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Trekking Binh Lieu in December

QUANG NINH – Binh Lieu in December not only has white flowers blooming in the forest, white reed hills, and burning grass, but also colorful markets.

Binh Lieu is a mountainous district in the northeast of Quang Ninh province, bordering China. In recent years, the name Binh Lieu has become more and more known to tourists as an interesting destination that attracts young people who love backpacking.

Due to the mountainous terrain, Binh Lieu’s climate is different from the whole province of Quang Ninh, when the summer is cooler and the winter is colder. Especially when coming to Binh Lieu this December, visitors will experience the flower season in pleasant weather.

The flower is a species of the tea family, the flowers bloom large with prominent white petals and yellow stamens. The flower with the characteristic of Binh Lieu blooms in December, so in recent years, Binh Lieu district often organizes the So flower festival to create events to attract tourists at the end of the year.

Previously, the flowers grew naturally, but now they are planned to be planted into a separate area, creating both a destination for tourists to check-in and easy for people to cultivate and produce. The flowers are not only beautiful but are also exploited by the locals to get pressed seeds to make cooking oil and sell as a specialty.

At the end of the year, the cold weather is very suitable to check-in border landmarks in Binh Lieu such as 1305, 1300, 1302 and 1327. In which, the road to landmark 1305 is the most impressive because of the shape when viewed from the side. on the top is very similar to ” dinosaur spine “.

Particularly, the road from the center of Binh Lieu to the landmark 1305 is a spectacularly beautiful arc because this is the route patrolling the Vietnam – China border. The road has an average height of over 700 m above sea level, winding along the mountainside, surrounded by mountains and green grass.

If you are not strong enough to climb about 2,000 steps to reach the landmark, you can stop and take pictures at any stage. However, if you are persistent and have a good pair of walking shoes, meet nice weather, after 2 hours of climbing, you can reach the destination.

In addition to the landmarks, tourists who love to explore nature and enjoy climbing can challenge themselves with Cao Xiem peak, which is considered the roof of Quang Ninh province with an altitude of 1,429 m. According to the guides who are local people, guests will go through anise forest, pine forest… dotted with the following trees, which are blooming with brilliant red and yellow leaves. Next are the wild grasslands, natural rocky beaches, as vast as the plateau, and finally the mountain slopes leading to the highest peak.

In the summer, the hot weather on the way to Cao Xiem is easier to make visitors lose strength than in the autumn and winter. Because the road from the foot of the mountain to the top is not too long (about 7km each way), visitors can leisurely walk, rest as well as organize picnics and meals right in the forest.

After about 2-3 hours of climbing and taking pictures, visitors to the top of Cao Xiem will be able to see the scenery of Binh Lieu, the majestic mountains of both China and Vietnam.

In addition to Cao Xiem, Binh Lieu also has Goryeo, Cao Ba Lanh are also ideal peaks for trekking, picnicking, camping, or hunting clouds during the day. Goryeo is located at an altitude of 1,200 m with many wide lawns that are easy to camp and hunt for clouds. As for Cao Ba Lanh peak, 1,050 m high, stands out with rocks of many different shapes, you can type like playing music.

Binh Lieu has over 96% of the population are ethnic minorities, most of which are Tay, Dao, San Chi, Kinh, Hoa… In which, a branch of the Dao ethnic group is Dao Thanh Phan (photo) always stand out with costumes with many motifs and red as the main color. Visitors to Binh Lieu will be immersed in the culture and identity of the people here.

At the weekend, when visiting Binh Lieu, visitors have the opportunity to walk around the market in the town center or the market in Dong Van commune. The market meets every Saturday, Sunday, and every week, people from all over the village from neighboring communes and districts also bring goods, agricultural and forestry products to the market to exchange and trade.

Many items featured at the fair only as bath sheets, herbal healing of ethnic, cakes wormwood, cordage curious, in Long EP … People to market trading, eating from morning to Late afternoon but most crowded from 10am onwards, the car park is full and goods are displayed all over the road.

In order to stimulate tourism demand in the new normal, Famtrip Caravan and Trekking “Colors of flowers – Northeast spring come” organized by the UNESCO travel club from December 10 to 12 in Binh Lieu, Quang Ninh. The trip has the participation of more than 30 travel agencies across the country, following the caravan model of independent small groups.

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