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Chill is ‘intoxicating’ with a series of super beautiful picnic places in Quang Ninh

If you are too bored with activities such as visiting Ha Long Bay or “breaking the island” of amusement parks, picnic places in Quang Ninh promise to bring many interesting things.

Busy life with a lot of work, you want to find a wild place to “hide” with friends. In Quang Ninh, there are also many famous places possessing poetic and fresh scenery. Where there is neither work nor fear of deadlines, surrounded by mountains and forests, and experiences with nature are not always available.

Chill is ‘intoxicating’ with a series of super beautiful picnic places in Quang Ninh
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Beautiful picnic places in Quang Ninh 

1. Goryeo Mountain, Binh Lieu

Goryeo Mountain, also known as Co Don mountain, is located in Huc Dong commune, Binh Lieu district. This is a place for camping, hunting and flying that is very popular with young people in Quang Ninh . The mountain stretches over an area of ​​more than 40km2, the highest peak is Cao Xiem Peak located at an altitude of 1,429m above sea level. Not only famous for its poetic green scenery but also cool climate all year round, so this place is also likened to “Sapa of Quang Ninh”.

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The landscape on Goryeo mountain is diverse and the 4 seasons are poetic, the most beautiful in autumn and winter. There are places where ⅓ of the days of the year are covered by clouds, so it is ideal for hunting clouds. You can camp at the foot of the mountain with a vast flat grass hill. Get up early in the morning to climb to the top of the mountain to enjoy the cool air. 

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Stand from the top of the mountain and wait for the moment when the clouds are lifted to make way for the rays of the morning sun. Zooming out into the distance, you can capture the peaceful scenery with the looming tile roofs of the Dao village. Romantic scene of ripe rice fields, shady forest. Check in with beautiful scenery, the experience will be hard to forget.

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2. Da Chong Beach, Dong Trieu

This rocky area is located at the foot of Bao Dai mountain, also known as Dragon Fin mountain. A beautiful picnic spot in Quang Ninh in Binh Khe commune, Dong Trieu town. This mountain possesses a unique beauty like Ha Giang rocky plateau, with few trees, only a lawn with giant rocks stacked on top of each other. 

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Go to Da Chong beach next to a clear stream and set up a camping tent to enjoy a fresh picnic with wild scenery. Not only the image of the road going through this rocky beach is also known as the mysterious road to Am Ngoa Van with many strange things. There is even an abandoned house on the side of the mountain with a breathtaking view. A lot of interesting things are waiting for you here. 

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3. Binh Huong Hill, Uong Bi

Camping, taking photos with a wild dwarf pine hill like Da Lat or watching the brilliant sunset are experiences you can hardly miss when coming to Uong Bi . This place is located on Binh Huong mountain range in Vang Danh ward with an altitude of 470m above sea level. This is the coordinates of hiking and mountain climbing that are very popular with backpacking enthusiasts.

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The most impressive time to come to Binh Huong is at the end of the year when the weather is cool and it is also the season of burning grass covering the hills, which are beautifully illuminated by the sun. During the day you can walk through the trail between the burning grass hills to climb to the top very early to hunt for clouds and catch the sunrise or sunset. 

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This is also one of the picnic places in Quang Ninh  that you should come to camp, immerse yourself in the wild sky and check in with the impressive lonely pine tree. You can prepare your own take away or rent a tent for from 200,000 VND to 750,000 VND/day. In addition, you can buy more rice balls and chicken to grill. Make a fire together, grill chicken and enjoy a fun-filled ride with friends amidst the wild mountain scenery.

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4. Phoenix Mountain, Uong Bi

Phuong Hoang Mountain is located at an altitude of 455m above sea level, about 50km from Ha Long city. A famous picnic spot frequented by backpackers with a fresh climate and beautiful landscape not inferior to Da Lat or Sapa. Every season of the year here, you can enjoy its own special and attractive beauty.

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If spring and summer, Phuong Hoang mountain makes us think of the remote Northwest high mountains with green grass hills, surrounded by mountains and forests. Then from autumn to winter, the grass hills are turned yellow, creating an attractive carpet in the deep blue sky. According to Quang Ninh travel experience , this is also the best time for you to come here to camp and take pictures.

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The road to Phuong Hoang mountain is considered to be not too difficult, it can be climbed easily. However, you should also be careful with steep slopes and many slippery rocks. Choose the place to set up the tent and light the fire carefully, do not litter to affect the surrounding environment. Remember to bring your camera to take pictures and record romantic moments here.

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5. Nui Man, Ha Long

This interesting picnic spot in Quang Ninh is a famous scenic spot from time immemorial. This rocky mountain is located in Da Trang village, Thong Nhat commune, Hoanh Bo district. Man Mountain impresses with its high cliffs, deep ravines, caves with super beautiful stalactites and clear pools of water. 

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Climbing Man Mountain for sightseeing and camping is an attractive hobby that many people find. Standing from above, you can fully enjoy the magnificent scenery of Cua Luc Bay, the immense mangrove forest with waves. Man’s Farm is a famous camping spot here with a lot of activities such as: campfire, enjoy music or drinks at a small cafe,… 

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6. Yen Trung Lake, Uong Bi

Yen Trung Lake is known as the largest freshwater lake in Quang Ninh. This place owns a beautiful romantic scene with clear blue water, surrounded by whispering pine hills, so it is very suitable for picnics and weekend camping. Set up a tent together, prepare food and hold a barbecue party by the lake to enjoy the cool air. 

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Coming to Yen Trung Lake, you can also get lost in the midst of immense green pine forests. A place to feel the freshness, completely separate from the noise of the outside. Not only that, you can also check in with the Garden of Eden, the beautiful shimmering Love Bridge. Renting a bamboo boat to go to the middle of the lake and check in is an experience that many people like here.

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It is not difficult to find a peaceful place to enjoy peaceful days. Above are the picnic places in Quang Ninh that Vinlove suggests. Hope you will have enjoyable relaxing moments for yourself with your loved ones.

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