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Traditional dishes have strange variations in Da Nang

You can enjoy duck eggs and quail with young toads, yogurt with a little salt… when coming to Da Nang.

Duck eggs and quails served with young toads

Traditional dishes have strange variations in Da Nang
Photo: @cukhoaiiiiiiii/Instagram

Balut eggs in Da Nang are boiled, when customers order, the owner peels the shell to keep the eggs in a warm cup, served with laksa leaves, salt, and pepper, lemon-like many other localities. However, at some places, diners are also served with a plate of sour food with young toads and papaya, which is crispy, flavorful, and strange, which can be eaten a lot without getting bored.

Fried rice cake

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The cake in Da Nang is eaten like Vung Tau Banh Khot when deep-fried, crispy, not cooked in a foundry like many other places. Rice flour makes cakes mixed with turmeric powder to have a beautiful golden color when fried. Banh Can in central provinces are usually soft, ivory white, fragrant with baked goods, dipped with light braised fish sauce. Particularly, Da Nang can cake is crispy, dipped with a sweet and sour sauce with garlic, chili, a little lemon juice, sugar. The cake is even more attractive when served with shredded papaya, raw vegetables of all kinds such as lettuce, lettuce, baby cabbage…

Salted yogurt

Photo: Linh Sea

This combination seems to be only in Da Nang, making many curious visitors want to try. Yogurt made from condensed milk, yogurt jars, boiling water… when finished, are divided into small frozen jars. Guests who order yogurt are served an extra plate of salt to eat with. Yogurt has a mildly sour taste, soft and smooth, adding salt to make the dish more delicious when enjoying.


Photo: @26ngym_/Instargam

Along with mango, toad, mixed jackfruit, rice paper sandwich as a favorite snack in Da Nang. The way to make sandwiched rice paper is similar to Da Lat’s baked rice paper, there are quite a few types of fillings for guests to choose from such as pate, dried beef, shrimp paste, eggs, squid … add fried onions, green onions, eye-catching spices. Unlike the baked rice paper in other places that use chicken or quail eggs to spread the cake, Da Nang egg rice paper only uses quail eggs and leaves the baked peaches intact to eat with the accompanying dipping sauce.

Seasoned vermicelli with fish sauce

Photo: @cukhoaiiiiiiii/Instagram

In the central provinces, seasoned vermicelli noodles are often eaten with boiled pork, spring rolls, and raw vegetables. Particularly in Da Nang, a perfect version of vermicelli is a combination of crispy roasted pork with sweet and chewy chopped young jackfruit, fresh and cool vegetables, the greasy taste of roasted peanuts, spicy chili sauce, salty taste of seasoning sauce. Diners are also served with a plate of sweet and sour shredded papaya to make the dish more delicious. Follow vnexpress

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