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Beautiful check-in places in Nam Du with a good view for virtual believers

Coming to the beautiful check-in locations in Nam Du, visitors can not only enjoy virtual living but also admire the natural scenery like a paradise. So which are the places on Nam Du island? Let’s find out in detail through the following article!

Beautiful check-in places in Nam Du

The beautiful scenery of Nam Du island is known as “the Maldives of Vietnam: with more than 21 beautiful large and small islands like paradise. Here are the beautiful check-in places in Nam Du that are loved and chosen by many tourists. Select current:

1. Nam Du Lighthouse 

First of all, Nam Du lighthouse is a famous place in this beautiful island. Nam Du lighthouse located on the top of Hon Lon is currently the highest lighthouse in our country 308m above sea level. When standing on the top of the lighthouse, visitors will admire the beautiful panorama of Nam Du archipelago. In particular, the road leading to the lighthouse has a very beautiful scenery with both sides of the road are verdant trees and romantic yellow leaves, ideal for virtual living.

Nam Du Lighthouse is a famous virtual living place in Nam Du. Photo: ivivu

Virtual living corner as beautiful as paradise at Nam Du lighthouse. Photo: ivivu

2. Hon Nom  

Taking beautiful pictures in Nam Du Island can not ignore the very famous Hon Nom. Hon Nom’s main area is rocky mountains, which attracts tourists with wild and extremely romantic scenery. Coming to Hon Nom, visitors will admire the beautiful scenery like a paradise, delight in beautiful check-in and enjoy all kinds of fresh seafood dishes.

Beautiful check-in places in Nam Du with a good view for virtual believers
Check-in beautiful scenery at Hon Nom, Nam Du island. Photo: ivivu

Enjoy beautiful scenery, relax and take pictures at Nom island. Photo: ivivu

3. Bai Cay Men    

Bai Cay Men , a beautiful check-in place in Nam Du, is famous for its beautiful unspoiled seascape. Coming to Cay Men beach, visitors will admire the fine white sand, soaring coconut trees and beautiful romantic blue sea. The most attractive thing for tourists when coming to Cay Men beach is watching the beautiful romantic sunrise and sunset.

Check-in at Cay Men beach in Nam Du island. Photo: vietfuntravel

Take a walk on the beach and admire the beautiful scenery. Photo: vinpearl

4. Hon Mau  

This is the home of more than 120 fishing households, coming to Mau island, visitors will admire the beautiful and peaceful sea. Hon Mau has a large area with 200 hectares owning a beautiful natural landscape that fascinates people. Coming to Hon Mau, visitors will learn about the life of the people in the fishing village, take a scenic walk and live virtual.

Take pictures with the bird’s nest at Hon Mau Nam Du. Photo: ivivu

Enjoy playing on the sand and taking pictures. Photo: ivivu

5. Hon Ngang          

If you still do not know where to take the most beautiful photos in Nam Du Island, Hon Ngang is a suggestion that you can refer to. Hon Ngang is famous for its clear blue beach, fine white sand and clean sea water. In particular, Hon Ngang has large rocks with strange shapes stacked on top of each other to create a beautiful natural picture.

Hon Ngang is famous for its large rocks of all shapes stacked on top of each other. Photo: dulichkhampha24

Live a beautiful virtual life in the middle of a beautiful beach. Photo: vietgiaitri

6. Thao Thuong Camp   

It would be a big mistake to mention the beautiful check-in places in Nam Du and ignore Thao Thuong Camp. This place is known as the outstanding mini “rainbow village” in the middle of the beautiful Nam Du island. Thao Thuong Camp attracts visitors with bungalows with unique design and close to nature. Coming to Thao Thuong Camp, visitors will enjoy a memorable vacation and enjoy virtual living beautiful pictures with sunrise or angle from bungalows.

Thao Thuong Camp is a beautiful virtual paradise in Nam Du. Photo: dulichvietnam

A destination that attracts young people to visit and live virtual in Nam Du. Photo: gtop

7. Soi Beach  

Bai Soi Beach is a famous resort on Nam Du island built with bamboo, wood and leaves that is both wild and close to nature. Coming to Soi Beach, visitors will admire the beautiful beaches, admire the romantic scenery and experience scuba diving to see the coral. Bai Soi Beach is not only a resort paradise loved by couples, but also possesses excellent background corners.

Bai Soi Beach resort paradise in Nam Du island. Photo: palace

Take pictures with the swing at Bai Soi Beach in Nam Du. Photo: gody

8. Humiso . tourist area    

The next beautiful place to take pictures in Nam Du that you can refer to isfamous Humiso tourist area . This is a resort complex with a large area of ​​more than 80,000 m2, it has the most beautiful long coastline in Nam Du island. Coming to this famous tourist area, visitors will enjoy choosing the most beautiful virtual living corners and enjoy the most complete vacation with their loved ones. 

Humiso tourist area is famous for its beautiful bungalows. Photo: datxuyenviet

Virtual living paradise fascinates visitors. Photo: halotravel

How to move to Nam Du Island conveniently? 

Besides the beautiful check-in places in Nam Du above, you can also refer to how to move to this island in detail according to the instructions below:

Departure from Saigon 

Saigon is about 250km from Nam Du Island, the most convenient way to get to this island is by bus. You can refer to the bus companies with schedules from Saigon to Rach Gia at the Western bus station such as Tuyet Hon, Phuong Trang, Kumho Samco, Dieu Gia… The bus price ranges from 150,000 VND to 170,000 VND. Travel time by bus is about 7 hours. 

From Rach Gia 

Traveling to Nam Du island, you can also take a speedboat to Nam Du island. Travel time is about 2 hours. Every day, there is a high-speed train scheduled to move to Hon Lon. Train time runs from 8h15 to 12h15. You can take the high-speed train Ho Hai, Superdong, Ngoc Thanh… The train price fluctuates at 440,000 VND/round-trip ticket. 

Travel by boat from Rach Gia wharf to Nam Du island

Means of transportation in Nam Du island 

Regarding means of transportation on Nam Du island, you have many different choices such as: Rent a boat or a fisherman’s boat. If you want to actively travel, you can rent a motorbike at a motel or hotel with prices ranging from 150,000 VND to 200,000 VND to freely explore the beautiful scenery on the island. 

Hopefully with the suggestions of beautiful check-in places in Nam Du above will help you own beautiful photos to make memories and post on facebook! Refer to more detailed Nam Du tourism information. 

Photo : Internet

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