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The type of “strange” peaches on the street, Vietnamese rich people spend up to 40 million to buy a branch to plug and play

Peach blossom shaped like a fancy bell is causing a “fever” in the market, with customers spending 40 million VND to buy a peach branch for the Tet display.($1=25,000 VND)

Although not the first time appearing on the market, bell digging still has a strange attraction. On the occasion of Tet to spring, the bell peach branches from the forest down the street are welcomed by many customers.

“The other day when I was surfing the net, I accidentally saw a friend sharing a very strange picture of a peach blossom, like a bell. It looks so unique, I asked to know it was a bell peach flower, I looked to buy it and saw a lot of sales online, priced from only 240,000 VND/bundle of 4 branches,” she said.

She said that the seller requires a pre-order to sell, so she ordered it and waited 1-2 days before they delivered. “The seller said this peach branch is “hot”, otherwise it will run out quickly and there are very few goods, not available for sale,” she said.

The type of “strange” peaches on the street, Vietnamese rich people spend up to 40 million to buy a branch to plug and play

Digging bells were ordered by many people this year.

Talking about this bell peach flower, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Hanh (Giai Phong, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi) said that this flower was taken from Yen Tu mountain to Hanoi. Currently, he has just collected the first shipment of 70 bundles, each bunch of 4 branches, the current retail price is 240,000 VND/bundle.

“Just posted online to collect orders, customers have ordered a lot. Only a few hours, I have received 60 bundles for sale, there are exactly 10 left over. Because we don’t know when the next trip will be, customers who hurry up will have peach blossoms and bells planted soon,” he said.

According to him, the advantage of this flower is that the petals are hard and thick, and feel like a flower made of plastic to the touch. Flowers are less shedding, clean and play very durable, can play more than 1 month. He reminded customers that when buying peach branches, they should plug in warm water and regularly spray water on the stems because this flower absorbs a lot of water. You should change the water once a week and each time you change the water, cut a little root away so that the tree can absorb water more easily, the tree will be fresher and more durable.

When the Yen Tu bell peach blooms, it has red flowers, in clusters of 6-8 flowers.

Selling bell peaches for nearly ten years, Mr. Tran Ba ​​Hoi (116 Co Linh, Long Bien, Hanoi) said that this flower is very popular among “connoisseurs” because of their unique and strange beauty.

He said there are many types of bell digging, especially bell digging in Yen Tu. The bell peach tree grows at the top of a high mountain, the weather is covered with fog, the bell pepper is very old, the flower face is beautiful and red, the tree stays fresh for a long time.

Along Yen Tu mountain, digging bells that grow in a lower area, bordering Mong Cai, will not be as beautiful and players often call it digging silk bells. In addition, bell digging is also available in some places such as Ha Giang, Ba Na Hill (Da Nang) with different colors such as yellow, green… But the color and beauty are not equal to the Yen Tu bell digging.

Such large bell-shaped branches cost from a few million to tens of millions of dong.

The value of peach branches lies in the shape, position, size and many buds.

Yen Tu bell peach has flowers that look like bells, flowers grow in clusters, each cluster will have about 6-8 flowers. When the flowers bloom, they droop, the flowers look like beautiful bells.

With nearly ten years of selling bell peaches, he realizes that his customers are all “connoisseurs”. Because he sells all the peach branches that can, beautiful shape. Depending on each branch, the price is different, the average price is from 500,000 VND to 1 million VND/branch.

More specifically, there are beautiful branches and many buds, the price will be up to several million. “The most valuable branch that I ever sold for up to 40 million VND, that branch has a canopy of 10 meters long, a peach-shaped canopy, a trunk as big as a thigh, many buds, so it looks very beautiful,” he said.

He said that bell peach branches have very strong vitality, they bloom depends largely on the weather and how the people take care of them. To dig always beautiful, when cutting branches must pluck leaves immediately, the player who receives the branch will chop off the original head and plug it into clean water. If a branch seems weak, the digger must know how to use a balm to keep the peach beautiful. If you know how to take care, peach bells bloom very beautiful and durable, can play up to 3 months, flowers last about 1 month.

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