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Take a look at the delicious snail restaurants in Phu Quoc to eat once and you will love it, the price can’t be beat

Besides shrimp, crab, squid, urchin… when you have the opportunity to go to Phu Quoc pearl island, you can also enjoy a lot of delicious and attractive snails. So do you know which snail restaurants in Phu Quoc are both delicious and cheap? Let’s “pocket” right away the most famous delicious snail restaurants in Phu Quoc today through the following article.

List of delicious snail restaurants in Phu Quoc 

Here is a review of delicious snail restaurants in Phu Quoc with addresses and prices you can refer to:

1. Sea Cat Restaurant

– Address: 30/4 Street, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc

– Opening time: 17h – 22h

– Price ranges: 50,000 VND – 100,000 VND

First of all, Cat Bien restaurant, a famous snail restaurant in Phu Quoc, is loved by many tourists today. The plus point of the restaurant is that it has a beautiful and airy space ideal for enjoying delicious food. The restaurant serves a variety of seafood including shrimp, crab, squid… In which, the most famous is the fresh and delicious snails that are processed with a variety of rich flavors. 

Take a look at the delicious snail restaurants in Phu Quoc to eat once and you will love it, the price can’t be beat
Cat Bien restaurant is famous for its beautiful and cool view

You can order snails with garlic butter sauce and delicious bread. Or steamed snails, fried snails with coconut, grilled snails with pepper. The price of food at the restaurant is quite affordable, only 60,000 VND / serving, so you can comfortably eat to your stomach without worrying about the price. 

The famous snail salad at Cat Bien restaurant

2. Snail Toad Shop

– Address: 4 Nguyen Hue, KP. 8, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang

– Opening time: 9am – 11pm

– Price ranges: 30,000 VND – 80,000 VND

Referring to the delicious snail restaurants in Phu Quoc, it is impossible to ignore Oc Coc at 4 Nguyen Hue Street. The restaurant is famous for its delicious food, diverse menu and affordable prices. Coming to Coc snail shop, you will have a choice of all kinds of snails with meat, fresh and cooked with rich sauce to eat once and remember forever. In addition, the restaurant also serves many famous seafood dishes on Phu Quoc island for visitors to enjoy such as: Herring salad, grilled shrimp with cheese, grilled urchin with onion fat, Bien mai whistle… 

The snail shop has affordable prices

The advantage of the snail restaurant that many tourists choose is that it is a spacious space suitable for a large group of guests. Tables and chairs are clean, service staff is quick and food is very cheap from only 30,000 VND / serving. 

Lots of delicious and attractive snail dishes at Oc Coc restaurant

3. Sweet chili snail shop 

– Address: 29 Tran Hung Dao Street, Quarter 7, Phu Quoc

– Opening time: 17h – 22h

– Price ranges: 50,000 VND – 500,000 VND

The next snail shop in Phu Quoc called Sweet Chilli at 29 Tran Hung Dao Street only sells in the evening but is always very crowded. Coming to Sweet Snail restaurant, you will be delighted to choose from a diverse menu with many kinds of fresh snails in Phu Quoc sea such as: snails, snails, snails, snails, snails, snails… 

Sweet chili snail shop is a famous address of many tourists

The restaurant serves by the rate or kg depending on the number of people, so please choose the menu accordingly. In addition, when coming to the Sweet Snail restaurant, you can order more seafood typical of Phu Quoc waters and dishes from pork and chicken. 

Attractive menu at Sweet Chili snail shop 

4. Phu Quoc Oi restaurant 

– Address: Bach Dang, Phu Quoc 

– Opening time: 6:00am – 11:30pm

– Price ranges: 80,000 VND – 150,000 VND

Phu Quoc Oi restaurant on Bach Dang street is always in the top of delicious snail restaurants in Phu Quoc, with reasonable prices . The shop is located in the Phu Quoc night market, so it’s easy to find with its striking orange color and you can combine sightseeing and shopping. Phu Quoc restaurant has a large space, suitable for groups of guests. In particular, in front of the restaurant, there is a fresh seafood farming area for diners to freely choose at super reasonable prices. 

Phu Quoc Oi restaurant is located in the night market

Coming to Phu Quoc Oi restaurant, you will enjoy delicious and locally prepared dishes. Food prices range from 80,000 VND/serving depending on the type. Famous dishes at the restaurant you can enjoy such as: snail salad, grilled snails, fried snails with butter. In addition, there are also grilled sea urchins, grilled mackerel fish, grilled bien mai with salt and pepper, steamed crabs… 

The menu has many attractive snail dishes at the restaurant

5. Snail Milk Crab 

– Address: Group 8, Tran Hung Dao, Phu Quoc

– Opening time: 16h – 23h45

– Price ranges: 50,000 VND – 150,000 VND

If you are looking for delicious and cheap snail restaurants in Phu Quoc, you can’t miss the Quan Oc Milk Crab on Tran Hung Dao Street. The shop has a clean and spacious space that is loved by many groups of people when coming to Phu Quoc. The snail dishes at the restaurant are rated fresh, thick meat and diverse menu. The most famous must be mentioned grilled snails, jumping snails, incense snails… Delicious food with super reasonable prices, only from 50,000 VND / serving, suitable for many people’s budgets. 

Quan Oc Milk Crab is a famous address in Phu Quoc. Photo: foody

In addition, Quan Oc Milk Crab is also very famous for its milk crab which is loved by many tourists. So, when you come to the shop, you can order for yourself a delicious, greasy milk crab to enjoy the taste and feel.

The famous delicious snail dish at the restaurant

6. Clam & Shellfish Restaurant 

– Address: Phu Quoc Night Market, Bach Dang, Area 1, TT. Duong Dong, Phu Quoc

– Opening time: 9am – 11pm 

– Price ranges: 25,000 VND – 50,000 VND

The delicious snail restaurant in Phu Quoc near the very famous night market that you must visit once is Clam Soc Hen on Bach Dang street. The restaurant has a casual space but is always very crowded. The menu is diverse with all kinds of oysters, snails, clams, mussels as the name of the restaurant. The snail dishes at the restaurant are prepared fresh and imported with ingredients of the day. Coming to the restaurant, you will be free to choose all kinds of famous snails in Phu Quoc, everything is available. Snail dishes are processed to a variety of diners’ tastes such as: Steamed, fried, grilled, tamarind sauce, fried with butter, snail salad… 

The Clam & Snail Shop sells all kinds of fresh seafood

Besides, when you come to the restaurant, you can also enjoy fresh squid dishes such as crispy fried squid, steamed squid with vinegar, grilled squid, etc. All kinds of super delicious steamed crabs and roasted tamarind. In addition, the restaurant also serves specialty dishes made from venison and beef. 

Lots of delicious and attractive snail dishes of the restaurant

Hopefully, the above review information about delicious snail restaurants in Phu Quoc will help you choose the best address for you. Besides, you can refer to Phu Quoc travel experiences to get more useful information for your upcoming trip. 

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