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Nha Trang green moss beach – such a beautiful check-in point on the edge of the beach

After the Lunar New Year, when the resonance of spring is still passionate, Nha Trang green moss beach is officially in the season with a poetic beauty that attracts young people and tourists to check-in for virtual living. 

Spring comes, Nha Trang beach becomes more beautiful with gentle waves in the sunshine. In that spring air, the green moss carpet in the Tran Phu street area of ​​Nha Trang began to show off its poetic beauty to attract tourists. Coming to Nha Trang green moss beach in these spring days of March, visitors will surely fall in love with the impressive beauty of the green mossy carpet boasting in the golden sun on the beach. 

Nha Trang green moss beach is the hottest check-in point in March of the coastal city. Photo: toptentravel

Beautiful green moss beach in Nha Trang when in season 

Nha Trang green moss beach is located near Tran Phu Street, one of the most beautiful streets in Nha Trang, close to the guest house 378. Due to its proximity to the famous guest house, Nha Trang people often call this place 378 moss beach . 

Nha Trang green moss beach – such a beautiful check-in point on the edge of the beach
This moss beach is also known as the moss beach 378. Photo: FB Nha Trang Moi

Nha Trang moss beach is not as wide as Co Thach moss beach (Binh Thuan) or Xom Ro moss beach (Phu Yen), the moss beach on Nha Trang’s coast is only 100m long but has impressive beauty. Moss covered the embankment with concrete and stone blocks of all shapes, each moss clung together, crept alive in every corner, creating beautiful green patches of heart that make anyone to rub. . 

The green color of the moss is mesmerizing. Photo: FB Nha Trang 24h

In the early morning, when moss and morning mist fuse faintly, the space becomes more charming and magical, surrounded by tall buildings, coconut trees along the beach creating a picturesque scene. From the mossy beach, visitors can see the whole scenery of Nha Trang beach stretching for many kilometers right behind. 

Beautiful dawn in the green moss beach. Photo: Binh Vu

Moss clinging in large patches. Photo: Phung Kim Ngoc

The appearance of the mossy beach makes Tran Phu street one of the hottest check-in places in Nha Trang in March, the beauty of the moss beach not only attracts young people, local tourists but also also attracts photographers to enjoy and capture the best images. 

The beauty of the mossy beach attracts visitors to virtual life. Photo: Christina Ha

Not only a check-in and sightseeing spot for tourists, but every season the moss grows, Nha Trang people also take advantage of this “heavenly fortune” to make fish bait. 

Experience virtual life when checking-in at Nha Trang green moss beach 

Nha Trang green moss beach in season is very impressive, and is a completely free tourist destination, so the virtual live check-in here is an experience not to be missed for many people. Every day, thousands of people come to the moss to admire and take pictures, couples also choose this place to record happy moments together. 

Virtual living in the moss is an indispensable experience when coming to Nha Trang in this March. Photo: Nhat Thao

For the best virtual live photos on Nha Trang green moss beach , you should check-in at this place at two times, early in the morning and late in the afternoon. In the morning from 6am to 9am is the best time for you to check-in the moss because when the sun just rises, the moss shines on the green, iridescent beach, creating a very beautiful scenery. 

Sunset and dawn are the two most beautiful times of the day on the mossy beach. Photo: Nguyen Huong Giang.

In the late afternoon from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., the combination of sunset with the splendid sunset and the mossy beach scene also creates an impressive landscape, the rock piles covered with green moss, the waves splashing foam. White creates a unique scene for you to freely relax. For a good photo, you should choose the thick moss-covered corners, especially the wavefront area to check-in. 

The receding tide reveals the beautiful moss-covered cliffs. Photo: Quoc Vuong

The thick and green mossy patches are the ideal check-in place. Photo: Phung Kim Ngoc

The moss here has a very green color, so the image color is quite impressive. Photo: Phung Kim Ngoc

If you have more investment conditions, you can wear outstanding color outfits, long skirts, and maxi, which are the most suitable items for you to freely live virtual with the famous green moss beach in Nha Trang. this. 

With a little investment in costumes, you can easily get impressive photos on the moss beach. Photo: toptentravel

Many couples also come to the moss to take wedding photos. Photo: Tran Duy Dat

Traveling to Nha Trang on these beautiful March days, do not miss the opportunity to see the impressive beauty of the green moss beach on the city’s embankment. Check-in on Nha Trang’s green moss beach is sure to be one of the great experiences to make your trip to one of the most beautiful coastal cities on the planet become so special. 

Photo: Internet

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