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Long Vang Cape is for those who love to explore

QUANG NINH – Long Vang Cape in Dong Rui commune, Tien Yen district, is a tourist attraction that still has its pristine appearance, with golden sand gently rippling under people’s feet.

Long Vang Cape is a sandy beach about 4 km from the shore and nearly 20 hectares wide, located near Tien Yen bridge, the longest sea-crossing bridge in Quang Ninh province.

To go to Long Vang Cape, visitors have to hire a fisherman’s boat to catch seafood near Mui Chua port and travel for more than 10 minutes at sea. According to Mr. Dinh Van Duong, 65 years old, a fisherman in Dong Rui waters, guests have to pay 500,000 VND for 2 hours.

Local people said that the name Long Vang Cape is because when the tide rises, the sand is rounded by the water, looking like an egg yolk.

The golden sand beach at Long Vang cape is more than 3km long, the water level is moderate, there are many shallow areas suitable for swimming.

Under the influence of waves, the controversy at Long Vang cape has many shapes. The sand is clean and smooth.

Long Vang Cape also has mangrove forests, with many trees up to 4-5m high. This is where many types of birds and mollusks live.

If skillful and lucky, visitors can catch a few types of seafood such as snails, fish … or simply watch the herd of wild plants hiding on the sand.

The shade under the mangrove trees is also an ideal resting place for visitors to visit.

Currently, Long Vang cape still retains its wild look, suitable for check-in and ecotourism experience.

The People’s Committee of Tien Yen district is also encouraging the development of tourism at this unique sandbank.

Surely, Long Vang Cape is an interesting destination along the Ha Long – Mong Cai highway that visitors to Quang Ninh should explore.

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