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Top 7 famous restaurants in Phu Quoc during Tet, no price increase

The beautiful pearl island of Phu Quoc is a top destination that many tourists love to travel to in spring with beautiful landscapes. So after having fun, where to eat both delicious and cheap? Let’s “pocket” the most famous and crowded restaurants in Phu Quoc during Tet below!

Are restaurants in Phu Quoc open for Tet?  

Activities in Phu Quoc on Tet holiday are no different from normal days, only on the 1st day people spend time to welcome the new year with their families. From the 2nd onward, sightseeing, entertainment and trading activities operate normally. So, when traveling to Phu Quoc on New Year’s Day, you don’t have to worry about what and where to eat, because there are many famous delicious restaurants for you to choose from.

Restaurants and bars in Phu Quoc serve Tet. Photo: vntrip

Take a look at the restaurants in Phu Quoc during Tet

Here are the most famous and crowded restaurants in Phu Quoc during Tet that you can refer to:

1. Apple Garden Restaurant

– Address: Cua Lap, Duong To commune, Phu Quoc

– Phone number: (077) 3847 008 – 0918 492 821

– Opening hours: 6am – 11pm daily

Apple Garden Restaurant is a famous dining address in Phu Quoc for Tet . Coming to Vuon Apple restaurant, visitors will enjoy a rich and diverse menu including attractive dishes such as: Steamed shrimp with coconut water, fried silver red snapper, barracuda salad and especially herring salad. Each dish at Garden Apple restaurant has its own unique flavor. The plus point of the restaurant is that it is located right next to the beach and has a large garden that is suitable for groups and large families. The price of food is about 150,000 – 300,000 VND / depending on the dish.

Apple Garden Restaurant serves fresh seafood dishes

2. The restaurant is out in the sea

– Address: 131 bis April 30, TT. Duong Dong, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang Province

– Phone number: 0901 797 969

– Opening hours: 9am – 11pm daily

Referring to the restaurants in Phu Quoc during Tet with delicious food and reasonable prices, we must mention Ra Khoi restaurant on April 30, Duong Dong town. The restaurant’s menu is diverse, including: Thai squid salad, herring salad, grilled oysters with cheese, mango shrimp salad, grilled goby with salt and pepper,… The plus point is that the food is delicious, fresh and well-prepared. suitable with my favor. Prices range from 100,000 – 300,000 VND / depending on the dish. Ra Khoi restaurant is also highly appreciated by many visitors with its clean space and enthusiastic and fast service staff.

Ra Khoi restaurant is the address to serve on Tet holiday

3. Hello Restaurant

– Address: 66 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc

– Phone number: 0901 283 766

– Opening hours: 8am – 10pm daily

If you still have not found yourself a good restaurant address in Phu Quoc Tet , then Hello Restaurant is a suggestion that you should not ignore. The thing that visitors love most when coming to this restaurant is its location right next to the romantic beach, with full service cafe and bar upstairs. Coming to Hello Seafood Restaurant, visitors can enjoy an outdoor seafood party in a very romantic evening. The menu at the restaurant has a variety of fresh seafood dishes such as: abalone, sea crab, snails, steamed crabs… Seafood is sold by weight depending on the preferences of visitors. Prices range from 60,000 – 400,000 VND / depending on the dish.

Top 7 famous restaurants in Phu Quoc during Tet, no price increase
Hello Restaurant has a beautiful romantic sea view. Photo: halotravel

4. Quan Kien Construction

Kien Xay restaurant is a restaurant in Phu Quoc on Tet holiday famous for the best noodle dish on the pearl island. Quan Kien Xay with more than 20 years of experience, is famous for its special way of cooking delicious vermicelli. The restaurant has a large space and the special thing is that diners will serve themselves. When will you pay first at the counter and give the bill to the kitchen, then take the card and wait for the food. Waiting time diners will make their own dipping sauce according to their taste. The price of each bowl of vermicelli is about 20,000 – 50,000 VND. Depending on your preference, you can order more shrimp paste, vermicelli, fish or squid to serve.

Kien Xay restaurant is famous for its noodle dish

5. Le Giang restaurant

– Address: 289 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong, City. Phu Quoc, Kien Giang   

– Phone number: 0297 3846 444   

– Opening hours: 8am – 10pm daily  

Let’s “change the wind” when coming to Le Giang restaurant to enjoy rustic dishes such as: Hu Tieu, vermicelli, crab soup cake, squid noodle soup, shrimp noodle soup… The shop has a spacious space, quick ordering and delicious food. Enthusiastic service staff. Food prices are higher than other places, but in return the food is delicious and clean. Price of noodle soup is 50,000 VND / bowl, crab soup cake is 50,000 VND, hot pot 250,000 VND / pot, fried rice 45,000 VND / serving…$1=24,000 VND

Delicious and attractive squid ink noodle bowl at Le Giang restaurant

6. Huynh Nhu broken rice restaurant

– Address: 42 Nguyen Trai Street, Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc

– Opening hours: 15h – 21h daily

Huynh Nhu broken rice restaurant is one of the crowded restaurants in Phu Quoc during Tet that you should not miss. The shop specializes in selling broken rice, each full serving costs only about 30,000 VND / serving. Broken rice is cooked from sticky rice, very fragrant and not dry at all. The plus point of the restaurant is the extremely attractive sweet and sour rib dipping sauce. Pour the sauce over the broken rice and mix it with the skin, eggs, and delicious spring rolls. Besides broken rice, Huynh Nhu restaurant also serves delicious rice noodles, rib rice, vermicelli, and delicious grilled meat.

Huynh Nhu broken rice restaurant specializes in delicious broken rice

7. Tu Huong squid ink noodle soup

– Address: 42 street 30/4. 100m from Phu Quoc night market

– Opening hours: 6am – 12pm, 4pm – 10pm

Tu Huong squid noodle soup specializes in serving noodle soup, so if you are a fan of noodle soup, you definitely cannot ignore this famous address. The shop serves many delicious noodle dishes for diners to choose from such as: Shrimp noodle soup, squid noodle soup, bone noodle soup… The shop specializes in selling morning and night. The plus point is that the space is spacious, the tables and chairs are clean and the owner is very enthusiastic. Price from 40,000 – 50,000 VND / bowl.

Tu Huong squid noodle soup is famous in Phu Quoc

Above are the restaurants in Phu Quoc on Tet holiday that are crowded and reasonably priced . Hope to help you choose for yourself the best place to eat when you have the opportunity to travel to Phu Quoc during Tet and have a trip with many interesting experiences. 

Photo : Internet

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