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One day conquering the ‘roof’ of Quang Ninh

With wild and poetic beauty, Cao Xiem peak in Binh Lieu district is a new destination, attracting many tourists passionate about climbing.

Cao Xiem Peak, also known as Khau Khoang Peak or Flag Pole, is a tourist attraction in the border district of Binh Lieu, Quang Ninh province. With an altitude of 1,429 m above sea level, Cao Xiem is also known as the “roof” of Quang Ninh province.

In Binh Lieu, the cold season usually starts from November to the end of March next year, which is also the climbing and cloud hunting season. Visitors should wear warm, airtight clothes to avoid getting cold. The hot season starts from May to early October, the weather is hot and sunny, but the weather is clear and cloudy, but climbers are more easily exhausted and dehydrated, so pay attention to bring plenty of drinking water.

The road from the foot of the mountain to the top of Cao Xiem is more than 7 km long, so it is possible to combine climbing and camping during the day. The path is mainly a trail that follows the mountainside with many rocky mountains and crosses the vast grassy hills. From the center of Binh Lieu town, there are 4 roads to explore this peak: the direction of Cao Thang village (Luc Hon commune), the direction of Luc Ngu village (Huc Dong commune); direction to Ngan Meo village (Luc Hon commune) and direction to Co Nhan village (Tinh Huc commune). However, the two roads Luc Ngu and Co Nhan are very few people go, mainly locals graze cattle on the top of this mountain. The direction of Cao Thang and Ngan Meo villages is favorable and is chosen by more visitors.

The road through the forest of anise, pine, and behind are blooming red leaves. Photo: Huong Chi

To start the journey to conquer Cao Xiem, visitors should go to Binh Lieu to rest for one night before climbing. In the early morning, rent a motorbike or car from the town center through the winding road with many steep passes to reach the village of Ngan Meo, park the car at a local house and then depart. Because the Cao Xiem climbing route is not popular and goes through many mountainous terrains, visitors should not go or climb alone but must have a guide who is local. The climbing time stops and backs down will be past noon, so visitors need to bring food and water.

From the foot of the mountain, it usually takes visitors about 2 hours to reach the top of Cao Xiem, if you want to stop longer or eat in the middle of the road, it can take 1 to 1.5 hours more. The trail up the mountain from Thousand Meo leads through green anise and pine forests. Especially, at the end of the year, this first paragraph tourist caught behind after so many ancient trees bloom brilliant red leaves, flowers Base bung recovery flowers are white and fragrant fruit characteristic flavor shine.

Crossing the dense forest road, visitors reach the grassy hill area with many raspberry trees, purple myrtle, and a series of undulating rocky slopes with unique shapes. Although there are not many trees, in return this stage is more open, so you can zoom in and see the surrounding majestic and majestic mountains. The higher you go, the more open the space becomes and if you meet a clear day, you can also see terraced fields like waves below.

One day conquering the ‘roof’ of Quang Ninh
The grassy hill area grows many raspberries and purple myrtle. Photo: Huong Chi

Cao Xiem climbing road is not too far, but there are not many natural water sources and shacks, guests need to pay attention to drinking water to stay healthy. The last leg was only steep and jagged rocks, so everyone had to lean forward, clinging to the ground and stepping carefully to avoid slipping. Passing this stage is to the top where the backpackers built a podium with a stainless steel top, marking the height of 1,429 m since 2017. After 2 hours of traveling, reaching here, visitors will see all their fatigue disappear, replaced by Feeling refreshed in the middle of a peaceful space. On the top of the mountain in summer, the temperature is about 15-19 degrees Celsius, in winter it drops to below 10 degrees Celsius.

On clear days from the top of Cao Xiem, one can see a panoramic view of Binh Lieu district and the high mountain area of ​​the Vietnam – China border. After sightseeing and taking pictures to check in, visitors climb down to return to the starting point. The way back downhill takes less effort, but it’s easy for someone who is not used to constant movement. However, this is also the time when visitors can admire more closely the scenery on the roadside, check-in at the “virtual living” cliffs, or meet people grazing cattle, harvesting anise,…

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