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The beautiful and peaceful fishing villages in Nha Trang captivate travelers

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city and crowded tourist spots, the fishing villages in Nha Trang with rustic, simple, surrounded by beautiful scenery and paintings will make us want to temporarily relax. Stay away and enjoy the quiet moments, listen to the sound of the waves crashing, the coconut sound to forget the hustle and bustle. 

Visiting the fishing villages in Nha Trang, the first impression that makes it hard to forget is the calm image by the waves with a rustic and wild appearance. These villages are a great destination for you to immerse yourself in the rustic life of the fishing village, where not only the beautiful scenery but also the kind, carefree people and unique culture. followed them for hundreds of years. If you have the opportunity to come to Nha Trang , if you miss the beautiful fishing villages in this country, you will definitely feel regretful.

Nha Trang not only has beautiful beaches and islands, but it also has many romantic fishing villages. Photo:@Camvan1012

Enjoy a moment of tranquility in the most famous fishing villages in Nha Trang 

1. Fishing village in Bich Dam

This fishing village in Nha Trang is located in the Hon Tre area, the most remote island commune of this beautiful coastal country. Bich Dam Ta Lau is very famous for its jade-like blue lake and is also one of the rare places that still retains its wild and peaceful beauty. Check-in Bich Dam village, you will be mesmerized by the simple scenery by the waves, typical of fishing villages, and the simplicity and sincerity of the people here.

Bich Dam brings a peaceful beauty to enchanting, an ideal place for travelers. Photo: @oanhoanh_sarah

Bich Dam Fishing Village is not too large but still enough for you to make a memorable journey, if you want to see the most beautiful village, go to Gieng Mon mountain area, from here you can see the village at a very wide angle. , capturing the view of the blue sea, beautiful roofs or small boats floating on the water. 

The beautiful and peaceful fishing villages in Nha Trang captivate travelers
The scene here makes anyone tremble. Photo:@-vanvan.littlest.things

Because of being fascinated by the scenery in Bich Dam, Noo Phuong Thinh chose this place as the setting for the MV “Love you is something I couldn’t expect”. Photo: Noo Phuoc Thinh.

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2. Van Gia fishing village – Khanh Hoa

Van Gia is one of the very famous fishing villages in Nha Trang , located not too far from the city center but the scenery here is completely opposite. Instead of the hustle and bustle, Van Gia retains the appearance of a peaceful small town by the sea.

Van Gia is a beautiful village, which is in stark contrast to the bustling scene of the city. Photo: My Tour

The wild beauty after hundreds of years is still preserved intact. This fishing village is located on the way to Hon Bip island – Diep Son, so you can take advantage of visiting again on your journey. At Van Gia, in addition to sightseeing and check-in, you can explore the life of fishermen, participate in fishing, listen to life stories, job stories from indigenous people and enjoy attractive dishes to understand more. about life here. 

The peacefulness is moving, where you will find moments of peace. Photo:

Not far from Van Gia is a beautiful beach where you can freely relax. Photo:@lenglynnn

3. Fishing village in Dam Mon

Dam Mon must have been a familiar place for tourists near and far, but you may not know that this fishing village in Nha Trang also has a beautiful scene in fishing village with romantic beaches and clear blue water. . Coming here, you will easily encounter people who are engrossed in labor or lying barefoot on the pristine white sand. In addition to watching the fishing village, do not forget to explore the beautiful primeval forest ecosystem of this place, Dam Mon is where you can discover a lot of interesting things.

Dam Mon with typical scenery of coastal fishing villages. Photo:@leonova1744

Many young people love this place and come to check-in. Photo:@khanhthu107

4. The fishing village in Khai Luong

Referring to the famous fishing villages in Nha Trang , it is impossible to ignore Khai Luong fishing village, although it is located far away and the road is more difficult to navigate, but this place still attracts many tourists to visit. The lives of people in Khai Luong fishing village are mainly associated with fishing and aquaculture.

Khai Luong is also a beautiful fishing village of Nha Trang. Photo:@irinaovsnn

The scenery here is also beautiful and poetic like many other peaceful fishing villages in Nha Trang, the beauty is rustic, not crowded. Come to Khai Luong, besides check-in in to admire the scenery, don’t forget to enjoy the attractive seafood caught and farmed by the people here. 

The pace of life here is very slow and poetic. Photo:@elena_lash_pvk

Do not forget to enjoy seafood when visiting this village. Photo:@steven_luu0209

5. Fishing village in Ninh Thuy

Ninh Thuy is a beautiful fishing village of Nha Trang with a long tradition, with a history of nearly 200 years, this place still retains its traditional cultural features and peaceful rhythm of life from many generations. 

Ninh Thuy still retains the traditional way of life even though it has been hundreds of years.

The scenery of Ninh Thuy fishing village is very rustic and ancient, the most impressive is the primitive and special village gate, the walls are built of coral pressed mortar with its own beauty. In addition to immersing in the unspoiled nature, enjoying the peaceful space, in Ninh Thuy you will feel the warmth and friendliness as well as have the opportunity to explore the unique traditional festivals such as the traditional festival of worship Mr. Nam Hai, the fishing festival…

The wall is made of beautiful coral shells. Photo: Tien Thanh

This place also has no shortage of beautiful chill places. Photo:@sukharrreva

Come to the fishing villages in Nha Trang to have a look at the sea in the golden afternoon or at dawn to see how beautiful and brilliant life is, so that the soul can be comforted and revived. innocent, carefree moments in life. 

Photo: Internet 

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