24.09.2022, 10:18

Binh Ngoc – wild features at the top of the country

QUANG NINH – Binh Ngoc has sea, mountains, rich culture – cuisine, only 10 km from Mong Cai center.

Located 10 km from the center of Mong Cai City, Quang Ninh province to the east, Binh Ngoc ward is blessed with many scenic spots, rich history and long-standing culture. In the past few years, the locality has become a tourist destination to explore and experience because of the unspoiled beauty of the beach.

Binh Ngoc beach is connected to Tra Co beach, 17 km long from Ngoc Mountain to Sa Vi headland. This place still retains the wild character, no tourist footprint. Da Den Beach – Binh Ngoc is poetic, with clouds in the shadow of water nestled at the foot of Ngoc mountain.

Experiencing a day as a fisherman is a new community-based tourism product in Binh Ngoc. The characteristics in the daily life of fishermen are integrated in a short but emotional journey, leaving an impression in the hearts of visitors.

Tourists transform into fishermen, go to the sea to pull nets and catch seafood. The results obtained are halibut, mullet, shrimp, sardines… Dishes made from seafood carry the typical salty taste of the sea.

In addition to the sea, Binh Ngoc also has golden rice fields in the harvest season. People here live on agriculture, traditional farming methods are still popular.

A herd of buffalo graze in the field in the evening. The sunset here is described by many people as beautiful as a picture of a village in the North.

Dinh Binh Ngoc relic was formed along with the process of separating from Tra Co to establish a commune in the early 20th century. The communal house witnessed the ups and downs of history through the periods, associated with the process of natural conquest and exploration. borderland, the work of preserving the territory of the forefathers’ generations.

On the first day of the month, local people come to offer incense respectfully to show their gratitude to heaven and earth, gods and ancestors for blessing their health, a prosperous life, and catching a lot of fish and shrimp.

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