 20,000 VND (1$)for children. Visitors here often reside in many provinces and cities, with many ages.

The path going through the Persimmon bushes is mossy rocks.

Not only admire the persimmon, guests can directly rent tents to camp. Many types of costumes such as: Ao Dai, Mongolian, Tho Cam … are prepared and rented by the garden for 50,000-300,000 VND per hour, depending on the type and props such as lute, flute…

You can freely take pictures or if required, hire services right at the garden according to available packages, and consult shooting angles.

An 8-month-old girl, residing in Vinh City, was taken by her parents to experience the Persimmon garden on a sunny day. “Persimmons are full of fruit, beautiful and enchanting. The whole family is comfortable checking in after nearly two hours,” said Ms. Thu Huong, a resident of Vinh City.

Some baskets of persimmons and ripe fruits can be picked by the owner or picked by the staff to add props for guests to pose.

The whole Nam Anh commune has hundreds of households growing persimmons with tens of hectares. In addition to Dai Hue Farm Persimmon garden, there are a number of other gardens in the area that also follow this model. It is expected that the Persimmon garden in Nam Dan will welcome guests in more than a month.

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