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The largest persimmon garden in Nghe An in the harvest season

After 2 consecutive years of crop failure, this year, the persimmons are more fruitful, the fruits are bigger and more beautiful, the purchasing price is also slightly higher than every year, so the people of the “capital” of Nam Anh persimmon (Nam Dan, Nghe An) are very excited.

After 2 consecutive years of crop failure, this year, the rose gardens are more productive, productive, and of better quality. Photo: Thanh Phuc

At this time, the people of Nam Anh are busy with the harvest of persimmons and persimmons. Throughout the hill gardens of hamlets 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and the hills of Khe Mai and Dam Nua, people are busy harvesting, traders drive trucks into the garden to buy. Mr. Tran Van Hoa’s family in Nam Anh commune has 80 persimmon roots. Compared with every year, this year, persimmons produce more fruits, larger, more uniform, and more beautiful. According to calculations, each persimmon root yields about 1.2-1.5 quintals of fruit. At the end of the season, 10-12 tons of persimmons can be harvested, with the current selling price, bringing the family about 200 million VND.

Mr. Tran Van Hoa said: “Like last year, persimmons had a heavy crop failure, production decreased by 70-80%, this year, although not as productive as in peak years, it is still better. In particular, persimmons are large, beautiful, crispy and sweet, so they are very popular with traders.

People in Nam Anh commune are in the persimmon harvest season. Photo: Thanh Phuc

As the household that grows the most persimmons in Nam Anh commune, Mr. Ho Viet Chuyen has more than 100 roses in Khe Mai hill. For two consecutive years, 2018 and 2019, he lost the persimmon season, more than 100 persimmon trees only had a few fruit trees, harvested only a few quintals of persimmons, and lost hundreds of millions of dong. This year, although the yield is not high, it is still considered a “good season” compared to the previous 2 years.

People in Nam Anh commune are excited when persimmons bear fruit after 2 years of crop failure. Photo: Thanh Phuc

Mr. Ho Viet Hoa – Chairman of Nam Anh Commune Farmers’ Association said: “Persimmon is the main crop of Nam Anh commune. The whole commune has more than 300 households growing persimmons with an area of ​​more than 100 hectares, evenly distributed in the hamlets at the foot of Dai Hue mountain. For the past two years, persimmons have lost their crops in a row due to weather and pests. Learning from experience, after the pink season of 2020, people step up to fertilize, prune branches, cut leaves, prolong the time for the tree to “hibernate” to gain strength; In particular, in 2021, the weather is favorable, sunny, and rainy, so the persimmon tree grows and develops well, the flowering and fruiting rate is higher than every year, so the yield also increases much. It is estimated that the output will reach about 500 tons.”

Even during the epidemic, persimmons of the people of Nam Anh commune were still bought by traders in the garden. Photo: Thanh Phuc

After 2 consecutive years of losing everything, this year, the production of persimmons increased, the selling price of persimmons was also stable, traders bought them from the garden, where people harvested, they could buy them all there, so people were very excited.

Nguyen Thi Sam, a trader specializing in purchasing persimmons in Nam Anh commune said: “Previously when there was no Covid-19 epidemic, Nam Anh persimmons were sold throughout the provinces and cities across the country. However, this year, the epidemic was complicated, so the market narrowed. However, the price of persimmon remained stable and did not drop. Currently, the price of persimmons purchased at the garden ranges from 17,000-20,000 VND/kg. Hopefully, in the future, when the epidemic is controlled and the transportation of goods is more convenient, the price of persimmons will increase, making up for the loss of 2 years in a row.

Currently, the price of persimmons is being purchased at a rate of 17,000 – 20,000 VND/kg, in the near future, when the epidemic is controlled, the circulation of goods will be more convenient than persimmon growers in Nam Anh commune, hoping that the price of persimmons will increase. Photo: Thanh Phuc

Nam Dan district has a project to develop community tourism from Nam Anh rose gardens, the commune has also chosen persimmon as a key product to participate in the “One commune one product” program. Accordingly, Nam Anh commune will be invested in technology lines, deeply processing products from persimmons: flexible pressed persimmons, crispy dried persimmons, persimmon jam, etc., to improve the quality and value of persimmons and expand the market. consumption, settle stable output for Nam Anh persimmon trees. Follow Nghe An Newspape

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