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The beautiful architectures in Phu Quoc are ‘beautiful’ that people constantly check-in

In addition to the green beaches, the beautiful architectures in Phu Quoc are also beautiful check-in coordinates on the pearl island that you cannot ignore. 

A series of beautiful architectural works in Phu Quoc is loved by young people 

1. The city that never sleeps Grand World Phu Quoc

One of the most popular architectural works in Phu Quoc today is the Phu Quoc United Center super complex located in Ganh Dau , about 20 km from the center of Duong Dong town. This complex includes many items such as Tropical Dance Square, Teddy Bear Museum, and Urban Park, the largest bamboo construction in Vietnam. But Grand World is the coordinates most loved by tourists.

Duong Khac Linh and Sara Luu check in Grand World Phu Quoc. Photo: @duongkhaclinh

Grand World is also known as the “city that never sleeps”, invested and built on a scale of up to 85 hectares, located in the heart of Phu Quoc United Center. This project owns a series of commercial streets, entertainment venues, and parties, operating 24 hours a day. 

Grand World is known as the city that never sleeps. Photo: @trangkiu

Coming to Grand World, visitors have the opportunity to admire the impressive Venice area with classical and romantic Italian beauty right on the beautiful pearl island. This is a colorful street with houses built in European style, gathered into a very beautiful and splendid Venice town.

Venice Canal Phu Quoc version. Photo: @viet.privet

If you have not had the opportunity to travel to Italy to experience sailing along the Venice canal, you should immediately come to Grand World Phu Quoc. Coming here, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the peace and romance when sitting on a traditional Gondola, down the clear blue water in the middle of the canal and watching the splendid colorful neighborhoods.

Colorful streets in Grand World Phu Quoc. Photo: @t.dannn

These small boats will take you to visit the architectural works with bold ancient colors, painted in all colors of red, yellow, blue, pink and purple extremely beautifully. The highlight of this destination in Phu Quoc is the European architectural mark with arched doorways and beautiful white balconies. 

The experience of sitting on a boat to admire the scenery is chosen by many tourists. Photo: @phanthicamy

Not only have the opportunity to take a boat trip on the canal to see the beautiful rows of houses, to visit this miniature Venice, you can also take a walk on the shore along the street, sip a cup of coffee or leisurely check printed on bridges with classical architecture across the green canal.  

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2. An Thoi – Hon Thom cable car station as “Roman Colosseum”

There are many beautiful architectural works in Phu Quoc waiting for visitors to check-in, one of them is Hon Thom – An Thoi cable car station. This place is known as the “Colosseum” Vietnamese version thanks to being built in an extremely beautiful and unique Roman architectural style.

The beautiful architectures in Phu Quoc are ‘beautiful’ that people constantly check-in
An Thoi cable car station owns beautiful architecture. Photo: @collin_lifestyles

This cable car station is located in the marine entertainment area Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park, which has been put into operation since 2018. Not only does this work as a cable car station, but this work also becomes a check-in place. Printed in Phu Quoc is popular with tourists, who choose to take a lot of beautiful photos.

The building was built in the ancient Roman architectural style. Photo: @nth.mee

Hon Thom – An Thoi cable car station was built in the ancient Roman style, bearing the breath of the wonder of the Colosseum in distant Italy. The work is a magnificent citadel, exuding a strong beauty, a little classic and mysterious. Here, visitors can enjoy virtual life both inside and outside the building.

Check-in coordinates are loved by many tourists. Photo: @rai4moeko

When experiencing this cable car station for the first time, visitors will be overwhelmed by the beauty of a massive and superficial citadel appearing before their eyes. Right from the outside, the image of the Colosseum is faithfully reproduced with bee brick walls, old colors, and extremely beautiful silver. 

Just stand in and you will have a beautiful photo to take home. Photo: @kanie.nguyen

Unlike other beautiful architectural works in Phu Quoc, the wall in front of the station was built in the old style, designed with a somewhat “ruined” beauty with “peeled” doors, not flat. , intact, decent. Right in front of the wall, there are statues of warriors and beautiful arched doorways. 

Every detail is meticulously designed. Photo: @linhtrang512_

It is the bold ancient design style, combined with the use of special laterite bricks that make this place appear as a remnant of Roman ruins. Coming here, visitors just need to find a corner to stand in, shoot and immediately produce a series of quality and irresistible virtual live photos.

The grounds inside and out are both very beautiful. Photo: @tanloctrann

If only the outer wall, this cable car station would not attract so many visitors. The inner campus is also extremely beautiful with tall walls and many vivid 3D paintings. Not to mention, the ceiling is also designed with a spacious blue color like the high and wide sky, extremely impressive. 

Here, you do not lack beautiful photos to bring back. Photo: @rjtaa

The special feature of the campus inside the Hon Thom – An Thoi cable car station is the transparent glass windows, creating a large open space with a direct view of the sea. These are also beautiful corners for visitors to create a lot of beautiful poses when taking photos to check intai5 this beautiful architecture in Phu Quoc. 

3. “Miniature Mediterranean” at Sun Premier Village Primavera

Another architectural work of Phu Quoc possesses impressive beauty, which has appeared in many beautiful photos of young people when traveling to the pearl island . That is the Sun Premier Village Primavera complex, dubbed as “miniature Mediterranean”, owning many beautiful and impressive items. 

Sun Premier Village Primavera is known as the miniature Mediterranean in Phu Quoc. Photo: @phuongdp

Coming to the Sun Premier Village Primavera, visitors can experience a lot of beautiful architectural items designed with great care. These works are recreated by investor Sun Group from the famous Mediterranean architectural works in the world. 

Colorful shophouses with classic and romantic beauty. Photo: @sungroupofficial

First of all, Amalfi ancient town uses Theming painting art to create colorful shophouses. Each wall must use 9 – 12 layers of paint to create a “time-tinted” beauty. Along with that are traces of scratched stone, cracked walls or mossy imitation stone details. 

The 75-meter-high Venice clock tower in the Sun Premier Village Primavera. Photo: @kinsuri

Next is a beautiful architectural work in Phu Quoc that has appeared in many check-in photos of visitors. It is a solid Venice clock tower in the heart of the Mediterranean town. The tower has a height of up to 75 meters, designed to simulate the image of a lighthouse in front of the sea, overlooking the romantic An Thoi archipelago. 

The small corner is checked in by many tourists when coming here. Photo: @shelliejanvier

In addition, the Mediterranean town complex also has the ancient citadel of Pompei, the Arc de Triomphe Gavic which are reproduced vividly and realistically. Surrounded by layers of old, colorful, undulating townhouses, creating beautiful backgrounds for visitors to comfortably photograph. 

Ngoc Lan Ngoc is also infatuated with the beauty of this place. Photo: @ninh.duong.lan.ngoc

Not only hotels or resorts, but beautiful architectural works in Phu Quoc also become an ideal place for visitors to check in. Each destination exudes its own beauty, a nostalgic architectural style, promising to bring you many beautiful photos to bring back after your trip to the pearl island.

Photo: Instagram

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