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‘Hug’ the whole city in your lap at Da Nang Turtle Island

Going up Hai Van Pass to go to Da Nang Turtle Island to live virtual, sip a cup of coffee, admire the beautiful green nature from above, what could be more wonderful?

Locating the location of Hon Cu Rua Da Nang 

In recent times, Hon Cu Rua Da Nang is the check-in point that makes tourists go crazy. Standing from here looking down, visitors can embrace the dreamy and romantic beauty of the whole coastal city of Da Nang. In addition, you can also live virtual fire with the background of immense green mountains and clouds, extremely beautiful!

‘Hug’ the whole city in your lap at Da Nang Turtle Island
Turtle Island Da Nang
(Photo: hungkerry)

Possessing a wild and majestic beauty that overwhelmed people. This is the “revealed” check-in coordinates of the virtual life enthusiasts who always want to hunt when traveling to Da Nang. Not far away, Hon Cu Rua Da Nang is a small corner located behind the coffee shop Turtle Stone. The shop is located at an altitude of 500m right on the majestic Hai Van pass

(Photo: PhanAnh73)
This check-in point is actually a stone located behind the cafe “Cu Rua Stone” (Photo: maihuong0105)

Moving to Da Nang Turtle Island 

To be able to experience drinking coffee in the middle of this unique pass, you can travel by personal vehicle, motorbike is the most popular choice. If you don’t have a motorbike, you can go to motorbike rental points in Da Nang, the rental fee is also quite cheap, only ranging from 100k – 150k/day. 

Starting from the city center, visitors go up against Hai Van Pass. From about 3-4km, you will see a lonely pine tree. Continue going a little further and you will see the first coffee shop on the right. However, when traveling on Hai Van Pass, remember to observe carefully around, go slowly and pay attention to safety. Although the pass road is quite deserted, it is zigzag with many sharp turns.

Hai Van Pass road has many sharp and zigzag bends

Interesting experience in Da Nang Turtle Island 

Sip coffee 

Rua Stone is a small cafe decorated quite simply with wooden tables and chairs and stone shelves. However, thanks to its unique location, near the top of Hai Van Pass, the shop inherits all the beauty of heaven and earth, making any visitor to the pass want to stop and stay. While sipping a delicious cup of coffee, while looking at the romantic mountains and forests. Taking a deep breath to feel the purity is really relaxing. A chill spot is nothing to complain аbout: no smoke, no noise, only trees, and birds chirping here. 

View of the mountains and the sea from the cafe 

Sitting at this unique cafe, visitors will enjoy the majestic natural scenery at any time of the day. Because the mountain scenery in Hai Van Quan is always outstanding with the vast green of the mountains and the chirping birds. However, according to Da Nang’s travel experience, the best time here is from 5am – 6am. At that time, the fog spread a beautiful path like a floating place. Once you’ve sat here, you probably don’t want to come down the mountain anymore. 

(Photo: TrungBuii)

This is also considered the most beautiful place to hunt clouds in Da Nang city. However, to do that, you have to get up early at 5 am. If you want to watch the sunset, come at 4 am – 6 pm. 

(Photo: TrungBuii)

Admire Hai Van Pass

From Da Nang Turtle Island, you can see the whole scenery of Hai Van Pass from above. A beautiful scenery above is the blue sky, followed by the mountains and forests, then the immense blue sea embracing the mountains and hills. Farther away is the city of Da Nang and the winding, meandering curves along the mountainside like a silk strip across the sky. It is an interesting place that makes people fall in love. 

Nature here is really amazing 


Check in, live virtual 

Besides being an interesting highlight at Hai Van Pass, Hon Cu Rua Da Nang is also an extremely HOT virtual living spot that attracts many tourists to visit every day to get quality photos. When on the picture will make you admire because it is so beautiful. However, do not be absorbed in virtual life, do not forget to ensure safety. This place is not the ideal coordinates for those who are afraid of heights. 

It’s just a cliff but the picture is so good 
This place is not suitable for those who are afraid of heights 
(Photo: hoangminh.dg)
(Photo: vietnamtravel_vn)

If you have the opportunity to travel to Da Nang, quickly save these extremely chill coordinates. Experience drinking coffee, watching the city in the middle of the hill at Hon Cu Rua Da Nang, always “coffee”. 

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