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Be enthralled with the taste of the famous seasoning noodles in Da Nang

With its delicious and attractive taste, Da Nang wedge noodle sauce has become a famous specialty dish bearing the typical rustic features of the culinary culture of Central Vietnam.

Danang cuisine has long been famous with friends from near and far because of the dishes imbued with the simplicity and simplicity of the people here. Referring to popular, famous and popular dishes in Da Nang, it is impossible to ignore the famous seasoning noodles.

With its rich flavor and characteristic passionate aroma of seasoning fish sauce, this specialty has “captivated” many people and has become the first choice of many diners every time they visit this sunny, windy coastal city. .

Be enthralled with the taste of the famous seasoning noodles in Da Nang
Da Nang fish sauce noodle soup is simple, rustic but “bold” like the people here.
Noodles wedge wedge wedge throughout every corner of the city of Da Nang.

Vermicelli fish sauce seasoning is very diverse, but all the ingredients are simple and easy to find such as fresh vermicelli, seasoning fish sauce, boiled or roasted pork, rolls, roasted peanuts, chopped boiled jackfruit, … To make the dish more attractive, bun fish sauce is often served with some fresh and delicious vegetables such as lettuce, basil, papaya, …

Each restaurant will choose different ingredients and decorations. However, normally, each bowl of vermicelli when arriving to customers will be arranged quite beautifully with fresh and delicious vegetables below, followed by vermicelli, pork or cha, a little boiled jackfruit or cucumber. cut into piecs.

Sprinkle on top is a layer of peanuts with a little cooking oil and chili sauce “tearing the tongue”. Finally, it is indispensable to have a rich seasoning sauce like the love of Central people.

The taste is simple, but the seasoning rice vermicelli makes diners keep eating.
The ingredients are simple, easy to find, but when combined together, they create an unmistakable taste for seasoning vermicelli.

Mix well the bowl of vermicelli and enjoy the perfect combination from the characteristic salty sardines of the fish sauce and the fragrant sweetness of pork, the freshness of raw vegetables to the rich flavor of roasted peanuts.

In particular, the spicy “numbness” and stimulating the taste of chili sauce make this dish more attractive, making those who “trot” this dish have to … crave and remember forever.

Seasoning sauce is considered the “soul” of the noodle bowl

Co Thi, the owner of a noodle shop with seasoning seasoning for nearly 15 years, shared: “Seasoning sauce is considered the” soul “of a bowl of noodles in Da Nang.

Whether the bowl of vermicelli is delicious or not depends a lot on choosing to buy pure fish sauce, besides that the recipe for mixing the fish sauce to taste and prepare is also very important.

The delicious seasoning sauce will help the ingredients in the bowl of vermicelli blend together at the same time waking up the characteristic rich flavor of Danang cuisine … “

With prices ranging from 15,000 to 30,000 VND for a bowl of vermicelli filled and delicious, the price is affordable and the taste is very special, so the seasoning vermicelli is very “popular” with customers.

People can eat vermicelli noodles in the morning, noon, afternoon, evening or even late at night, still trying to find a restaurant selling noodles because … “crave”. Just walking a few rounds around the streets of Da Nang, we can find shops selling large and small noodles very easily.

Crispy, green fresh vegetables help the bowl of vermicelli add a fresh and delicious flavor.
The delicious taste of “Da Thanh specialties” is memorable for many diners from near and far.

“Some visitors told me that at first they only tried rice noodles because of curiosity, but the rustic but very special flavor of this dish has made many visitors fall in love.

Many tourists from near and far confess that they just wish to return to Da Nang regularly to enjoy a bowl of noodles in Danang to satisfy their “nostalgia” “, Ms. Thi excitedly said.

The charming, easy-to-eat, and addictive flavor of this dish leaves a deep impression on many visitors when visiting Da Nang and becomes a deep nostalgia in the hearts of Da Nang residents who are far away from their hometowns. Follow Dan trí

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