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47 beautiful tourist destinations in Da Nang, so enchanting that you forget the way back

Da Nang, one of the leading tourist centers in the central region, is a tourist destination that you cannot ignore. With long, clear blue beaches, fresh air, and delicious food. Check out 47 beautiful Da Nang tourist attractions to forget the way back and set out to discover the most livable city in Vietnam.

Reference: Da Nang travel experience from A – Z latest 2021

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New Danang tourist destination

Ba Na Hills

The cable car system across the sea will bring you to the “fairy garden” of Ba Na

With a cable car ride to Ba Na, you will reach the beautiful natural scenery like a fairyland. Just as a means of saving you time, from the cable car you also have the opportunity to see the mountains, clouds and unique works of Ba Na Hills.

In addition, the castles with ancient European architecture, French villages, wine cellars, mountain trains, etc. All in harmony with the fresh air and natural scenery create a resort. wonderful one-of-a-kind.

  • Ticket price: 745,000 VND
  • Address: Ba Na Hills tourist area, An Son village, Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district, City. Danang

Golden Bridge – Ba Na Hills

47 beautiful tourist destinations in Da Nang, so enchanting that you forget the way back
The Golden Bridge is definitely the hottest check-in point this summer. (Source: vtimes)

Da Nang tourist destination has attracted a lot of tourists recently. Golden Bridge owns a unique architecture with giant mossy hands supporting the bridge like a silk strip above.

  • Ticket price: no fee to go to the bridge, only Ba Na Hills ticket N
  • Address: Ba Na Hills tourist area, An Son village, Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district, City. Danang

Asia Park – Sunworld Danang Wonders

Asia Park is brilliant at night

Dubbed the man-made wonder of Da Nang, Asia Park owns a system of extremely attractive games and entertainment. You can take a monorail to see the park, or go straight to the Sunwheel cabin to see Da Nang both night and day. Along with that, there are games from light entertainment to adventure and horror for all audiences.

  • Ticket price: 50,000/person from 100cm and above
  • Address: 1 Phan Dang Luu, next to the Han River, between Tien Son Bridge and Tran Thi Ly Bridge

TrickEye 3D Museum

Virtual world for you

Not only can admire the 3D works, but interesting and main activities in Art in Paradise are also posing and taking photos. You can transform into fairy characters in the fairy world, set foot in the mysterious forest among ancient Egyptian tombs or transform into winged eagles…

  • Ticket price: 120,000/ticket
  • Address: Art in Paradise Danang, Lot C2-10 Tran Nhan Tong Street, Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City

Upside down house

Unique upside down house in Da Nang

Da Nang upside-down house has 10 different themes, from living room, bedroom, study room, kitchen to toilet, laundry room and mini-mart, etc. you a whole new world.

  • Ticket price: 130,000 / adult and 70,000 / child
  • Address: 44 Ho Xuan Huong, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang

Than Tai Mineral Spring

Experience your enjoyable stay at Than Tai hot spring resort

Than Tai mineral spring has beautiful natural scenery combined with owning a unique mineral spring located in Ba Na Nui Chua conservation eco-tourism area. Here, you can admire and explore the majestic beauty of the mountains as well as enjoy and relax with attractive services such as mud bath, wine bath, etc.

  • Ticket price: 290,000 VND
  • Address: Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Park – National Highway 14G, Hoa Phu Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang

Hoa Phu Thanh Waterfall

Join the adventurous and challenging waterfall slides at Hoa Phu Thanh tourist area

The most prominent activity in the Hoa Phu Thanh tourist area is waterfall skiing. For those who love adventure, this will be an activity that meets the interest of self-discovery and has extremely refreshing moments.

  • Ticket price: 290,000 VND
  • Address: QL14G, Hoa Phu, Hoa Vang, Da Nang

Tam Thanh mural village

Enjoy a rare peaceful moment with the schedule of Tam Thanh mural village – An Bang beach – Hoi An 1 day

Tam Thanh is the first mural village in Vietnam. Modeled from the mural village in Korea and the daily life of the people in this very fishing village. The walls in Tam Thanh are covered with layers of paint and creative drawings to become bright paintings.

  • Ticket price: free
  • Address: Tam Thanh village, Tam Ky, Quang Nam

An Bang Beach

An Bang beach is only 3km east of Hoi An. As one of the most beautiful beaches in the world voted by CNN Go.
Source: vietsuntravel.com

An Bang Hoi An owns a quiet and unspoiled beauty, a quiet paradise in the ranking of 50 most pristine and beautiful beaches in the world.

  • Address: Hai Ba Trung, City. Hoi An, Quang Nam

Vinpearl South Hoi An

Let’s come to the exciting water world at Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An!
Source: znews-photo-td.zadn.vn

It is a new modern fun project built in South Hoi An not long ago. Coming here, you will experience many unique – strange – rare thrilling games in the world such as the drop of the century from a record height of 85m, the whirlwind tourbillon, … 95 indoor games, or the music stage. modern country with 2500 seats.

  • Ticket price: 540,000 VND
  • Address: Vinpearl Land South Hoi An ticket

Hoi An Memories Show

The record for the largest outdoor stage in Vietnam. (Source: hoianimpression)

Return to the Faifo region in the nostalgic scenes of Hoi An Memories Show. This is also the only show that holds 2 records “The largest outdoor stage in Vietnam” and “The daily art show with the largest number of actors” of nearly 500 people.

  • Ticket price: 500,000 – 800,000 / depending on ticket class hạng
  • Address: Hoi An Impressionist Cultural Theme Park – Con Hen (200 Nguyen Tri Phuong turn left), Cam Nam, Hoi An

Hoi An Impressionist Cultural Park

A space of harmony and respect for the cultural features of Hoi An

Stepping through the entrance gate, you will enter a journey back in time to discover the unique features of the famous trading port of Hoi An in the 16th and 17th centuries. Recreating in the most realistic way the images of architecture, culture and trading activities and activities of indigenous people together with people from many countries through different periods.

  • Ticket price: 100,000/person
  • Address: Hoi An Impressionist Cultural Theme Park – Con Hen (200 Nguyen Tri Phuong turn left), Cam Nam, Hoi An

A O Show Hoi An

Enjoy the impressive performances

A O Show is a unique combination of art forms ranging from circus plays to folk songs, melodies, etc. Engaging viewers with contrasting but harmonious stories of peaceful villages and towns. bustling.

  • Ticket price: 700,000 – 1,600,000/ticket depending on seat class hạng
  • Address: Hoi An Lune Performance Center, Dong Hiep Park, Nguyen Phuc Chu Street, Minh An Ward, Hoi An City, Quang Nam

Teh Dar Show Hoi An

One of Teh Dar Show’s most stunning performances

Teh Dar show is the image of the children of the Central Highlands who are both simple and honest, but also wild and liberal. Ethnic boys and girls will tell their stories with soft but powerful music like mountains and forests with both lyrics and dances with free footsteps.

  • Ticket price: 700,000 – 1,600,000/ticket depending on seat class hạng
  • Address: Hoi An Lune Performance Center, Dong Hiep Park, Nguyen Phuc Chu Street, Minh An Ward, Hoi An City, Quang Nam

Nhat Lam Thuy Trang Tea

Can you believe this place is located not far from bustling Da Nang?

If you love immersing yourself in the fresh air and quiet nature, Nhat Lam Thuy Trang Tra is a tourist destination in Da Nang that you cannot ignore.

Da Nang tourist destination near the center

My Khe beach

My Khe Beach – The most beautiful and charming beach on the planet

Only 3km from the center of Da Nang city, My Khe Beach is a rare and beautiful beach, once in the top of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, but located very close to the center.

  • Address: Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City

Pham Van Dong Beach

Pham Van Dong Beach is the favorite place for couples to take wedding photos

Pham Van Dong Beach Da Nang is located at the end of Pham Van Dong Street, right next to the East Sea Park (on the Hoang Sa – Truong Sa road). From the Han River Bridge, it takes less than 3 minutes to go straight down Pham Van Dong Street to the beach.

  • Address: End of Pham Van Dong Street, Son Tra, Da Nang.

Xuan Thieu Beach

Sunset on Xuan Thieu beach

Xuan Thieu Beach also has another name, Red Sea, because at dawn or dusk, when the sun reflects light on the water, the whole beach is like wearing a bright red shirt, very enchanting.

  • Address: Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, Hoa Hiep Nam Ward, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang.

Nam O Beach

A special feature is the very own giant rock of Nam O Reef. (Source: baodanang)

Nam O beach or reef is 17km northwest of the center along the beautiful sea road of Da Nang with charming mountain scenery. In addition, Nam O is also famous for its famous fish salad. This is considered a great tourist destination for young people or tourists to Da Nang.

  • Address: Nam O, Hoa Hiep, Lien Chieu district

Dragon Carp Statue

Carp statue turning into a dragon with a view overlooking the Dragon Bridge – source vnexpress

The statue has the shape of a dragon’s head, the body of a carp conveys the desire like “a carp turns into a dragon” to be more prosperous and more prosperous. The statue is located in the center of Da Nang with a view of the Dragon Bridge in the distance.

Address: Da Nang Love Bridge Park

Thuan Phuoc Field

What’s at the most virtual studio in Da Nang?

About 3km from the center of Da Nang, Thuan Phuoc Field is a film studio with areas with European and Western contexts. Suitable for you and your friends to come here to take stylish photos.

  • Ticket price: 200,000/person/hour
  • Address: Nguyen Huu An, Nai Hien Dong, Son Tra, Da Nang

Dong Dinh Museum

Checking in to Dong Dinh museum is an activity many people choose when coming to Da Nang

Dong Dinh Museum owns a Kim Bong-style ruong house, natural scenery and historical artifacts. This place is like a memory garden recreating the ancient features, and at the same time blends the conservation of forest ecology with the preservation of culture and art.

  • Address: Tho Quang ward, Son Tra district, near Linh Ung Pagoda

Cu Lao Cham

Snorkeling to see marine life and coral is the most popular activity in Cham Island tour

Cu Lao Cham is a cluster of 8 small islands that was once recognized by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve. Visit Cu Lao Cham, immerse in the ocean world while diving to see the coral reefs under the sea. Location: 30 km from Da Nang

Son Tra Peninsula

Check-in with beautiful river view at Son Tra Peninsula

Both a historical place and a beautiful natural area, Son Tra peninsula is always the choice of many people to visit. This Da Nang tourist destination not only has the scenery but the atmosphere and the food are also extremely worth trying. If you are traveling with your family, you can choose to rent a car from Da Nang to Son Tra – Ngu Hanh Son – Hoi An to both go to many places and be more comfortable.

Linh Ung Pagoda Bai But

Linh Ung Pagoda – Buddha’s realm on earth

Featured with the white statue of Quan Am up to 67m high, 35m wide lotus – one of the largest Buddha statues in Vietnam today. In addition, this is also a destination for those who want to relax amidst nature and tranquility.

  • Address: Son Tra peninsula, Da Nang

Top of the Chess Board

The old man sat playing chess on the top of Son Tra for many years waiting for someone to test his talent. (Source: vietliketravel@ins)

Ban Co Peak on Son Tra Peninsula stands out with the image of a fairy playing chess on the top of the mountain. From the top of Ban Co, you can take in the view of the vibrant and picturesque Da Nang city.

  • Address: Son Tra peninsula, Da Nang

Tien Sa Lighthouse

Tien Sa Lighthouse is a popular tourist destination in Da Nang

Tien Sa Lighthouse is one of the most beautiful ancient lighthouses in Vietnam with a height of over 200m. This is also one of the best places to visit in Da Nang.

  • Address: Tho Quang, Son Tra, Da Nang

Son Tra Tinh Vien

Peace and tranquility at Son Tra Tinh Vien

Nestled on Son Tra peninsula, Son Tra Tinh Vien is like a peaceful little corner with rows of bamboo, bamboo and green garden space for those who want to find tranquility for the soul.

  • Address: Le Van Luong Street, Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra District, City. Danang

Non Nuoc Beach

Enjoy your comfortable moment this summer at Non Nuoc beach bãi

Non Nuoc Beach is 8km southeast of Da Nang city center. Non Nuoc is famous for its pristine beauty, fresh and clean, fine white sand stretching up to 5km, clear blue sea, windy and sunny.

  • Address: Hoa Hai, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang


Marble Mountains – a natural masterpiece full of mystery and attraction,

Ngu Hanh Son is the common name of a landscape consisting of 5 limestone mountains jutting out of the middle of the coastal sandy beach in Da Nang. Marble Mountains include: Kim Son, Moc Son, Thuy Son, Hoa Son and Tho Son. Among those 5 rocky mountains, Thuy Son is the largest, highest and most beautiful limestone mountain, where you will conquer and explore caves with its mysterious legends.

  • Address: Hoa Hai, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang

Burning lawn

The mountain behind and the grass form an extremely beautiful picture

Nestled next to the Marble Mountains, the burning lawn has both a bit of sadness and a romantic look, suitable for taking artistic photos.

  • Address: on the sea route from Da Nang to Hoi An, behind Ngu Hanh Son mountain on the left hand side.

Thuan Phuoc Lighthouse

Thuan Phuoc Lighthouse is a tourist destination in Da Nang to take pictures that you cannot ignore

Thuan Phuoc Lighthouse, although not on a large scale, is a very beautiful sight-seeing and photo-taking spot. From here, you can enjoy watching the sunset, enjoying the wind, or watching the legendary bridges of Da Nang.

  • Address: near Thuan Phuoc bridge on the east bank of the Han River

Da Nang tourist destination at night

Han River

Han River is one of the tourist destinations in Da Nang at night

A cruise on the Han River at night is one of the highlights of Da Nang tourism. You can choose a boat, or ship for dinner, sightseeing. From the Han River you can see the most beautiful bridges in Da Nang and the city view on both sides of the river.

Thuan Phuoc Bridge

Thuan Phuoc Bridge looks similar to the famous San Francisco Bridge.

Thuan Phuoc Bridge has modern architecture and new led technology. This is also one of the 4 most famous bridges in Da Nang that you cannot ignore.

  • Address: Nai Hien Dong, Son Tra, Da Nang

Dragon Bridge

Dragon Bridge – Honoring the EEA Award for the world’s typical architectural works

With a dragon-shaped architecture reaching out to the sea, Dragon Bridge is almost a must-see attraction when coming to Da Nang. In addition, at certain time frames, the Dragon Bridge also “performs” to spray fire and spray water very nicely.

Han River Swing Bridge

The bridge at night seen from the Han River. (Source: duansunrisebaydanag.com)

It is the only revolving bridge currently in operation. Around 23:00 – 24:00 every weekend and around 01:00 to 02:00 am on weekdays, you will witness the operation of the unique rotating bridge in Vietnam.

Tran Thi Ly Bridge

Tran Thi Ly Bridge – a fascinating beauty of Da Nang

In the heart of vibrant Da Nang, Tran Thi Ly Bridge with its cable-stayed system looks like a silk strip crossing the two banks, a unique highlight for the beautiful picture of Da Nang.

Nguyen Van Troi Bridge

Nguyen Van Troi Bridge has a unique and outstanding architecture

The architects have designed the “oldest” bridge on the Han River into a unique and airy space for sightseeing, walking and taking photos.

Hoi An

Lanterns are a “specialty” that only Hoi An has

Located downstream of the Thu Bon River, Hoi An is known for its ancient houses with mossy tiled roofs. You will be immersed in the traditional cultural space of an old town with simple rustic images but exuding the beauty of an old town that is both bustling and peaceful.

Free Da Nang tourist sites

Da Nang Children’s Cultural Palace

Da Nang Children’s Cultural Palace is not only for children but also the number 1 photography spot in Da Nang

Is one of the virtual living corners for young people from all over Da Nang. With unique wall corners and decorations, your photo set will not be complete without the shots here.

  • Address: 2 Phan Dang Luu, Hoa Cuong Bac, Hai Chau, Da Nang

Thousand-year banyan tree

Nature has its own beauty

Also located in Son Tra area, the 1000-year-old banyan tree has luxuriant foliage and is over 20m tall.

  • Address: Son Tra peninsula, Da Nang

Pier of love

The tree of love heart in the heart is also the only light source at night of the bridge. (Source: danang.dulichvietnam)

Located on the east bank of the Han River, with the same central location, the romantic atmosphere of the bridge makes every night here a red valentine’s night. The most prominent are the love heart trees in the heart of the Tau bridge. In particular, couples can also preserve their love by leaving a heart padlock with both names engraved on the bridge.

  • Address: Tran Hung Dao Street, An Hai Trung, Son Tra, Da Nang

Bo Bo pine forest

The pine forest is as beautiful as Da Lat

Quiet with green pine trees, Bo Bo pine forest is a destination for those who want to find nature in the heart of the city.

  • Address: Dien Tien commune, Dien Ban town, Quang Nam, 25km from Da Nang

Dong Xanh – Dong Nghe

Quiet space at Dong Xanh Dong Nghe Lake

Like a watercolor painting with blue as the main color. Dong Xanh Lake – Dong Nghe is a tourist destination in Da Nang for those who want to find a little peace and quiet in the middle of the city.

  • Address: Hoa Khuong commune, Hoa Vang district, 27km from the center of Da Nang

My Son Sanctuary

Ancient and magically beautiful, My Son Sanctuary always attracts all visitors

My Son Sanctuary is the oldest holy site of the ancient Champa kingdom. More than 70 temples are divided into clusters and built thousands of years ago, full of ancient moss and mysterious features.

  • Address: Duy Phu commune, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province, about 69 km from Da Nang city

Ghenh Bang

Ghenh Bang still retains its rare pristine beauty

Ghenh Bang has a coastline of about 2 kilometers, featuring rocks of all shapes and rare wild beauty. Located on the green Son Tra peninsula and about 20 km from the center of Da Nang, you can rent a motorbike from Da Nang to come here.

  • Address: Hoang Sa, Tho Quang, Son Tra, Da Nang

Hoa Trung Lake

Hoa Trung Lake is a popular tourist destination recently

Hoa Trung Lake brings everything you can imagine about peaceful countryside: green mountains, clear water, fresh air and quiet. A rest day here will definitely make you “new” much more.

  • Address: Hoa Lien commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city

Seven-acre coconut forest

A glimpse of the south in the heart of Hoi An – Da Nang

Seven-acre coconut forest or Hoi An coconut forest, located downstream of the Thu Bon River, is a large brackish water area with vast green coconut palms. This place gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the peaceful and relaxing countryside atmosphere.

Da Nang certainly not only brings you beautiful beaches, white sand, golden sunshine, or the quiet, ancient beauty of Hoi town but also makes your vacation more interesting and memorable with memories. unique historical and cultural depth. If you need more information to explore Da Nang, do not hesitate to contact Vinlove.

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