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Camping like a resort on Binh Lap island

Disconnected from modern life, Hoang Tuan Anh spends time relaxing on Binh Lap island, camping along the coast, and experiencing life like a local.

No 5-star resort, no luxury restaurant, Hoang Tuan Anh (Khanh) enjoys the beauty of Binh Lap island (Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa) with a glamping trip.

“Glamping” is a term that is no longer strange to the post-Covid-19 travel enthusiast. This form of high-class camping is increasingly popular in many tourist destinations in the country. Tuan Anh shared choosing a newly opened glamping spot on Binh Lap island, a location separate from the mainland, with an absolute quiet rest space.

“The glamping area just opened, there are few guests, so I can chill without fear of noise. Every time I go to Khanh Hoa, I stay in a resort in Nha Trang. This time I went out to the island a bit far, turned off the power and recharged the battery. The spirit thanks to the sound of the waves and the peaceful atmosphere here”, Tuan Anh shared about the trip.

Glamping by the sea

Leaving behind busy work in Hanoi, Tuan Anh booked a flight in early April to Cam Ranh. He planned to stay at the campsite for a day and a night.

The glamping area is located on Binh Lap island, nearly 80 km from Nha Trang city center. “The car of the party booking the tour picked me up at 14:30, then took me to the pier to take a canoe to the camping site on the island. The travel time on the canoe is about 10-15 minutes”, Tuan Anh shared.

After arriving at the campsite, Tuan Anh received the tent, stored his belongings, and rested. Because of the short schedule, the male tourist did not miss any experience during his stay.

Tuan Anh shared that after checking in to receive the tent, everyone can lie down and rest on the raft. Those who want to get active right away can paddle SUP, kayak or swim near the campsite. SUP, kayaking activities are free when guests book the tour.

The glamping area designs many outdoor sports activities for visitors to experience.

In addition to outdoor sports activities, 9X visitors share this coastal camping spot with a very beautiful and standard sunset view.

“The glamping area has a floating lounge with the main blue-white tone, it’s sunny all day, so it’s always beautiful. I choose to watch the sunset here. This is also a place to drink beer and sunbathe,” Tuan Anh said.

Besides the service of the glamping area, Tuan Anh said the tents here are also fully equipped and quite comfortable.

The glamping area has many “chill” corners for visitors to rest and admire.

The tents here are Mongolian tents, quite large. The tent has a bed of 1.6 m x 2 m, a set of tables and chairs, a fan and an electrical outlet. Since the weather on the island is very cool and pleasant, there is no need for air conditioning in the tent.

“The glamping area has 2 bathrooms with fresh water for bathing. However, visitors must bring towels and personal items such as brushes, shower gel, shampoo…”, Tuan Anh shared his experience.

Comfortable campsite is suitable for visitors who want to be in harmony with nature.

Meals are included in the one day and one night glamping tour. 19:00 is dinner time. The glamping area will prepare meals as luxurious as a seaside restaurant. “My meal includes dishes such as grilled lamb chops, lobster pizza, grilled oysters, salad, Tom yum soup, baked potatoes and wine,” the male tourist said.

Evening on the island is very quiet, with only wind and waves. After dinner, everyone has a lot of time to rest and enjoy the moment of absolute peace here, Tuan Anh expressed.

“I welcome a fresh new day on the island with a light breakfast of bread with wine sauce. The feeling of opening your eyes is to see the sea and see the sun, which is great,” shared 9X visitor.

Tuan Anh’s last morning activity at the campsite is going to a raft to catch fish, and drinking coffee to relax. The result of catching fish in the morning is a meal of fresh sashimi and a hot pot of fish porridge.

The male tourist finished the coastal camping trip at a cost of 1.5 million VND/person including all food expenses.

“Introduced by the owner of the glamping area, I moved to Binh Hung Island, rented a coastal homestay and experienced a peaceful life with the locals here”, Tuan Anh recalled.

Live like a local on Binh Hung Island

The male tourist said that after seeing the picture of the homestay, he did not hesitate to book a room and move immediately after finishing 2 days of stay in the glamping area.

Tuan Anh shared that this homestay is on Binh Hung island, the design is not outstanding but brings the peaceful look of a coastal fishing village. Although Tuan Anh’s days off here are short, he is immersed in daily life with the islanders.

Homestay on Binh Hung Island.

Tuan Anh’s holidays in Binh Hung passed peacefully with moments of leisure lying in a hammock in front of his house, enjoying the whispering sea breeze in his ears.

Male tourists also spend time practicing rowing basket boats like real sea people, following the boat to go fishing, drop nets and watching the sunrise.

“I was also taught by the people here how to make Banh Xeo, Banh Can with earthen molds in my yard, and enjoyed the specialties made by the islanders,” Tuan Anh said excitedly.

Tuan Anh is impressed with fish dipped in sassafras, grilled snails, grilled squid and local dishes in Binh Hung.

Away from the comforts, disconnected from modern life, Tuan Anh’s days in Binh Hung are simple but luxurious simplicity amidst a busy life.

“I will never forget the peaceful feeling when sitting by the railing and watching people live in the sunset color of the sea. The moment I got on the boat late at night, went to the middle of the sea where there were few lights, lying on the roof of the boat, covered with a blanket. Listening to music and looking at the starry sky is both simple and memorable”, Tuan Anh shared.

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