27.09.2022, 16:01

5 fruit-laden persimmon gardens in Da Lat that are both beautiful and satisfying to eat on the spot are waiting for you to visit

In addition to bringing back pictures of the real situation in the rose garden, you can also enjoy crispy persimmons and persimmons hanging in the wind.

The movement enthusiasts these days seem to be divided into 2 factions, one side invites each other to enjoy the clear blue autumn weather creeping to every corner of Hanoi’s streets. The other party eagerly dragged the suitcase to Da Lat to welcome the nine-year pink season.

According to the experience of those who are “addicted” to Da Lat, there are 5 beautiful rose gardens that have officially entered the season and are ready to welcome visitors. Coming here, you not only get poetic frames but also freely participate in harvesting as well as enjoying the specialty fruit of the dream city.

Cau Dat Garden

Entrance ticket price: 50,000 VND/person

Address: Truong Tho village, Tram Hanh commune, City. Da Lat

Opening time: 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m

About 3 years ago, Cau Dat Garden has been the most sought-after address by people. Normally, this place has “cut the heart” of visitors with the poetic scenery and charming scenery. But when the persimmon season is ripe, the green areas are adorned with ripe orange and red fruits, like the flickering lights of fire all night and day.

The angle where anyone coming to Cau Dat Garden is happy to wait in line for their turn to pose is the miniature area with a piano placed on the grass. In addition, visitors can also borrow beautiful carpets, and rent a costume to transform into a “farmer” picking persimmons.

5 fruit-laden persimmon gardens in Da Lat that are both beautiful and satisfying to eat on the spot are waiting for you to visit

Photo: Tieu Linh Dan

Photo: Cau Dat tea hill

Tom’s Rose Garden

Entrance ticket price: 30,000 VND/person

Address: Highway 20, Xuan Truong, Da Lat

Opening time: 7am to 5pm

Tom’s rose garden is located right on the road to hunt clouds in Cau Dat or to the Immortal flower forest, so it is not too strange for those who “go to Da Lat when sad or happy”. This is a small cafe, nestled under the old roses.

Visitors who have visited the Rose Garden of Tom’s House, when returning, recognize that it is no different from a miniature fairyland. The owner of this place has very cleverly arranged each table, chair and bridge, so that they lie under the ripe persimmon trees. Thanks to that, it brings a peaceful but no less mysterious space.

Photo: Tom’s Rose Garden

Moc Tra Farm

Address: Highway 20, Xuan Truong, Da Lat

Opening time: 6am to 9pm

Located on the same road as Nha Tom rose garden, not far from Cau Dat tea hill, but Moc Tra Farm is a completely different space. Surely you still remember the hot Korean road in the city of thousands of flowers once, it belongs to the complex that I mentioned.

As for the persimmons at Moc Tra Farm, we have to call the persimmon forest, but we can’t count the number of trees. From a small attic room, visitors were able to see bunches of persimmons laden with fruit at a super close distance. Not stopping there, we can also admire thousands of golden rosettes fluttering in the wind.

Photo: Moc Tra Farm

Mama Dala

Address: Cua 13, Da Tho village, Xuan Tho commune, City. Da Lat

Opening time: 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

Mama Dala is known as a tourist area – a “virtual living” paradise located about 10km from the center of Da Lat city in the direction of Cau Dat, right next to Da Loc church. Although there are not too many persimmon trees here, they are often very wrong.

And above all, the photography space for tourists is worth 100 points. These are lovely wooden houses, clock models, super giant rockets. The harmonious combination of nature and scenery here, plus the whispering sound of pine trees and the autumn sunshine have drawn a romantic and adventurous space.


Lac’s coffee shop

Address: Alley 32, 3/4 street, ward 3, Da Lat

Opening time: 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m

It is true that visitors have a lot of choices, however, if you love the rustic and simple features, it is difficult to find a more suitable place than the garden of Lac house. Come here, sometimes you don’t need to pose much, you just need to choose a corner at the cafe, sip a delicious drink and watch the cats chase each other, watch the pink branches dangling from the tree. is the whole autumn of Da Lat rushing to the soul.

Photo: Lac’s coffee shop

In addition to enjoying crispy persimmons, ripe persimmons or delicious, rich, and delicious hanging persimmons from the above gardeners, do not forget to taste other specialties of this city of thousands of flowers.