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Da Nang Con Ga (Chicken) Church – lovely pink architecture ‘defeats’ millions of eyes

Da Nang Chicken Church is an address you cannot ignore when traveling to Da Nang. This work is covered with a lovely, fresh pink color. A day of experience here will bring you peace and joy. 

Introduction to Da Nang Con Ga Church 

Da Nang Chicken Church is located at 156 Tran Phu, Hai Chau I Ward, Hai Chau District. Many people also call this work with another name, the cathedral church of Da Nang or the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. 

Da Nang Con Ga (Chicken) Church – lovely pink architecture ‘defeats’ millions of eyes
Da Nang Chicken Church 
(Photo: Ihanavaka)

Located right on the busy Tran Phu street, the church receives a lot of attention from tourists. At first glance, many people are somewhat apprehensive because this place is only for religious activities. 

(Photo: dianaohy)

Mass at Con Ga Church in Da Nang 

Weekdays: Mass in the cathedral will be held at 5:00 and 17:00.

Sunday: 6 Masses are held at 5:15, 8:00, 10:00, 15:00, 17:00 and 18:30. 

Weekdays: 2 Masses are held at 5am and 5pm

If you take the initiative to visit Da Nang Con Ga church to attend the ceremony, please pay attention to the above time frames. At 10:00 a.m. on Sundays, there is a very special English service at the church. That experience will give visitors a feeling of peace, relaxation and tranquility in the soul. 

(Photo: ara.cho.nail)
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History of formation and development of the Da Nang Con Ga church 

Da Nang Chicken Church was officially built in February 1923, after only a short time, the facade was completed (September 1923). On March 10, 1924, the church was inaugurated and put into operation. 

The church was started construction in 1923 (Photo: jja_p)

Da Nang Cathedral was built based on the sketches of the late Father Vallet. However, the work is still unfinished, unfinished, many people come and go without fully cultivating it. Finally, in 1922, three cousins ​​Vo in Kim Dong stood out to build the church. The completion of this architecture was not easy, so the three brothers mobilized many workers and artisans in Kim Bong village to work around the clock to build the church.

(photo: okuyannu)

This work is a smooth and delicate combination of culture, aesthetics, Asian architecture and classical European traditional culture. Visitors can easily recognize this combination when visiting the church both outside and inside. 

(Photo: amile77)

The meaning of the name ‘Da Nang Chicken Church’

Da Nang Chicken Church has a lovely pink color, known by the locals with a very dear name. The reason for that name is because on the roof of the church there is a special gray chicken for the purpose of weather forecasting.

According to the parish priest’s explanation, the image of the chicken on the roof of the church is not a typical symbol of France, but a symbol associated with the story of Saint Peter recorded in the Gospel with the meaning of reminding children. awakened, penitent. 

The symbol of the chicken is located at the top of the church 

Outstanding architecture at Da Nang Con Ga Church 

Da Nang Chicken Church was built in the Gothic style with delicate soaring lines and oval-shaped door rings that are typical of churches in Europe.

(Photo: oooyk.49)

Behind the church, there is a cave of Our Lady built according to the model of the Lourdes cave of France, which looks very sacred and quiet. Inside, right in the middle of the cathedral, there are two rows of columns with high ceilings symbolizing the French style.

The cave is located behind the church (Photo: silver__display)

In addition, the elegant but equally bold construction lines combined with the statue of God and pictures create a very dignified and majestic space.

(Photo: linistaa)

To illuminate the inside of the church, people made more windows. This is also a rare church built during the French colonial period that still exists in Da Nang. 

The sanctuary inside the church 

Check in at Con Ga church in Da Nang

Da Nang Chicken Church is not only a familiar destination for parishioners but also a check-in location that is very popular with young people. The background here is very lovely, pretty, but European.  

(Photo: liusiu99_)
Check-in very sweet tones 

Note when coming to Con Ga Church in Da Nang 

When visiting Da Nang Con Ga church, you must follow a number of rules such as: 

  • Choose polite outfits, long pants, ao dai, and minimal colors. 
  • During the ceremony, it is not allowed to talk loudly, disorderly, not watch movies, listen to music, take pictures, record videos,… 

(Photo: dinz.49)

Da Nang Chicken Church is a frequent destination for Catholics and tourists. With its magnificent beauty, magnificence and solemnity, the church has become an extremely attractive spiritual tourist destination. 

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