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Pancakes – famous delicious snacks of Da Nang

With just a few simple and easy-to-find ingredients such as rice paper, liver pate, quail eggs… can turn into the famous “play food” of Da Nang and captivate many diners near and far. .

Delicious dishes with rice paper ingredients have long become snacks that make many “foodies” fascinated.

Life is more and more modern with the increasing demand, the snacks from rice paper are also “upgraded” and “varied” with more varieties.

It can be seen that everywhere on the S-shaped strip of land, it is easy to see cars or street vendors selling all kinds of rice paper: which is mixed rice paper, which is dotted rice paper… Especially, It is impossible not to mention the famous rice paper sandwich of Da Thanh.

Pancakes – famous delicious snacks of Da Nang
Pancakes – a favorite snack of “food followers” in Da Nang (Photo: Hong Phuong).
Da Nang sandwiched rice paper is “addicted” to the delicious taste, blending of many “toppings” (Photo: Hong Phuong).

Da Nang rice paper sandwich is actually the name used to refer to the familiar grilled rice paper in different regions, but the ingredients and recipe are somewhat different.

Da Nang sandwiched rice paper has long been remembered by many diners because of its very own crispy, fatty and rich flavor. The main ingredients that make up a delicious sandwich usually include rice paper, quail eggs, green onions, beef jerky,…

The ingredients are somewhat simple, but in order to create a delicious, standard sandwich, the method must also be “professional”.

Pancakes are usually made in two forms: rolls and cakes. However, in any form, baking is also extremely important. The seller must know how to adjust the brazier to fit the fire, and must both fan and turn his hand for the cake to cook evenly.

The small, beautiful cakes, filled with fillings, are baked on a charcoal stove with fragrant flowers on the street corner (Photo: Hong Phuong).
The typical bowls of beef rim sauce are served with rice paper sandwiches (Photo: Khanh Hong).

Ms. Xuan Be (owner of a sandwich shop in Da Nang) shared: “A good, standard sandwich is a medium-cooked cake, not scorched. The outside is hot and crispy, but the inside is still soft and harmonious. Perfectly blended…”

In particular, Da Nang sandwiched rice paper also makes many people fascinated by the “divine” dipping sauce. Rice paper dipping sauce is quite simple, just made from beef jerky or with a little spicy satay also creates a cup of dipping sauce with a very unique flavor.

Only from 5,000-15,000 VND, you will have a delicious plate of rice paper (Photo: Hong Phuong).

Pancakes are inherently a very popular snack, so in Da Nang, there are many shops selling this addictive dish. From the shops on the big street to the rice paper shops “hiding” in the deep valleys, everywhere you can see a lot of diners coming to enjoy and chat, especially young people because this is a delicious and extremely normal dish. people.

Every afternoon, it is not uncommon to see a group of friends/colleagues excitedly invite each other to “Go eat rice paper sandwich?” to relieve hunger and depression after a long day.

All flavors are encapsulated in a full sandwich (Photo: Hong Phuong).
Pancakes – an easy-to-eat, addictive but unforgettable specialty of the land of Da Thanh (Photo: Hong Phuong).

“After a tiring day of studying and working, there’s nothing better than sitting down with friends to chat and enjoy a cheap and delicious food like a sandwich, what’s better than…”, Mr. Quang Phi – expressed by a diner.

The freshly baked rice paper is still hot, crispy, with a little fat of many “toppings” such as pate, quail eggs, onion fat… It makes “food followers” crave and miss it forever.

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