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Highway Yen Ngua is as beautiful as a fairyland on the Son Tra peninsula

Yen Ngua Danang is very beautiful coordination but few people know in Da Nang. This place is as wild as a strange fairyland that was first discovered.

Danang is beautiful and famous is probably too obvious, everyone knows. Referring to this city, one can tell a wide range of beautiful destinations. These include Ba Na Hill, Hoa Trung lake, Han river, Thuan Phuoc bridge, Son Tra peninsula , …

Highway Yen Ngua is as beautiful as a fairyland on the Son Tra peninsula

Da Nang still has many beautiful coordinates waiting for you to explore. Photo: Nv Pink

These are all “familiar faces” coordinates, even tourists who have never been to Da Nang have heard of it. But does Da Thanh have only so many destinations? Are not! Beautiful Da Nang has many interesting and interesting places that not all tourists know.

One of them is Bai Yen Ngua. Photo: Nv Pink

Recently, the beautiful girl Nv Pink has “promoted” a beautiful virtual living place of Da Nang. If you just look at the photo, it would be difficult to know where this is. But there is a wonderful thing that this coordinate possesses a poetic, charming scene like a fairyland.

Fresh and beautiful seascape at Yen Ngua Beach. Photo: Nv Pink

On a summer day of 2020, Nv Pink had a trip to explore the outskirts of the city. She discovered an extremely beautiful beach called Bai Yen Ngua. I do not know where this name comes from, but the scenery is extremely poetic.

It is predicted that these will be hot coordinates in the near future. Photo: Nv Pink

And like many other young people who love to take pictures, Nv Pink has saved many beautiful photos here. Seeing the photos of her friends, everyone thinks about the scene of fairy movies. Because from the seascape to the rocky beach, the lawns are very poetic. Have the opportunity to travel Da Nang, remember to check in this beach.

Traveling to Da Nang, you try to explore Bai Yen Ngua. Photo: Nv Pink

In addition to the beautiful pictures, Nv Pink also does not forget to share the location and guide the way to here. You can refer to the following sharing to save for yourself the most necessary information.Coordinates Yen Ngua Beach Da Nang

Da Nang is famous for many beautiful beaches such as My Khe, Bac My An, Lang Van or Non Nuoc. However, in addition to the above-mentioned beaches, Da Thanh also has a very beautiful and wild coordinate called Bai Yen Ngua.

Bai Yen Ngua is a hot check-in coordinate in the most livable city in Vietnam. Photo: NV Pink

Yen Ngua Da Nang is a place that very few people know even though it is located right next to Bai Da Den tourist area, west of Son Tra peninsula. To reach this beach, visitors pass Thuan Phuoc Bridge, follow Yet Kieu Street and go towards Tien Sa port to arrive.

The beach is located next to Bai Da Den tourist area. Photo: NV Pink

If you travel to Da Nang for the first time, you just use Google Maps with the location as Den Da Den tourist area, then go a little further to find this deserted but extremely beautiful beach. In addition, asking about people is always a wise choice.Fall in love with the wild beauty of Bai Yen Ngua

Vietnam has no shortage of beautiful beaches, but Bai Yen Ngua Da Nang is still easy to “cause love” to visitors thanks to its poetic and wild picture. This place is the combination of small iron stone beach, green lawn and emerald-green sea water off the coast.

Natural and pristine landscape in Bai Yen Ngua Da Nang. Photo: NV Pink

If other beautiful beaches in Da Nang have smooth and flat white sand, Yen Ngua Beach is the complete opposite. There are no sandy beaches here, only high and sharp cliffs. The rocky outcrops look but one table, covering the lush green lawn.

Romantic and romantic scene in Yen Bai Da Nang. Photo: NV Pink

Although there is no sandy beach for visitors to swim in, but in return, there is a relatively large and green lawn here. A fairly flat space covered with small grasses like someone meticulously planted and cared for. Interwoven into the flat grasslands were larger weeds, including wild, tropical ferns.

Here are very unspoiled green lawns. Photo: NV Pink

Up to the present time, very few people know about Bai Yen Ngua Da Nang. But Pink found this coordinate and checked in. Immediately, her friend’s photo series caused fever on the Internet, published by many online newspapers. Just looking at the pictures, you can see how beautiful Yen Ngua Beach is.

This place is peaceful and fresh. Photo: NV Pink

Because it is a little-known destination in Da Nang, Bai Yen Ngua is very deserted. Thanks to that, the natural landscape is fresh and the space is relaxed. This place does not have many people, there is no service at all. All are natural, peaceful and generous heaven and earth.

Coming to Danang Yen Ngua Beach, you can run around on the grass, wander through the rocks or sit on a swing watching the blue sea in front of you. Try to relax your body, try to let your soul wander in the wind, you will see peace in your heart. All fatigue, anxiety will gradually disappear.

Yen Ngua Da Nang beach is the ideal coordinate for virtual living. Photo: NV Pink

In addition to sightseeing and virtual live photography, Bai Yen Ngua is also a great coordinate for picnics or camping. Coming here to set up a tent, do a BBQ party, and at night watch the stars, and sing together are great experiences that you should try once when exploring Danang.

If you come to Bai Yen Ngua Da Nang to take pictures, choose for yourself a poetic outfit. Long maxi dresses combined with beautiful sedge hats help women become sweeter. The boys can wear simple white t-shirts or shirts that are attractive enough.

You can create the style of running around on the grass, sitting on a swing or walking hard on the rocks. However, be careful because the rocks here are quite sharp, not easy to travel. Therefore, you should pay attention if you want to take impressive photos.

Can’t take your eyes off the beauty of the seascape in Bai Yen Ngua. Photo: NV Pink

There is a small note that you should pay attention to is direct sunlight, creating a burning sensation. Therefore, you should come to Bai Yen Ngua Da Nang in the early morning or when it is late to get less sunlight.

If you go camping, go to this beach when the sun is about to set. At this time, you can watch the sunset and avoid strong sunlight Also, don’t forget to bring tents, sheets and umbrellas to make sure you don’t get “black” on some skin tones.

You should come here in the early morning or late afternoon to help relieve the heat. Photo: NV Pink

According to the experience of tourists who have come here, the road to Bai Yen Ngua is quite steep and difficult to go. So you should ride a car for convenience. Near the beach, there will be soldiers to help keep the car for only 10,000 VND. If you do not know the way, you should ask a few for guidance.

In Da Nang, remember to check in Bai Yen Ngua once. Photo: NV Pink

Finally, whether you come to Da Nang Yen Ngua Beach to watch the sea, take pictures or camp, pay attention to keep the hygiene. Absolutely do not litter because this place is beautiful, wild and pure. Let’s join hands to preserve the beauty of Da Nang so that after coming here, tourists can fully feel the beauty of this place.

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