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Nha Trang Old House Beach – the most charming beach on Binh Ba Island

Nha Trang Old House Beach is a tourist destination that many times make the tourist association fall. For those who love the sea, love unspoiled nature, come here to both enjoy the peaceful space and have the opportunity to explore the creatures under the ocean. 

About Nha Trang Old House beach 

The journey of discovery to Binh Ba Cam Ranh island must definitely visit Bai Nha Cu. This is one of the 4 most beautiful islands of Tu Binh Nha Trang , a great tourist destination that is hard to miss. At the same time, the beach at Nha Trang Old Beach is also one of the top beautiful beaches, capturing the love of tourists. 

Nha Trang Old House Beach – the most charming beach on Binh Ba Island
Nha Trang Old House Beach

Nha Trang Old Beach is one of the beaches in Binh Ba such as Sa Huynh beach, Nom beach. Here, there are brilliant coral reefs lying between rocky outcrops and pure white sand. This place is currently a promising place to bring a great resort space for tourists. Although there are not many tourist services here, it increases the wildness, curiosity and the feeling of discovering a new land for everyone. 

Bai Nha Cu is one of the most beautiful beaches in Binh Ba 

How to move to Old House beach?

Departing from Nha Trang city center to Bai Nha Cu , you can use private vehicles or catch a car to the port. When going out to the port, you have to hire a canoe or a wooden boat to move to Binh Ba island. 

You will take a boat or canoe to get to the island 

When is the best time to go to Nha Trang Old Beach? 

With the beautiful scenery of Nha Trang Old House  , according to Nha Trang’s travel experience, visitors can come here to visit anytime they like. In each season, this place has its own beauty. In the dry season, the sea is calm, the sky is clear, and the wind blows cool, which is ideal for sightseeing, virtual living, etc. If you like adventure activities, then come to this place in the rainy season. 

(Photo: dungan.doan)

The beauty of Nha Trang Old House Beach 

Different from many other beaches in Binh Ba island, Nha Trang Old Beach has a simple, rustic and homely feeling. There is a smooth white sand beach stretching along the coast, weaving between rocky outcrops. The sea water is blue like jade, as you get closer to the shore, the color becomes clear, revealing colorful coral reefs. Bai Nha Cu beach is considered as one of the cleanest beaches on the island. Although clean and clear, it is not always an ideal beach destination. Because there are a lot of sea urchins here, when touching the water, you have to be very careful to avoid stepping on it. 

Clear sea water see through the bottom 

The farther away from the island, the more dead corals. Because of that, boats were restricted from accessing the Old Bai Nha. It also makes sense to conserve marine life. 

(Photo: vietonthemove)

Nha Trang Old House Beach makes visitors so surprised and passionate because of the ingenious combination between human footprints and impressive wildness, between the beauty and natural laws of coral, .. .. and much more. Although tourist services are limited, locals still cleverly build homestays to have a place to stop for visitors. 

(Photo: ba-_thunga.pony)

Great experiences in Nha Trang Old Beach 

Enjoy the peaceful scenery 

Bai Nha Cu is located on a majestic rocky mountain, so it has a peaceful and wild landscape. This is a wonderful peaceful paradise for those who want to have their own time with the wonderful nature. 

Peaceful scene at Old House Beach

Go to the beach 

The first impression of tourists when coming to Nha Trang Old Beach is the clear blue sea, seeing through to the bottom. Accompanied by that is the smooth white sand beach and the horned rock outcrops. Being immersed in the vast, cool sea water will definitely bring wonderful moments of relaxation. 

Go to the beach

Check in 

Nha Trang Old House Beach is one of the beautiful check-in coordinates in Cam Ranh Bay. Here, there is a poetic nature that makes many people immerse. Along with that is the unspoiled landscape with golden sunshine, white sand, blue sea,… All of these are extremely chill virtual living backgrounds to help visitors keep many beautiful travel photos. 

The background at Old House Beach is the best

Snorkeling to see corals 

Discovering marine species at Bai Nha Cu is a great experience. It can be said that the most prominent feature when coming here is the magical coral reefs, diverse in different shapes. Scuba diving is a unique experience that any visitor should not miss. 

Dive and see coral

Notes when coming to Nha Trang Old House Beach 

  • Nha Trang Old Beach has quite a few urchins, so be careful not to get stabbed in the foot while swimming. 
  • This beach is still very wild, there is no complete management force, so indiscriminate littering still happens often. So be a conscious visitor, limit littering indiscriminately, affecting the environment. 
  • Due to being located in a military zone, foreigners are not allowed to come here. 
  • Have your identity card and citizen’s identity ready to submit to the border guard station. 
  • If you go in the high season, book the hotel in advance to avoid the situation of chopping and running out of rooms. 

(Photo: 12.1_t)

It can be said that Nha Trang Old House Beach is one of the most interesting places to visit. This place seems to be protected by nature by the high sky, clear blue water see the bottom. Hopefully, the information just shared above will bring many great things to your Nha Trang travel itinerary . 

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