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Explore Hon Lon lighthouse Nha Trang – the oldest “eye of the sea” of Vietnam

Standing quietly by Nha Trang Bay, Hon Lon Lighthouse is like a guardian who preserves the country’s sacred waters; checking-in in the oldest “eye of the sea” in Vietnam is always an interesting journey for any believer. What displacement. 

If you love to explore, then surely Hon Lon lighthouse of Nha Trang will be a destination that makes you feel excited. This lighthouse is not only famous for its 130-year history, but at an altitude of 100m above sea level; this place is also the perfect check-in coordinate for you to enjoy the magical ink painting in your heart Nha Trang bay.

Explore Hon Lon lighthouse Nha Trang – the oldest “eye of the sea” of Vietnam

Hon Lon Lighthouse is a beautiful little-known destination in Nha Trang. Photo: Diem Quyen

Hon Lon Lighthouse – ‘guardian of the sea’ by Nha Trang Bay 

Hon Lon Lighthouse is located in Nha Trang Bay on Hon Tre Island. The lighthouse was built in 1890 and is one of the oldest lighthouses in Vietnam. The lighthouse is located at an altitude of 102m above sea level, so it has an impressive view. 

This is one of the oldest lighthouses in Vietnam. Photo: Ngoc Nam
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Hon Lon Lighthouse is located on a very typical French architecture building. The building of the lighthouse station is 750m2, especially the 16m2 high light tower is painted in two main colors, white and black. It is known that the light of Hon Lon lighthouse can reach as far as 26 nautical miles, or about 47km. With the main task of ensuring maritime safety, lighting to help ships pass through Nha Trang Bay and neighboring waters, this lighthouse is likened to a “guide” standing tall on the coast. 130 years ago. 

The lighthouse is located on a building with French architecture, painted in black and white. Photo: Youtube/Bien Pham

The lighthouse is located on the beach, facing Nha Trang Bay. Photo: Tago

Visit Hon Lon lighthouse Nha Trang, from the top of the light tower; visitors can comfortably zoom out and admire the beautiful scenery of the surrounding sea with outstanding places such as Hon Noi, Hon Ngoai. In front of the lighthouse is Hon Mun, Hon Ngoc, in the back is Hon Tre. The charming natural scenery, dotted with busy boats in Nha Trang Bay, makes us even more fascinated.

Beautiful view from the lighthouse area. Photo: Diem Quyen

The stunningly beautiful view will make you fall in love. Photo: Diem Quyen

Guide to Hon Lon lighthouse 

To get to Hon Lon lighthouse Nha Trang, from the city center, move to Cau Da Wharf, then take a supply train belonging to the South Central Coastal Safety Company to the bay. After traveling about 2 hours, the ship will arrive at Bich Dam island in Hon Tre cluster. From here, you will continue to go to the top of the island through a small trail with a length of 4km; at the top of the island is where Hon Lon lighthouse is located.

To get to Hai Dang from Cau Da port, you move to Bich Dam island. Photo: Ngoc Nam

The road leading to the mountain where the lighthouse is 4km long. Photo: dulich24h

Although the journey is quite long and will make you lose strength on hot days, surely the moment you stand at Hon Lon lighthouse, let your soul follow the winds and admire the wonderful scenery of Nha Trang sea. Looking at the majestic mountains and forests with diverse ecosystems, high sky, wide sea, immense green mountains will be the moment when all fatigue disappears.

You will forget all your fatigue when you are immersed in the wonderful nature seen from the lighthouse. Photo: Travelmag

 When coming to Hon Lon lighthouse, remember to bring sun protection equipment, water to use, and don’t forget a small tent to rest because there are almost no tourist services on the island. In addition, even though you are fascinated by the beautiful scenery, you should also remember to watch the time to go to the marina and return to the mainland.

Check-in Hon Lon lighthouse is a challenging journey, but along with it is the pride and excitement that surely any traveling devotee lucky enough to experience will remember Hon Lon lighthouse forever. So big will be the first destination on anyone’s youth travel map.

Photo: Internet 

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