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Summary of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Kien Giang, go and don’t want to return

The tourist destination in Kien Giang attracts visitors with sea paradises, beautiful archipelagos, and diverse ecosystems that bring many interesting experiences. So which are the places to visit in Kien Giang that you already know? Please refer to the following article. 

The most famous tourist attractions in Kien Giang 

Let’s explore the most beautiful and popular tourist destinations in Kien Giang below:            

1. Sea paradise – Phu Quoc pearl island    

First of all, Phu Quoc pearl island is always the top tourist attraction in Kien Giang. Phu Quoc Island is famous for its beautiful beaches, unique primeval forests and historical sites. With a cool climate all year round, so you can travel to Phu Quoc at any time. 

Traveling to Phu Quoc, tourists will enjoy relaxing and relaxing with beautiful beaches such as: Bai Dai, Bai Khem, Bai Sao, Bai Truong, Hon Ban, Hon Mong Tay… participate in attractive recreational games on the sea. In particular, exploring the beautiful pearl island, you can not ignore interesting experiences such as scuba diving to see corals, squid fishing, fishing, … Besides, coming to Phu Quoc, visitors also have the opportunity to learn about customs and habits, traditional craft villages, visit historical sites here. 

Summary of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Kien Giang, go and don’t want to return
Pearl island paradise Phu Quoc. Photo: dulichchat        

2. Nam Du archipelago is wild, beautiful and charming  

Referring to the most beautiful tourist destinations in Kien Giang, it is impossible to ignore the beautiful Nam Du archipelago – dubbed the “Maldives of Vietnam”. Nam Du includes all 21 large and small islands as beautiful as a picture in the heart of the Gulf of Thailand. With poetic, peaceful natural scenery and clear blue water, Nam Du Island is always the first choice of many tourists when coming to Kien Giang. 

The most beautiful beaches in Nam Du island must be Dat Do and Men beach. Visiting these two sea paradises, you will admire the crystal clear seawater that can see the bottom, white sand, and soaring coconut trees. One of the interesting experiences that you should not miss when coming to Nam Du island is scuba diving to see corals, experience the life of a fisherman, and visit a fishing village on the sea. In addition, the beautiful Nam Du island is also famous for fresh seafood that you should not miss such as cobia, blue crab, grouper, blue bonefish…  

Nam Du Islands are beautiful and charming. Photo: ivivu

3. Explore the Pirate Islands 

Where should Kien Giang tourism go? If you are looking for a beautiful and unspoiled beach resort in Kien Giang, you cannot ignore Hai Tac Island. This place was once associated with the story of a band of robbers that once raged here. Although not as beautiful and famous as Phu Quoc or Nam Du, but at Hai Tac Island, the sea water is very clear and less affected by humans, suitable for a quiet resort. 

Exploring Kien Giang Pirate Island, visitors will be able to relax with beautiful Coconut Beach, take a cool bath, go for a walk and experience scuba diving to see corals. In addition, visitors can go to catch crabs, snails or fish in the rocky areas around Hai Tac Island. Seafood in Hai Tac sea area is considered as fresh and delicious with reasonable price, which is loved by many tourists.

Explore the Pirate Islands. Photo: chudu24

4. Ba Lua Islands – Ba Hon Dam  

The next tourist attractions in Kien Giang that attract tourists must be the Ba Lua – Ba Hon Dam archipelago. Ba Lua archipelago is loved by many tourists with beautiful clusters of large and small islands such as: Hon Gieng, Hon Duong, Hon Lon. This is called Ba Hon Dam owning a charming and picturesque natural setting in Ba Lua archipelago. With the location next to each other, so visitors can easily move by road from one island to another. 

Exploring Ba Lua archipelago, visitors will be immersed in relaxation with cool water, experience catching fresh seafood and experience fishing activities like a real fisherman. In particular, visitors can stay at the fisherman’s house living on the island and have the opportunity to learn about their life. In the morning you can wake up early to admire the beautiful sunrise from Ba Lua archipelago and not forget to live a beautiful virtual life as a souvenir for the trip. 

Ba Lua Islands – Ba Hon Dam. Photo: vntraveller

5. Tho Chu Island – the ‘raw gem’ of Kien Giang 

This beautiful island in Kien Giang is also known as Tho Chau island, in the southern sea of ​​Phu Quoc. What attracts visitors when coming to this beautiful island is the inherent unspoiled beauty that nowhere else can be found. Not only is it significant in terms of tourism, Tho Chu Island is also known as a strictly managed military base and visitors must comply with its own regulations when visiting. 

It is difficult to describe the beauty of Tho Chu Island, which is clear blue sea, fine white sand, soaring coconut trees, colorful coral reefs and fresh seafood. Famous places that you should not miss when exploring Tho Chu island are Hon Xanh, Hon Nhan,… Although the journey to Tho Chu island is quite arduous, visitors will be extremely surprised. before the beautiful scenery here. 

Snorkeling to see corals on Tho Chu island. Photo: nucuoimekong

6. Hon Son – ‘Vietnamese version of Hawaii’

Hon Son is a famous tourist destination in Kien Giang that every tourist wants to explore once. Hon Son is also known as Hon Son Rai, the reason for its name is because in the past this area was inhabited by many species of otters. The wild beauty and charm of Hon Son is always a favorite destination of tourists when they have the opportunity to come to Kien Giang. Surrounding Hon Son is the winding road around the island on the coast, with soaring green coconut groves that are loved by many tourists. 

Discovering the beauty of Hon Son Kien Giang, visitors cannot ignore beautiful beaches such as Bac Beach, Nha Beach, Hoang Beach, Thien Tue Beach, and colorful coral reefs in the 3-storey Doc area. , Da Bang. One of the experiences that attracts visitors when coming to Hon Son is, waking up early in the morning to watch the romantic sunrise from the top of Ma Thien Lanh. Or visit famous places such as: Hai Son Pagoda, Ba Chu Temple, Than Lai Son communal house,… 

Hon Son – “Hawaii Vietnamese version”. Photo: canthomekongtour

7. Ha Tien  

Ha Tien land is endowed by nature with lyrical and poetic beauty. If you have the opportunity to visit Ha Tien, Kien Giang, you cannot ignore the famous Mui Nai place with beautiful caves and rocky mountains. Besides, there are also beautiful landscapes in Mui Nai such as Tam Bao Pagoda, Dong Ho lagoon, Mac Cuu mausoleum, Chong island, Xa Xia pagoda. One of the interesting experiences that you should not miss when coming to Ha Tien is to enjoy all kinds of fresh seafood at the night market and admire the beautiful scenery by the Giang Thanh River.

In addition, Ha Tien tourism is also famous for its unique culture with famous festivals throughout the year attracting visitors. Surely this promises to be an ideal tourist destination in Kien Giang that you should not miss in your upcoming trip.      

Check-in Ha Tien. Photo: Cattour

8. U Minh Thuong National Park   

The last stop in the journey to discover the beautiful scenery of Kien Giang is U Minh Thuong national forest. This is a place to preserve rare animal species and a mangrove ecosystem with an area of ​​​​up to 3000 hectares. If you are looking for an ecotourism destination and beautiful scenery from nature, this is the ideal destination. 

Exploring U Minh Thuong National Forest, you can rent a boat to go for a walk to admire the unique trees, Melaleuca forest, and many kinds of precious birds and animals. Besides, what attracts visitors to U Minh Thuong is a lot of delicious specialties such as grilled fish, fish salad, wild fish hot pot… 

U Minh Thuong National Park. Photo: khbvptr

Above is a list of the most beautiful and famous tourist destinations in Kien Giang today. Hope to help you choose for yourself the most favorite destinations when you plan to visit and relax in the beautiful land of Kien Giang. See more: Kien Giang travel experience

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