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Petrified rapids “green silk”, young people get up early in the morning to check-in

After winter, the early spring weather with mild sunny days is the time when the moss season in Nam O Reef (Da Nang City) is green, attracting a lot of tourists to check in.

Petrified rapids “green silk”, young people get up early in the morning to check-in
Nam O is a fishing village located on Da Nang Bay, at the foot of Hai Van Pass, where there is Nam O reef, also known as Nam O rapids. Nam O Reef is about 500m long, protruding into the sea with a dense layer of reef hidden under the cool blue sea water and floating rock layers, stacked on top of each other to form many unique shapes.
In early February, after cold days, spring sunshine is in the green moss season at Nam O reef.
Every day, at low tide, the green moss carpets begin to show. According to locals, the best time to enjoy this moment is early in the morning, when the sun comes out.
Visitors can see the beautiful mossy beach with rugged rocks, “variable nature” is wearing a new smooth, green shirt, making the landscape as beautiful as an ink painting.

“Going to Da Nang, tourists know that Nam O reef this season has beautiful green moss, I and my friends come to check-in. I find the air here is so fresh, the rocks are covered with smooth green moss. very beautiful,” shared Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy (a tourist from Hue).
Taking pictures with a group of friends, Tran Thu Thuy (residing in Thanh Khe district) said that even though she is from Da Nang, this is the first time Thuy and her friends went to Nam O rock beach and was very impressed with the green moss scene. at this place.
Not only young people, many middle-aged people are also interested in Nam O moss season.

A group cycling from afar to Nam O to admire the green moss season and take commemorative photos.
Nam O moss beach is about 15km from the center of Da Nang city. This place still retains the wild beauty, so many people choose to camp overnight to fully admire the moss season only once a year.
Looking for angles to take the best photo, Duc Thao said that he has taken many photos of the moss season in the central coastal provinces. In Nam O reef, large and small rocks intermingled with different shapes create a very vivid and different picture of the sea and island.
Not only are tourists interested in green moss, the people of Nam O village also consider this to be the “sea luck” autumn because the green moss is jam-packed with algae, a specialty of the village.
The green moss season in Nam O usually lasts about a month

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