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Tien Yen travel experience in Quang Ninh to admire the beautiful scenery, eat specialties

Quang Ninh tourism is famous for many beautiful places, let’s “forget” Ha Long Bay, Bai Chay beach to come to Tien Yen to explore many beautiful landscapes. So where should Tien Yen travel to play, eat delicious specialties?

Where is Tien Yen in Quang Ninh?

Where is Tien Yen? Tien Yen is a mountainous district, located between Ha Long and Mong Cai. The location is adjacent to Binh Lieu district to the northeast, Dinh Lap district to the north, Binh Lieu district to the northeast, and about 10km from Van Don. Tien Yen is considered to have a convenient traffic location when moving to famous attractions in Quang Ninh. However, the beautiful scenery of Tien Yen is still not known by many people, so it is still wild. 

Tien Yen travel experience in Quang Ninh to admire the beautiful scenery, eat specialties
Tien Yen Tourism Quang Ninh. Photo: hathaitour

With a cool and fresh climate, you can travel to Tien Yen Quang Ninh at any time of the year. Each season in Tien Yen has its own unique beauty, but it is recommended that you avoid going in the rainy season. 

How to get to Tien Yen Quang Ninh? 

To move to Tien Yen, you can go by bus or motorbike. From Hanoi, you can catch a bus at My Dinh, Giap Bat and Gia Lam stations to Tien Yen bus station. Ticket price ranges from 150,000 VND to 200,000 VND / time depending on the type of vehicle. Or you can take a bus to Ha Long and then continue to catch the bus or take a taxi to Tien Yen. 

In addition, for young people who want to explore the beautiful scenery along the way, can travel to Tien Yen by motorbike . From the center of Ha Long, you go in the direction of National Highway 18 about 80km or through the Noi Bai – Ha Long Expressway / National Highway 18 about 103km, you will reach Tien Yen district. In general, the distance is quite long, if you plan to travel by motorbike, you need to pay attention to the safe speed and bring all documents.

How to get to Tien Yen Quang Ninh? 

Where to stay when traveling to Tien Yen? 

Tien Yen travel experience , if you intend to stay overnight here, you can choose a number of motels in the district center area. In general, the rest service in Tien Yen has not been developed much. You can refer to the suggestions below:

– Cuong Thuy guesthouse: Address Thong Nhat street, Tien Yen town. Contact phone number: 091 338 7619

– Binh Hien Hostel: Address Thong Nhat street, Tien Yen town. Contact: 0203 3876 525 

– Phuong Binh Hostel: Address Thong Nhat street, Tien Yen town. Contact phone: 0203 3876 122 

– Thai Duong Hostel: Address in Thong Nhat street, Tien Yen town. Contact: 091 787 6358

– Thanh Tam Hostel: Address Thong Nhat street, Tien Yen town. Contact: 0203 3876 889

Hostels should stay when coming to Tien Yen

Famous places to visit when traveling to Tien Yen 

Where should Tien Yen tourism go ? Many beautiful landscapes are waiting for you to discover when visiting the land of Tien Yen, Quang Ninh such as: 

– Dong Rui Mangrove Forest Ecosystem: With a total area of ​​2000ha, Dong Rui is the largest mangrove forest in the Northern region today. Here you will admire the primeval forests, visit the duck farm and take a scenic boat ride. In particular, if you come at the right time of low tide, you will admire the beautiful beach. 

Dong Rui mangrove forest ecosystem

– Pac Sui Waterfall: This Tien Yen tourist destination attracts visitors with majestic mountains, including all 15 beautiful floors. Pac Sui waterfall is associated with the legend of the chicken king, a place with many meaningful values ​​for the Dao ethnic people living here.

Visit Pac Suu waterfall. Photo: hathaitour

– Center for culture and sports of ethnic groups in the Northeast: Including sports and cultural blocks. Visiting this place, you will learn about the life and typical culture of the San Chi, Kinh, Tay and Dao ethnic groups. 

Center for Culture and Sports of Ethnic Minorities in the Northeast region

– Temple of Monsignor Hoang Can: This is a general under the Tran dynasty who made great contributions to the cause of fighting against the enemy. If you visit this temple on the right occasion of the festival, you will be able to participate in many unique cultural activities and entertainment. 

Temple of Monsignor Hoang Can

– Tien Yen Central Market: Coming to the Tien Yen market, you will be able to shop all kinds of items and learn how to exchange goods for ethnic minorities living here. Especially, the market sells many kinds of specialties from Tien Yen, which are loved by many tourists. In addition, you can go to Ha Lau market which is held every Sunday with many special activities. 

Tien Yen Central Market

– Tien Yen Walking Street: If you are lucky enough to come to Tien Yen on Saturday, you will be able to join the walking street organized at Ly Thuong Kiet and Hoa Binh streets. The pedestrian street is divided into 3 areas with Market Street, Food Street and Folklore Street. Many interesting activities are organized to attract a large number of visitors to participate. 

Tien Yen Pedestrian Street

Enjoy the specialties of Tien Yen

What are the delicious specialties of Tien Yen tourism ? Not only beautiful scenery, Tien Yen also attracts tourists with many famous dishes such as:  

– Tien Yen Chicken: The most famous dish in Tien Yen has a characteristic sweet taste, delicious and tender meat. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to come to Tien Yen, you should definitely not miss this famous specialty dish. 

Tien Yen Chicken is famous for its chewy taste

– Knife humiliation : The next specialty of Tien Yen is humiliation, the dish is made from pork belly and combined with many different spices. 

– Nodding cake: The famous cake in Tien Yen is like a long rolled noodle cake. The cake is enjoyed while still hot and dipped in chicken fat. 

Tien Yen famous nodding cake

– Dong Rui sea duck eggs: Famous for their large, double-yolk eggs and very delicious. 

In addition, when coming to Tien Yen, you should also buy a specialty of pink peanut candy or cake as a gift for the trip.       

Above is the whole travel experience of Tien Yen Quang Ninh: Travel, sightseeing and eating. Hope to provide you with the most useful information for your upcoming trip to Tien Yen. Besides, you can refer to Quang Ninh travel experience .

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