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Unique and strange Yen Tu bell digging is hunted by giants to play Tet

With large branches, beautiful shapes, and many buds costing up to tens of millions of dong, Yen Tu bell digging (Quang Ninh) is causing a fever in the bonsai market to play the Lunar New Year 2023.

For the past few days, the Tet flower market has been stirred up by a flower called Yen Tu bell peach.

Unique and strange Yen Tu bell digging is hunted by giants to play Tet

Beautiful flowers like pearls in the shape of small bells are attracting the attention of many flower lovers.

It is very difficult to get a branch of Yen Tu bell peach in the forest, so the price of this flower is not cheap.

Each branch of forest bell peach costs from several million, even tens of millions of dong.

In the past few years, many flower growers have nursed Yen Tu bell peach trees in their gardens to avoid the exploitation of forest bells, but the flowers of the garden type are not as beautiful as the wild bell peach trees.

Bell peach belongs to the rhododendron family (Ericcaceae) order Ericales, class Magnoliopsida, is a small tree with a height of only about 5m or less, small leaves, hairless young branches, distributed at an altitude of 1,400 m or more.

The bell peach tree only blooms in one spring, from January to March of the solar calendar, right on the occasion of the Lunar New Year.

The name of this flower is also derived from its very special blooming shape like small hanging bells.

The branches of Yen Tu bell peaches that are exploited in the forest in the form of “terrible” are hunted by giants to buy at the origin.Most of the bell peach branches for sale on social networks or sold along the road are small peach branches or are harvested in the garden.

This flower has not been planted much, so there are quite a few sellers, the number of goods is not much, so it is more scarce, making everyone curious and want to try it.

How to take care of flowers is also quite simple, not too fussy.When you buy it, you should put it in a bucket of water, plug it in and spray all the petals every day to stimulate the buds.

Digging bells can be found in the forests of Son La, Lao Cai, Bac Giang, Lang Son and Ba Na, but digging bells in Yen Tu mountain in Quang Ninh gives the best color.Most of the branches from small to large to a few meters that everyone selling in the market are cut in the wild.Currently, there are not many gardeners who propagate and grow this bell peach tree to sell branches.

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