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Surprised by the enchanting beauty of Ha Tien in the West Coast

With a beautiful landscape, Ha Tien attracts millions of tourists every year, ranking second in Kien Giang province (after Phu Quoc).

A corner of Ha Tien city seen from To Chau mountain. Photo of Hoang Gia

In 2018, Ha Tien welcomed 2.6 million visitors. In the first 10 months of 2019, Ha Tien welcomed over 2.3 million visitors. The number of visitors to Ha Tien is quite stable, the next year is about 10% higher than the previous year. This is the second most popular tourist destination in Kien Giang province (after Phu Quoc).

“I always remember one afternoon stopping to visit the dreamland. Ha Tien loves to be as beautiful as a poetic land, far away I still remember”…

The famous lyrics of “Ha Tien” by musician Minh Ky over the years always make listeners sob. Ha Tien used to go into poetry, music, and painting, a beautiful land many people want to find and discover.

Ha Tien is also very famous for its charming “cross scenes”, such as: Thach Dong, Da Dung, Mui Nai, Dong Ho lagoon, Binh San mountain…

Thach Dong – a famous landscape of Ha Tien land. Thach Dong is a giant limestone block, with an altitude of about 48m, located close to Highway 80, 3 km from the center of Ha Tien town to the northwest. Currently, this place attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Ha Tien town officially became Ha Tien city at the end of 2018. This city is located along the peaceful To Chau river, surrounded by deep blue mountains.

Mui Nai is the most famous destination in Ha Tien. The beach here has just been covered with artificial fine white sand (instead of alluvial sand-like before). When completed, the Mui Nai landscape renovation project promises to bring a new beauty to Mui Nai and Ha Tien land.

Da Dung is about 6 km from the center of Ha Tien town, with an altitude of nearly 100 m. Called Da Dung mountain because the rocks here stand up like a cliff. The scenery of rocks and mountains, caves in the charming sky and clouds make this place a favorite of many tourists and often come to visit in their travel journey.

The young city of Ha Tien in the sunset.

Thach Dong has many mysterious caves and rock niches, attracting the attention and discovery of visitors.

Mac Cuu Tomb is located at the foot of Binh San Mountain, which marks the life and career of Duc Khai, the town of Mac Cuu, who openly claimed the ancient land of Ha Tien.

The quiet and pure beauty of a temple on the slopes of Suzhou mountain.

The urban area encroaching on the sea of ​​Ha Tien makes the appearance of the city more and more modern.

Ha Tien city reflects on the water of To Chau in the sunset

Coming to Ha Tien, visitors can immerse themselves in the space of mountains and vast fields of water.

Dong Ho is a saltwater lagoon, about 14 km2 wide, located in the east of Ha Tien town. Ha Tien’s famous natural beauty has entered poetry for hundreds of years through the work “Ha Tien Thap Canh” by Mac Thien Tich, called “Dong Ho An Nguyet”.
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