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Precious animals must definitely try when coming to Quang Ninh, the price is up to 400,000 VND/kg

From this animal, Quang Ninh people also create many unique specialties.

Precious animals must definitely try when coming to Quang Ninh, the price is up to 400,000 VND/kg

Traveling to Quang Ninh, surely the locals will suggest you taste the delicious taste of the Mud clam . This is a rare and precious seafood that not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy. 

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Mud clam is a precious seafood species, quite rare, so not many people know about it. Many people also think that bored and calm are “sisters” to each other. From the combined name, it will become “sorry” to their appearance is quite similar. However, the size of the clam is larger than that of the clam, and the taste is also a few pieces better. In addition, in terms of nutritional value, boredom is also superior to clams. 

The Mud clam is a type of Mud clam that is common in saltwater and brackish waters. Despite its high nutritional value, the exploitation of sea buckthorn is not easy. According to the experience of fishermen here, the best time to fish is in summer and autumn. In winter, they are often hidden deep in the sand, so it is difficult to find them. Therefore, in winter, the price will be much higher.

The places with the most boredom are Quan Lan, Van Don, and Quang Ninh beaches. The sweet taste of this animal makes visitors who have tasted it once cannot forget it, and love it. To keep the sweetness of boredom, it is easiest to make grilled or steamed boredom.

Bored after baking and steaming, they will all be dipped with chili sauce mixed with a little soup powder, pepper, fresh lemon and served with some other herbs. Don’t forget to slurp up the soft drink inside. Bored of grilled sea is a dish that is praised by many people because of its delicious and greasy taste.

Note that when steaming or baking, you should tie it tightly to avoid opening the shell, which will lose the water inside, reducing the sweetness. Besides, if you are bored with steaming, you should only steam it briefly, if it is overcooked, it will still have a delicious taste.

In addition, Quang Ninh people also very fond of salad. The meat is separated from the skin, washed, chopped and mixed with banana flowers and accompanying spices. This is a dish that you only try once and you will remember this special taste forever. The dish will be more delicious when adding shrimp, peanuts and herbs. Bored salad has a fresh, easy-to-eat, sweet and sour taste that is very suitable for parties and drinks with alcohol. 

Bored has a very sweet taste, so many people also use it to cook porridge to improve health. The baby will be blanched with boiling water and then separate the meat. Bored meat is stirred with non-aromatic onions, seasoned with spices to taste. Porridge has been cooked until then put it in. A bowl of hot, soft and sweet porridge will make the body more healthy.

However, the most unique dish made from the bored child is the glasses of bored wine. This drink is only available in Quang Ninh. In order to have quality wine, the performer must know the secret and follow each step in the right process. First gently peel off the gourd to remove the secretion, this step requires a lot of ingenuity to keep the gourd intact, not broken and lost. After that, the collected gourds are poured into a glass cup, it takes a lot of gourds to be soaked in wine. Depending on the amount of alcohol and the operator will consider the appropriate amount of secretion, then pour in the wine and stir it up. This wine is considered a specialty of Quang Ninh and has a good effect on men.

In addition to the above dishes, this seafood can also be processed into many delicious dishes such as: steamed lemongrass chili, steamed onion and vermicelli. Each dish is extremely delicious, with a natural sweetness.

Currently, the pig is sold at a high price, about 400,000 VND/kg. However, visitors have to buy boredom in Quang Ninh to get the best quality and taste.

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