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The conservation area of ​​nearly 100 species of bamboo on the Son Tra peninsula

Nestled at the foothills of Son Tra Peninsula (Da Nang City), the Vietnamese bamboo and bamboo reserve attracts visitors by its contemplative features like a monastery.

The conservation area of ​​nearly 100 species of bamboo on the Son Tra peninsula
About 8 km from the center of Da Nang city, the Vietnamese bamboo and bamboo reserve named “Son Tra Tinh Vien” by Venerable Thich The Tuong is nestled at the foot of the mountain of Son Tra peninsula (in Tho Quang ward, Son district. Tea).
Stepping through the simple bamboo gate are two rows of green bamboo of one color. Around the aquarium are clumps of bamboo, many kinds of bamboo… This place is a destination for many people every day thanks to its airy, quiet and cool space.
According to Master Thich The Tuong, the garden has more than 100 species; in which precious types of bamboo and bamboo such as green apricot, chalk, bitter gourd, mo o, bamboo la ivory… That is the result of more than 15 years of master Thich The Tuong traveling everywhere to collect bamboo and bamboo species.
In the early years, the collection of bamboo and bamboo of Master Thich The Tuong faced difficulties. Knowing where there are new varieties of bamboo, Master Thich The Tuong set out again. There are species that teachers have to plant for a whole year to bring back. Later, when he connected and received help from the Vietnam Academy of Forestry Science, his collection was much less difficult.
Talking about collecting bamboo, the Venerable said it was like an opportunity. “Bamboo trees are associated with the childhood of many people. However, the process of urbanization makes bamboo species disappear. The bamboo tree is also a symbol of the Vietnamese people, the culture of the Vietnamese people. So I want to do this. garden to keep,” said Master Thich The Tuong.
With the determination to preserve bamboo, every year, Mr. Tuong spends 3 months in spring collecting bamboo. However, in recent years, the collection of bamboo has to be halted because Master Thich The Tuong has not been able to ask the city government to establish a bamboo museum (Photo: TK).
“If the city agrees, I will build this place into a bamboo museum, a tourist destination of Da Nang. In it, there is a nursery garden, an exhibition area …”, Mr. Thich The Tuong said.
 Thich The Tuong’s garden is one of the three largest collections of bamboo in Vietnam, apart from the bamboo garden of the Vietnam Forest Science Institute in Phu Tho and the bamboo village of Phu An in Binh Duong (Photo: TK).
Over the years, Master Thich The Tuong’s bamboo garden has become a destination for many tourists to visit. “Not only are local tourists, but foreign guests also often visit to visit and learn about Vietnam’s bamboo,” said Thich The Tuong. Follow Dan trí

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