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The scenery of Phat Da Ha Tien Pagoda – a unique old brick kiln temple

Phat Da Ha Tien Pagoda is a famous spiritual place attracting tourists to visit and worship today. The temple has unique ancient architecture, and a little bit of modernity, and is specially built on the foundation of an old brick kiln, becoming an attractive destination for tourists from all over the world when coming to Kien Giang .

Where is Phat Da Pagoda in Ha Tien? 

Phat Da Pagoda, also known as Lo Gach Pagoda, is located at Mac Cuu Street, Ha Tien City, Kien Giang. The temple attracts visitors with its unique architecture, especially the old brick kiln that Buddhists everywhere admire. After many restorations, Ha Tien Phat Da Pagoda has its present appearance.

The scenery of Phat Da Ha Tien Pagoda – a unique old brick kiln temple
Phat Da Pagoda is a famous spiritual place attracting tourists in Ha Tien

According to Ha Tien people, the land where Phat Da pagoda was built before was an abandoned old brick kiln. In 1945, the pagoda was built with a small area and was called Chi Hoa vihara. In the beginning, the vihara was built simply and roofed with leaves. In particular, the pagoda still uses the old brick kiln to make a place of worship and chanting, which is why it is called Lo Gach pagoda. 

Experiencing the ups and downs of history, Phat Da Pagoda was destroyed and damaged by war. Later, it was repaired by Kien Giang Buddhist Association and under the reign of Venerable Thich Hue Tam, the pagoda was changed to Phat Da Pagoda.

The temple has a spacious campus and beautiful scenery that attracts visitors

How to get to Ha Tien Phat Da Pagoda?

Phat Da Ha Tien Pagoda is only 1km from the city center, so visitors can easily move to this temple by various means. From Ha Tien bus station, you go in the direction of September 2nd -> to To Chau bridge -> continue to go a bit to the 28th street -> turn into 28th street -> go a little further and you will see Phat Da pagoda on the side. left hand. 

If going from the city center. The nearest Ha Tien you can follow the route Pham Van Ky and the 28th street about 5 minutes to Ha Tien Phat Da Pagoda . Or you can walk to the temple just a few minutes by following directions from Google Maps.

How to move to Phat Da Pagoda from the city center Ha Tien

Admire the architecture and sightseeing at Lo Gach Pagoda 

Lo Gach Pagoda in Ha Tien stands out with its gray tones and has an extremely majestic architecture. This temple was built on a large ground and planted with many ancient trees, which makes the space even purer. In terms of overall architecture, Phat Da Pagoda was built into many categories such as: Ancestral Church, main hall, Tay Lang, Dong Lang, Sangha room and Truong Phuong house.

Beautiful and peaceful scenery at Buddha Temple

Perhaps the most attractive thing when visiting Phat Da Ha Tien pagoda is the main hall built on a unique brick kiln. Inside the main hall is impressively designed with the image of a Bodhisattva holding a staff. The statue placed in the brick kiln has the meaning of the Tripitaka, who, after consulting sutras in the West, attained enlightenment and became a Bodhisattva.

The Buddha statue is located in the outdoor campus of the Buddha Temple

The campus of Phat Da Pagoda has a large old tree with a diameter of up to 1.5m. Surrounded by luxuriant branches and roots growing in front, making the space more dignified and sacred. That makes the scene in the temple more quiet than ever.

The pagoda was built on the foundation of the old brick kiln to attract visitors

Visiting Phat Da Pagoda in Ha Tien, visitors will be able to burn incense to pray for luck and peace for the family. Take a walk around the temple to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and dispel all the troubles of daily life.

Inside the old brick kiln is a majestic statue of Buddha and Bodhisattva holding a staff

Popular tourist attractions near Buddha Temple

Phat Da Pagoda is located very close and convenient when moving to some famous attractions in Kien Giang such as: 

– Mac Cuu Tomb Relic (located at the foot of Binh San Mountain, Binh San Ward, Ha Tien City): Visiting this famous relic in Ha Tien, visitors will learn about Mac Cuu’s mausoleum and temple and 59 tombs of the Mac family here. Mac Cuu was the one who openly discovered the land of Ha Tien and his mausoleum became a tourist attraction when having the opportunity to come to Ha Tien. 

– Tam Bao Pagoda (Su Thien An Street in Rach Gia City): This is the place to keep precious wooden Buddha statues and cultural and historical values ​​of Kien Giang. Visiting Tam Bao Pagoda, visitors will admire the unique architecture, sightseeing and relax the soul.

Combine visiting Phat Da Pagoda and Tam Bao Pagoda

Notes when visiting Phat Da Pagoda in Ha Tien 

“Pocket” the necessary notes when visiting Lo Gach pagoda in Ha Tien below:

– Lo Gach Pagoda is a sacred place of Buddha, so when sightseeing you should dress politely and dignified. 

– Do not arbitrarily break branches, climb, touch the Buddha statue when visiting the temple. 

– If you want to film or take pictures at Phat Da Pagoda, visitors need to ask the temple management board in advance. 

– The pagoda has very beautiful scenery, so you can bring your camera to take pictures. 

– The temple is open on all days of the week for tourists from all over the world to visit. 

If you are a lover of discovering spiritual places, visit Phat Da Ha Tien Pagoda to admire the scenery, pray for fortune and good luck when you have the opportunity! 

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