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Bich Dam Island Nha Trang – a peaceful fishing village that ‘catches the heart’ of tourists

If you are looking for a peaceful space to relax your soul, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then Bich Dam Nha Trang Island is a great choice. In addition to the peaceful scenery and fresh air, the scenery here is not inferior to the outstanding tourist attractions in Nha Trang . 

About Bich Dam Island Nha Trang 

Bich Dam Island is  located in Hon Tre island cluster of Vinh Nguyen, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa and is the farthest island of Nha Trang. 

Bich Dam Island Nha Trang – a peaceful fishing village that ‘catches the heart’ of tourists
Bich Dam Island Nha Trang (Photo: odaoshou)

The origin of the name Bich Dam Nha Trang island comes from the location of the island in the middle of year-round water with emerald green color. This place is famous for its rare desolate beauty because it has not been exploited by humans for tourism. 

(Photo: tanya_livewell)
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Move to Bich Dam Island Nha Trang

From Nha Trang city center, move to Cau Da port, this is the only place where there is a boat to go to the island. This distance is more than 5km long and takes about 10 minutes to travel. From Cau Da port to Bich Dam Nha Trang island , visitors need to take the only train that departs at 11:30. With about 2 hours floating on the sea, you will arrive at this unspoiled island. From Bich Dam island, you need to take a train departing at 6am to return to the mainland. 

This is the only means of transportation to the island 

Interesting experiences in Bich Dam Nha Trang island 

Unlike the hustle and bustle of Hon Tre Island, Bich Dam Nha Trang Island possesses a quiet space with more than 100 households living. The tourism industry here has not yet been strongly developed, so it retains the rare wildness and nature. 

Go to the beach 

Bich Dam Island Nha Trang has a very beautiful beach, clear and clean water. Unlike other islands in Nha Trang, the island here possesses a clear turquoise blue color. There is nothing more wonderful than being immersed in the cool water, playing with colorful small fish and admiring the magical nature of the mountains, sea, sky, and earth. 

Not to be missed the beach bathing experience (Photo: rubyhtk)

Explore Bich Dam fishing village

Bich Dam is the name of a fishing village that is very famous for its quietness. Prominent in the picture of the peaceful sea are boats and basket boats running along with the coast and cage houses for shrimp farming. Strolling around the island, enjoying the cool sea breeze, and discovering the peaceful and idyllic beauty will be great experiences for visitors when visiting this fishing village. 

The idyllic beauty of Bich Dam fishing village 

Coming to Bich Dam village, visitors can also try their hand at fishing using the traditional net method. Tools include 5 types of nets: cutting nets, back nets, gabion nets, fly nets, coated nets and draw nets. You will have the opportunity to become a real fisherman when you make your own embankment and lead. drop anchor to hold the net, cast the net to catch fish,…. 

Boats moored on the island 

Admire Bich Son Pagoda

Bich Son Tu is one of the beautiful spiritual landscapes that you cannot forget to visit when coming to Bich Dam island, Nha Trang . The space here is very peaceful to help visitors calm down and forget all their troubles.

Visiting Bich Son Temple 

Admire the fishing village from Gieng Mon mountain 

To see Bich Dam village from above, go to Gieng Mon mountain. Along the coast, go through the rocks to reach this mountain. Standing from the top of the mountain, with a wide view, you will see a picture of a very peaceful fishing village, surrounded by an eye-catching blue of the sea, sky and forest. Surely that beauty will make you fall in love forever. 

Mountains, sky and sea become one 

Admire Hon Lon lighthouse

Follow the path straight into the forest about 5km deep, you will come to Hon Lon lighthouse. On the way to the lighthouse, you will be immersed in the unspoiled nature with the chirping of birds. This is also considered one of the oldest lighthouses in our country, dating back more than 100 years. 

The road to get here is a bit far and difficult to go, but once you get there, you will see a very worthy result. From Hon Lon lighthouse, you can see the whole charming Nha Trang Bay. That vast and magnificent scene will make you admire speechless. 

Hon Lon Lighthouse 

What to eat when coming to Bich Dam Nha Trang island?

Coming to Bich Dam Nha Trang Island, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy diverse and fresh cuisine. In the morning, there are Banh Nam filter dishes sold along with the fishing village, fragrant grilled meat vermicelli. In the afternoon and afternoon, enjoy the food at the restaurants on the island. If you want to eat fresh seafood, you can go to the sea to catch the fishing boat back to buy things and then ask people to cook for you. The people here are very friendly and hospitable. 

Fresh Crab

Note when coming to Bich Dam Nha Trang island 

  • When going to the island, remember to be conscious of preserving the environment, not littering. 
  • People living on the island mainly live by seafaring, so life is still difficult. So you can contribute some essential items. 
  • If you plan to stay, don’t forget to prepare all the necessary tools such as face towels, mosquito spray, face towels, flashlights and other medical items such as bandages, stomach medicine, cold medicine. 
  • Remember to bring a backup charger to keep your mobile phone in a state of power failure. 

(Photo: vanvan.littlest.things)

Life on this island is still difficult, but the people are very rustic, sincere, and friendly. An island of Bich Dam Nha Trang with beautiful nature and people has created a very peaceful fishing village that offers many sobbing tourists. 

Photo: Internet

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