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Come to Bai Nom Cam Ranh to snorkel and enjoy lobsters

Bai Nom Cam Ranh is one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches on Binh Ba island. This place has made many visitors when they arrive to admire the poetic scenery, the clear seawater, and the colorful coral reefs.

Introduction about Cam Ranh Nom beach 

Bai Nom belongs to Binh Ba Island, belongs to Cam Binh Commune, City. Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa. This is the largest beach on the island and is loved by tourists because the seawater here is very clean, and at the same time, tourism services are developed on the island. In recent years, Bai Nom has developed strongly and has become a new tourist paradise of Cam Ranh. 

Nom beach on Binh Ba island (Photo: doantrang_2)
(Photo: ngbaoanh_)

How to move to Nom beach Cam Ranh? 

You start moving from Ba Ngoi scene to Binh Ba island and then to Bai Nom Cam Ranh. You have 2 options: canoe or train. If you go by canoe, the fare is about 100k/person with a travel time of about 15 minutes. 

Come to Bai Nom Cam Ranh to snorkel and enjoy lobsters
Boats and canoes are two means of moving to Nom beach in Cam Ranh 
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Interesting activities at Nom beach Cam Ranh 

Admire the wild beauty of Nom beach

Bai Nom Cam Ranh is a very beautiful natural beach, especially close to residential areas. This place is currently being invested by the government to develop tourism to attract many tourists to visit. Standing from a distance, Nom beach appears as a picture that is both majestic and charming with the perfect harmony of the sea and the mountains. 

Nom beach is surrounded by green mountains (Photo: phmanhthu_)

The mountain with its tall shape looks like a muscular man spreading his arms to embrace the sea. And the ocean seems to be shy, shy, nestled against the mountain. Traveling to Cam Ranh, you should not miss this place. 

(photo: litivivu)

Sunbathing, swimming in the sea 

Bai Nom Cam Ranh is one of the most favorite beaches of tourists on Binh Ba island because of its calm waves, calm sea, very safe, especially when traveling with young children. The space here is very peaceful and private, suitable for you to relax, immerse yourself in nature, and dive into the sea. 

The seawater here is clear to see the bottom 
(Photo: ngocdiepstagram)

Dive and see coral

When you come to Binh Ba Nom beach , you can use the scuba diving service to see the coral. The coral reefs on the ocean floor at Nom beach are considered to be of great value in terms of marine ecology as well as tourism. 

Dive and see coral 

Enjoy Lobster

On Binh Ba Island, there are many attractive seafood species that make many delicious and nutritious dishes. The most prominent here is the lobster with firm, delicious meat that brings an irresistible ocean flavor. Visitors can ask the locals to cook or prepare them on the spot. 

Lobster is the most famous specialty in Nom beach, Binh Ba 

Some beautiful beaches near Nom beach Cam Ranh 

Sa Huynh Beach

Sa Huynh beach on Binh Ba island has an impressive natural beauty that makes many tourists admire it. This is also the paradise of many natural coral species. This beach is shaped like a piece of the crescent moon, with fine sand embracing the clear blue water. In particular, on both sides of the beach, there are rows of ancient rhinestones with many shapes and colors. 

Sa Huynh Beach 

Bai Chuong

Bai Chuong attracts tourists with its poetic and peaceful beauty. Coming here, you can not only swim and sunbathe but also learn about fishing village life with fishing activities. The sunrise at Bai Chuong is extremely beautiful, bringing visitors lightness and peace. 

Bai Chuong (Photo: nah.le)

Old House Beach

Bai Nha Cu is a clear and clean beach on Binh Ba island. Because there are many rocks along the coast, it is not possible to swim. However, in return, visitors will have the opportunity to admire many brilliant coral species lying open, without having to dive too deep. 

Old House Beach (Photo: lollyhae)

Bai Nom Cam Ranh is currently emerging as one of the attractive destinations in the journey of Khanh Hoa tourism and exploring Binh Ba island. Come here to immerse yourself in the beautiful natural scenery or dive into the brilliant coral reefs. 

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