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Oc (Snail) Pagoda – A unique pagoda made from snail shells in Nha Trang

Considered as a unique temple made from shells, the Oc (Snail) Pagoda in Nha Trang has a unique construction that makes everyone surprised. The appearance, construction materials, and structure of the temple are all strange, creating a quiet place full of mystery.

Oc (Snail) Pagoda in Nha Trang is also known as Tu Van Pagoda, built from materials that are typical of the sea here, which are seashells, coral stones or snail shells, etc. This is a unique pagoda in Vietnam thanks to the handmade materials that make up the Oc Pagoda.

Visit the Snail Pagoda in Nha Trang  Photo: @at.miuvely

Oc Pagoda was built in 1986, located in the center of Cam Ranh town, about 60km south of Nha Trang city center. Experiencing countless historical events, the evidence of war anecdotes, the temple is not only a place of spiritual practice for monks but also a scenic attraction for domestic and foreign tourists.

Visit a unique temple made from snail shells

From a distance, looking through the temple gate, visitors can admire the panoramic view of the 3-story Bat Nha boat, 10 meters long, attached by screws. The right direction is the sacred Buddha image and the left direction is the majestic Quan Am temple.

Bao Tich Tower at Oc Pagoda in Nha Trang Photo: @cuongkhii

The most impressive project of Oc Tu Van pagoda is Bao Tich tower, with a height of nearly 40m – also the tallest tower in Vietnam as recorded. The tower is also a combination of 49 small towers and on each small tower there is a statue of Buddha with a thousand hands and eyes, hundreds of Buddha statues of all sizes from small to large are meticulously arranged on the tower. 

Oc (Snail) Pagoda – A unique pagoda made from snail shells in Nha Trang
Inside the Bao Tich tower at the Oc Pagoda in Nha Trang  Photo: @solejy39

The tower has 8 doors representing the philosopher’s eightfold path of Buddhism. Many visitors are overwhelmed by the elaborate and elaborate decorative motifs from the seashells and shells of this tower. The most surprising thing is that the ingenious Bao Tich tower was designed and built by the monks in the temple.

Decorative patterns made from seashells  Photo: @tungngv07

Visiting this unique temple, you should also experience an extremely interesting journey down 18 floors of hell, with a 599-meter long tunnel, a winding path that is both dark and small, going underground, building. from coral stones, from snail shells and wrapped in an extremely eye-catching dragon shape.

Visitors are amazed at this architectural work  Photo: @konofalskaya_alexandra

When going deep into the path of hell, you will be curious by the images depicting the double punishment for the crimes on earth, as well as a way to teach people while living to know virtue, to be good is to avoid. pitfalls of greed.

How to go to Oc Pagoda in Nha Trang

You can visit Tu Van Pagoda with an easy route if traveling by motorbike or private car. Following Highway 1A from Nha Trang city, you go to Ba Thang 4 in Cam Linh and see the direction pointing to Oc Pagoda. On the way to the temple, you can also enjoy and admire the surrounding scenery.

Columns and walls in the Snail Pagoda in Nha Trang are also extremely meticulous with shells and shells Photo: @Dxuyen1007

Tu Van Pagoda is famous near and far as a temple with a unique and different appearance. People in the area still preserve this sacred place to wish to see this as a treasure. Therefore, according to Khanh Hoa travel experience , when coming to the temple you need to pay attention to a few things, to avoid violating the rules of the temple and a spiritual place:

  • First, before walking through the temple door, read the rules and regulations set out by the temple and, of course, comply with these regulations with everyone.
  • To avoid bad objects from mixing and causing theft, please preserve and protect your personal belongings carefully because on the occasion of the temple, it is very crowded with tourists.
  • Do not talk loudly, avoid saying bad words in spiritual places.

It is known that the decorative pieces are hand-made by the monks in the temple

Traveling to Nha Trang Khanh Hoa, not only admire the vast blue sea, golden sand, you also visit the pure temples, ancient spiritual tourist attractions here. And snail pagoda in Nha Trang is one of such destinations, both sacred and peaceful, and with impressive unique architecture.

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