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Release turtles to Son Tra sea

DA NANG – Two DANANG photographers have just had the opportunity to participate in the rescue, care, and release of a turtle back into the sea.

In early May, two photographers Vo Rin and Nguyen Thuy Linh (Da Nang) had the opportunity to experience the process of taking care of an injured turtle and releasing it into the sea. In the photo is the Man Thai beach area, nestled at the foot of Son Tra mountain, where the Da Nang Marine Life Rescue Center (SASA) chose to be a field tank to take care of turtles.

This snail (also known as green turtle) is about 9 years old, weighs about 11.5 kg, has a shell 47 cm long and 44 cm wide, discovered by fisherman Hoang Ngoc Hau seriously injured and washed up on the beach in Binh Hai commune, district. Thang Binh, Quang Nam. Mr. Hau sought to contact and hand over this turtle to the Cu Lao Cham Marine Protected Area Management Board and coordinate with SASA to start taking care of it on May 2 at Man Thai beach.

Mr. Chien Le, the founder of SASA, said that this turtle is a female individual, was attacked by a shark with a strong bite, so the two hind limbs of the turtle were lost, behind the left and right shells both lost patches. large and had a hole in the bib.

It went through an arduous journey, to escape from the shark’s jaws and survive in the middle of the ocean, exhausted when it washed ashore and this miracle led the rescue team to name it “Wonder”.

Through the process of examining X-ray films and monitoring Wonder, SASA found that the turtle was resilient, recovered quickly, and physical injuries were not too embarrassing. Wonder would eat again after two days of care. The temporary food is lettuce and when you get used to it, the staff will give you seaweed. Wonder has a bit of a floating balance disorder, every time he tries to dive, the back of his body is tilted upwards.

When examining Wonder’s feces, there were many types of plastic waste, from candy wrappers and plastic to freight and nets. Wonder has gone through a battle of nature, winning over the shark’s teeth, but this garbage, if not removed in time, easily takes its life. These types of plastic waste are flooding the oceans, destroying the environment and killing marine life.

On the morning of May 7, after a week of rapid recovery, the sea turtle rescue team urgently transported it to a boat to release it back into the ocean.

After traveling on the boat, the turtle was taken by the rescue team to a basket boat and moved to a release area in the waters of Son Tra peninsula.

The rescue team rowed a basket boat to bring Wonder to the release. Green turtles are distributed in tropical belts in the sea and warm waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

According to documents of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), in the 1970s, snails were common in Vietnam’s seas, spawning a lot on coastal beaches and islands in the Gulf of Tonkin and South Central Coast. Quang Nam to Ninh Thuan), Con Dao and in the islands of the Gulf of Thailand. But according to recent surveys, the number of snails is decreasing in all areas, except Con Dao . Hunting sea turtles is illegal in Vietnam.

Anh Nhut (left), working at the Fisheries Sub-Department of Da Nang City, said that the work of saving and taking care of an individual sea turtle is a common responsibility, contributing to the protection of species and habitats, so there is the contribution of the the whole team at all stages, from receiving, taking care and releasing it into the ocean.

Wonder is about to be released into the sea.

Photographer Vo Rin shared that the epidemic situation was complicated, so the rescue team decided to release Wonder in the waters of Son Tra peninsula, instead of in the waters of Cu Lao Cham where it lived when it crashed.

“My emotions surged when I joined the team to release the turtles to the sea and the pictures of Wonder turtle left a good memory in my photography process,” said Mr. Vo Rin.

Sea turtles enjoy swimming freely in the water. The rescue group said that through the journey to release the turtles to the sea, they want to convey the message of never losing faith and hope, don’t give up easily. At the same time, once again, we humans have to look back at the problem of plastic waste floating in the ocean. Follow vnexpress

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