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‘Play your best’ at Sealife Nha Trang park

On hot summer days, there is nothing more wonderful than being immersed in the clear blue sea and experiencing interesting water games. Nha Trang tourism recently has an entertainment destination with very attractive sea sports that is welcomed by many tourists. That is Sealife Nha Trang Park. 

About Sealife Nha Trang

Sealife Nha Trang is a resort located in Cam Hai Dong commune, Cam Lam district, Khanh Hoa. This is the place where many spectacular, professional and modern sea sports activities take place. The whole resort has a total area of ​​5000 m2 with a series of games with 1 – 0 – 2 in Vietnam. 

‘Play your best’ at Sealife Nha Trang park
Sealife Nha Trang has an area of ​​​​about 5000 m2 

Sealife is currently the largest floating park in Vietnam. The pontoon buildings are all made of super durable materials that can withstand harsh climates. The entire pontoon block is mounted and separated into 47 parts and then firmly anchored by sandbags placed under safe depths from 1.8m – 2m. That depth is also enough for visitors to dive to see the corals and schools of fish swimming around. 

This is the largest floating park in Vietnam 

Sealife Park is neatly located in the beautiful sea with clear blue water and a long sandy shore. Here, visitors can experience many sports services such as: jet skiing, windsurfing, diving to see corals with diving goggles, parachute, banana float on the sea, coral watching by basket boat,. Besides interesting entertainment activities, you can also admire the poetic ocean nature around. 

Dive and see coral

Sealife Nha Trang is currently aiming to make Bai Dai tourism become the leading resort with sea games in our country. To realize that goal, Sealife Park has invested heavily in many modern and unique games in Vietnam. 

Nha Trang Long Beach 

The beauty of Sealife Nha Trang 

Sealife Nha Trang tourist area is located in a beautiful sea with smooth sand and clear blue water, peaceful nature. But perhaps the reason why this place attracts the most visitors is the model of the largest floating park in Vietnam. 

(Photo: born_totravel)

With the charming and poetic scenery surrounded by high mountains, the gentle and gentle waves make the entertainment experiences of visitors here more comfortable and enjoyable. When coming to this park, visitors will be immersed in the cool water of the sea stretching endlessly with the mesmerizing blue watercolor. 

(Photo: laliz2404)

Entering the tourist area, you will feel quite comfortable with the interesting layout style. Those are brilliant flowers, soaring coconut trees swaying in the wind, bringing a very friendly feeling to nature. Perhaps the most impressive is the row of European-style huts. 

The rows of coconut trees adorn the beauty of Dai beach 
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Entertainment activities at SeaLife Nha Trang

Driving a motorbike under the sea 

Driving a motorbike under the sea promises to give visitors a 1 – 0 – 2 experience in Vietnam. You will be equipped with an oxygen tank in parallel with many other components. Going to the bottom of the sea, visitors will see beautiful coral reefs, play with many cute fish, … 

Riding a motorbike at the bottom of the sea

Whether flying

One of the most adventurous sports on the sea is paragliding, which is also present at Sealife Nha Trang. To participate in this activity, you will have to be protected by solid buckles and then hang suspended in the middle of the air at a height of 70-100m. When you fly high, you will enjoy admiring a huge ocean. 

Parachute flying in the air 

Floating Park

Sealife Floating Park is located on Bai Dai beach, anchored very firmly and firmly. The park is divided into two zones, an adult area and a children’s area. There are many games that are suitable for the little ones, and luckily there are more challenging games for adults. Safety is always a top priority because there are always rescue teams nearby. 

Floating Park 

What to eat when coming to Sealife Nha Trang? 

After having fun and tired with interesting sports activities, you can recharge at the restaurants located on the resort’s premises. With a menu of more than 70 dishes from fresh seafood to local specialties are available at this restaurant. 

Fresh seafood

Coming to Sealife Nha Trang Park , in addition to checking in, participating in special entertainment activities, you also enjoy relaxing moments, relaxing your body under the cool water. A trip with friends here to relieve stress, why not? 

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