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The fairy beauty at Nam Son Pagoda in Da Nang

Coming to Nam Son Pagoda in Da Nang, visitors from all over the world will have to admire the elaborate and meticulous architecture. True to many compliments, the miniatures inside the temple grounds will be “expensive” pictures to hold the viewer. If you have the opportunity to come to Da Nang, take the time to come here to feel the purity and unique architecture. 

About Nam Son Pagoda in Da Nang 

Nam Son Pagoda Da Nang was built in 1962, located in Cam Nam, Hoa Chau commune, Hoa Vang. The temple was actively built by fellow monk Nguyen Van Chau and many disciples in the village. Over the past 50 years, Nam Son Pagoda has been restored many times. 

The fairy beauty at Nam Son Pagoda in Da Nang
Nam Son Pagoda Da Nang 

The most unique thing about this project is the extremely unique architecture conceived and designed by Venerable Thich Hue Phong. Through many renovations, the current temple has an area of ​​​​about 10,000 m2, which is planned into many areas such as: Phong Sanh pond, Zen Monastery, Assembly hall, parking lot, main hall, guest house, … 

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Move to Nam Son Pagoda in Da Nang 

Starting from the center of Da Nang to move to Nam Son Pagoda will take about 10km. Go along the Dragon Bridge on the 2/9 street, at the intersection of Le Thanh Nghi 2/9, turn to the branch of the road to Xuan Hoa bridge (note not to cross the bridge). Continue to turn right at Thang Long Street, then turn left on An Hoa 9, continue to turn right at Cam Le Bridge. From here, go straight on Pham Hung Street and then turn left onto Nguyen Thu Street. Take a right turn on Mother Thu Street and you will reach Nam Son Pagoda in Da Nang. 

Do not worry too much about the way because the roads are easy to move and have few obstacles. If you want to be active, you can go by motorbike to leisurely admire the scenery on the outskirts of the city and breathe in the fresh air. 

The way to Nam Son pagoda in Da Nang

The pure beauty of Nam Son pagoda 

Coming to Nam Son Pagoda in Da Nang, you think you are lost in a new world, the world of the spiritual realm is extremely sacred and beautiful. Here, there are no negatives of life, worries. From the moment you enter the temple gate, you will feel a strange comfort and peace. 

Entering the temple, visitors will feel the purity 

Nam Son Pagoda appears before your eyes with a very majestic and beautiful scene but no less ancient by the brilliant red lanterns hanging in front of the gate and corridor. All will make you fall in love with a beauty that is both modern and ancient. 

Red lanterns are hung all over the path (Image: kull1001)

Don’t be too hasty to go deep into the temple, just walk slowly and take a closer look at the surrounding scenery because every corner of the temple is a “expensive” image when they are decorated very well. elaborate and meticulous. 

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Meticulous architecture at Nam Son pagoda in Da Nang 

Going all the way outside the gate, visitors will be surprised because right in front of everyone’s eyes is a breathtaking scene. A very monumental image with massive works and unique architecture, in stark contrast to the quiet, idyllic space that you have just seen and felt in the area outside the gate. With a large area, Nam Son Pagoda in Da Nang has many magnificent works. 

The architecture in the temple is very unique 

Most of the houses in the Nam Son pagoda in Da Nang are painted with gold paint, the details are elaborately carved with bold oriental culture. The most prominent feature here is the main hall, which is built with the three-room architectural style that is very popular in the North, mixed with the layout similar to the Hue Royal Palace. In front of the altar, there is a majestic and majestic Buddha image, on both sides are two Dharma protectors representing the guardians of the Three Jewels. 

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Viewed from above, the whole temple looks like a fairy place with many towers and floors placed in correlation, not causing confusion like in many other places. Blending with these architectures is a very lively surrounding landscape with green lakes, lush trees,… All create a unique and beautiful picture in the world. It will make visitors fascinated and want to stay for a long time, not wanting to leave anymore. 

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Another special thing that you should not miss is watching the vast, green Phong Sanh lake with fish swimming around. Along with that is the sound of water murmuring day and night as if it is watering, cleansing the soul, making you become extremely pure and high. Then you will no longer have to worry and worry about life out there. In the soul, there is only comfort, peace, drifting to the music at the Buddha’s door. 

Standing by the side of Phong Sanh Pagoda

Wandering the garden area at Nam Son pagoda in Da Nang , visitors not only enjoy a beautiful space, green scenery but also encounter many teachings of Buddha. Buddha always reminds us to live ethically. At that time, you will have the right view of life and learn many valuable lessons for yourself. 

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Note when coming to Nam Son Pagoda in Da Nang 

  • Nam Son Pagoda Da Nang does not charge any service fees for visitors to visit. So if you come to visit the temple, sightseeing, you should not bring a lot of money. 
  • The road from Da Nang city to the temple is quite easy and convenient, but to ensure safety, drive carefully, pay attention to the turns to avoid danger. 

When entering the temple, you will not be charged any additional fees 

Every weekend, Nam Son Pagoda in Da Nang becomes crowded, with people from many places flocking here to find their own peace of mind and get rid of the chaos and worries in life. 

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