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Back to Son Sea paradise Don’t dive to see the coral

Not too famous or crowded like other beaches of Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa, the Son beach don’t give visitors an unforgettable experience, because of the rare wild beauty with clear blue water and sandy slopes. immensity.

There is nothing more wonderful than the feeling of sitting on the fine white sand, inhaling the scent of the sea breeze, listening to the whispering waves.

Bai Son Dung, also known as Xuan Dung, is a beautiful, poetic and unspoiled beach. This place is located in the territory of Dam Mon peninsula (Van Phong Bay, Van Thanh Commune, Van Ninh District, Khanh Hoa Province), nearly 100km from Nha Trang City.

Located outside the rotation of urbanization, Son Dung beach still retains its natural beauty and has not been exploited for tourism much. Son Do has a special geographical position, the beach is located deep in the bay, surrounded by about 20 large and small islands, creating a natural breakwater.

Therefore, the sea here is calm, the water surface is as blue as a giant mirror reflecting Van Ninh heaven and earth. Son Dung is also a quite safe beach, all activities of swimming, diving, playing … are very convenient. People here still liken Son Dung as “a bay within a bay”.

When stopping at Son Dung, visitors will feel like being lost in the middle of Robinson’s island, but the charm of the blue sea, white sand, colorful coral reefs… will make you nostalgic forever.

Visiting Son Dung for the first time, Hoang Thuy Duong (born in 1991), a travel blogger, exclaimed: “I came to Son Dung on a beautiful sunset afternoon, it seemed like it had just rained, so the scenery was extremely magical. It’s a bit lost in the vast sea of ​​​​the sky, but the attraction is very strange.”

Visiting Son Dung, visitors can combine to explore many other places of Van Phong Bay such as: Ong Islet, Dai Lanh Beach, Doi Cape, Diep Son Island…

Bien Son Do is peaceful all year round, the weather is fresh and cool, so visitors can visit this place at any time. 

However, to get to Son Dung, from the center of Nha Trang city, visitors to Dam Mon port, from here must continue to board a boat on Van Phong bay and transfer rafts to Son Dung beach. Therefore, choosing a sunny day is still the most ideal for beach activities.

Although the road is somewhat arduous, it will take visitors through a journey through many terrains and landscapes with stretching rice fields, white sand dunes and a hidden deep sea bay with sky and clouds. clear.

Thuy Duong also had very peaceful experiences at Son Dung: “In the early morning, walking along the beach, I saw a whole school of fish swimming in the clear water. The most peaceful days are when I wear clothes. diving suit, swimming with fish in the ocean.

The bay is famous for its variety of corals of different sizes and colors. Just stepping into the water can see the small coral reefs. But when diving in the distance, the deeper you go, the more impressive, colorful and impressive coral reefs can be discovered.

Seeing sea creatures living in the depths of the water with your own eyes is a wonderful experience when scuba diving in Van Phong. “Witnessing that magical world, I realize my responsibility and contribute to the conservation of marine life here,” Duong shared.

Son Sea Don’t be quiet and peaceful

The moment of sunset and sunrise on the sea is breathtakingly beautiful

Coming to Son Dung, visitors can enjoy walking, swimming, kayaking, diving to see corals…

For those who love the sea and love to explore the ocean, Son Don is definitely a place not to be missed

The sea here is peaceful and warm all year round, the sea is clear, so diving and watching corals take place quite smoothly.

Van Phong Bay is famous for its variety of corals of various sizes and colors

Visitors just need to step into the sea to see the small coral reefs

When diving in the sea far away, visitors will admire the impressively large and colorful coral reefs

Along with that is a diverse ecosystem, Van Phong Bay has up to 350 types of coral and 270 types of fish and shrimp.

Coming here, visitors can enjoy immersing themselves in the cool sea water, enjoy the relaxation during the trip

And feel the softness of living coral, see and touch the sea creatures living in the depths of the water.

In Son Dung, in addition to the blue sea and white sand with attractive activities, seafood such as moon snails, steamed squid, boiled crabs, grilled shrimp or snail porridge, and grilled coriander … are very delicious and attractive. Sitting on the windy beach, enjoying fresh seafood is an experience not to be missed when visiting this beautiful beach

Son Do area on the map

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