27.10.2022, 09:50

After the storm, people in Da Nang go to the sea to catch fish… fresh water, make a lot of money

Storm No. 4 has just dissipated, according to experience, Da Nang people invite each other to the sea to catch fish … fresh water. Unique skills are only applied in the days after the storm to help people have delicious meals and earn extra income.

After the storm, people in Da Nang go to the sea to catch fish… fresh water, make a lot of money
On the afternoon of September 28, when the storm dissipated and the sky cleared, Mr. Tran Thanh Linh (23 years old, residing in Hoa Hiep Nam ward, Lien Chieu district) again brought a net and rushed to Nguyen Tat Thanh sea to “hunt” freshwater fish. poured from the manhole.
Arriving at Phu Loc bridge (Thanh Khe district), Mr. Linh looked at the turbid water flowing from the mouth of the canal and then smiled and said: “If the water flows like that, it must be a hit”. As he spoke, he swung his fishing rod into the water.
After waiting for about 3 minutes, Mr. Linh pulled the fishing head lightly and shouted: “It’s very heavy, this fish must be a terrible product!”. Then he quickly dived into the water, constantly pulling the fishing net close to the ground so that the fish wouldn’t get out of the net. 
After pulling the fishing line close to his body, Mr. Linh waved his hand to check the fish and then laughed loudly to announce: “In the catfish, this one must also be 3 kg”. After saying that, he quickly grabbed the bottom of the fishing net and quickly ran to the shore. (Photo: Hoai Son)
In this catch, Mr. Linh got a catfish nearly 3kg, estimated to sell for more than 100,000 VND (Photo: Hoai Son).
The strange thing is that he spread his net near the sea, but the fish he caught were all freshwater fish, mostly tilapia, mullet, and catfish (Photo: Hoai Son).
Linh said that after every storm and flood season, the fish will follow the flood water and run to the sea. At this time, there are much fish and when encountering salty water, the fish is hot and difficult to swim, so it is easier to catch (Photo: Hoai Son).
“Just look at the water flowing to the sea and cast the fish. The time to catch a lot is when the water is strong, the fish is now sluggish at the intersection between salt water and fresh water, so just cast the fish and get fish”, Mr. Linh sharing experiences (Photo: Hoai Son).
Fish, after being caught, are sold at the shore to meet the needs of people who want fresh fish to eat on stormy days. The sellers are also willing to please the customers, do not hesitate to reduce one more or two as usual (Photo: Hoai Son).
“Today, I also caught about 30kg of fish of all kinds. Each batch of fish is sold by agreement, without a specific price. With this amount of fish I will sell half, and bring the rest to eat”, Mr. Linh said. (Photo: Hoai Son).
Not only fishing with a fishing line, some people also use rowing baskets to go out into the middle of the water, spreading fishing nets to catch more fish (Photo: Hoai Son).