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Young people excitedly “show off” check-in photos at “miniature Venice” of Vietnam

The miniature town of Venice in Southeast Asia’s leading entertainment area – Phu Quoc United Center, which was officially opened on April 21, is attracting the attention of many young people.
Young people excitedly “show off” check-in photos at “miniature Venice” of Vietnam
It recreates the canal winding through three semicircular arched bridges, bearing European architecture. The poetic scene here will make visitors feel like they are really traveling to Europe (Photo: _cilnguyen_).
Couples enjoy the sublime romantic feeling when sitting on a traditional Gondola boat, cruising on the clear blue water, blending with the melodious sound of Italian love songs.

Visitors can also go down the “Venice stream” to the floating food-courts on both sides of the central lake, enjoy the fascinating flavors of local cuisine before experiencing Mediterranean culture at the bars. , an overnight pub is opened along the mall Mallorca Shop; then together choose unique items at Duong Dong night market in Indochine Shop area and walk down the magical lantern street in Shanghai Shop.

Nguyen Huyen My (Hanoi) shared: “This was the first time I came to Phu Quoc and coincidentally was also the opening occasion of the Grand World. As soon as I arrived here I felt overwhelmed and amazed by the scenery here I was most impressed with the colorful houses on both sides of the Venice canal, it felt like Europe. I had a very interesting experience and was satisfied with the service at Grand World “.

Nguyen Huyen My check-in at Venice canal.
Thanh Nga (Hanoi) also saves commemorative photos on her first visit to Phu Quoc.
Photo: thanhto1709.
Photo: j.nhoi.
Photo: ketchuptomato_.
Photo: vananh.303.
Venice Canal at United Center Phu Quoc is splendid at night.

According to a survey of the booking page, Phu Quoc destination is being the most chosen by many Vietnamese tourists during a holiday lasting from April 30 to 3-5 this year.

Not only attracting tourists during the peak summer season, the commissioning of the first “Sleepless City” in Phu Quoc also opens an inevitable trend of the tourism industry to form a separate night entertainment complex. in big cities.

Also at “The City without Sleep” Phu Quoc United Center, the racing festival atmosphere to the vibrant Carnaval festivals from Thailand, India, America, Germany, Mexico … will make visitors have experiences like themselves. live in a festive atmosphere of native people.

With a diverse ecosystem, the model “The City without Sleep” at Phu Quoc United Center not only lays the foundation for Vietnam’s night-time economic development but also marks a step forward, recognizing the efforts to bring Vietnam. South becomes a new international destination on the world tourist map.

Visitors are overwhelmed with fanciful night views in “The City Without Sleep”

The first performance of the “Quintessence of Vietnam” scene show at Grand World Phu Quoc brought a sublimating experience to the audience.

Not only is the impressive highlight of the Grand World “sleepless city”, “The Quintessence of Vietnam” is also an art space that honors traditional cultural values ​​and promotes the spirit towards roots.

In the unique ancient space that is meticulously reproduced in every detail, the traditional cultural tales and tales of Vietnam are “told” in a rounded way thanks to the peak combination between full-fledged choreography. techniques, 3D mapping technology, light and music are deeply cultural.

Mr. Nguyen Van Nam (Hoang Mai, Hanoi) took a flight to Phu Quoc on the afternoon of April 20 to enjoy the trip with his friends, sharing: “The monumental resort made us very surprised, as if we were lost in Europe, I was especially impressed with the scenic show on the river known as miniature Venice.This idea is very unique and I hope this will be an international tourist attraction in the period. next time “.

Ms. Bui Phuong Nga (Ba Ria – Vung Tau) brought the whole family to Phu Quoc for 3 days 2 nights travel excitedly said: “I have also traveled to many countries around the world but for the first time saw a modern tourist resort, There are many fun activities like this in Vietnam, very true to the name “city without sleep.” My family took a lot of photos as souvenirs here and I will definitely bring my friends and relatives back. experience at Phu Quoc United Center “.

With a duration of 45 minutes, from 19:30 to 20h15, including 4 chapters: Origins, Life, Path of Study and River Festival and the participation of a powerful force of more than 200 people, “The Quintessence of Vietnam “is like” time machine “that brings tourists” through the air “to explore and experience ancient Vietnamese life in a completely different way.

Tourists flock to “The City Without Sleep” to enjoy the scene shows.
Not only captivating visitors by the close Vietnamese historical stories but highly ingenious creation, “The Quintessence of Vietnam” also makes the audience’s emotions sublimate when using a series of blockbuster performance technologies. “and the most advanced entertainment in the entertainment industry to create mobile stages, walkers, people flying, giant moon …

When the echoes of “The Quintess of Vietnam” had not yet subsided, visitors were immediately drawn into the endless festive atmosphere and filled with other emotions of the “sleepless city” Grand World: Show. Multimedia scene on the water “Colors of Venice”. From 21:30 to 22:00, it will be 30 minutes of emotional sublimation thanks to the world’s leading performance technologies.

Taking place at the giant water stage imprinted with the European architecture of the Canal Zone and Central Lake, “Colors of Venice” is an art program elaborately choreographed to tell the audience a love story. romantic, bold fairytale in the beautiful city of Venice in Italy.

If the day is still a calm river, the night comes, it turns into a surreal space, bringing visitors “through the air” to explore the festive life of medieval Europe.

Owning an underwater stage system with a scale of nearly 15,000m2, converging the world’s most modern technology and great props and many unexpected “tricks” that “stage witch” Viet Tu created, “Colors of Venice” is also considered one of the most spectacular and worth watching scene shows in Vietnam.

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