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Dam Bay Bay Nha Trang – the wild and charming little Maldives

Dam Bay Bay Nha Trang is known as the “little Maldives” that captivates visitors with its pristine sea scenery and calm water. 

About Dam Bay Bay Nha Trang 

Dam Bay Bay Nha Trang is known by another name, Fun Island. This is a bay located to the southeast of Hon Tre island , about 6km from Nha Trang Bay and officially put into tourist operation in January 2004. Thanks to its beautiful scenery and clear air, Dam Bay has become a tourist attraction in Nha Trang. 

Dam Bay Bay Nha Trang – the wild and charming little Maldives
Dam Bay Bay Nha Trang 
(Photo: evlacusha_98)

Unspoiled beauty in Dam Bay Bay Nha Trang 

Dam Bay Bay Nha Trang is a typical example of the beauty of the sea and islands in Nha Trang with clear blue water, smooth white sand. In particular, this place also captivates visitors by the wildness and endless seascape. That’s why Dam Bay is favored by many tourists as “little Maldives” of the land of sea nests. 

The beauty of Dam Bay Bay is very wild 

As a small, closed bay, surrounded by mountains on all sides, Dam Bay Bay is quite airtight, with few waves, calm sea all year round, calm water, very suitable for experiencing outdoor activities. 

Around the bay is surrounded by majestic mountains 

In addition to clear seawater, attractive white sand, Dam Bay Bay also owns a beautiful check-in corner, satisfying the passion of taking pictures for visitors. You can go for a walk under the trees, listen to the sound of the waves and see the wild and mysterious beauty of the bay. 

(Photo: ______oda______)

According to Nha Trang travel experience , you should spend all day going to Dam Bay Bay to enjoy the beauty. If you come here early in the morning, you can walk around the beach to watch the wonderful sunrise covered with gold and the coconut trees. 

(photo: linalevashova)

Move to Dam Bay Bay Nha Trang 

The distance to travel to Dam Bay Bay in Nha Trang is quite convenient. Starting from Nha Trang city, visitors take wooden boats or speedboats to reach the bay. Travel time takes about 15 minutes by speedboat and 45 minutes by wooden train. In addition to these two means, you can take a glass boat to see the brilliant coral reefs under the ocean. 

(Photo: yulia901)

What to play when coming to Dam Bay Bay, Nha Trang? 

Go to the beach

Dam Bay Nha Trang Bay is quite closed, surrounded by mountains on all sides, so the sea is calm, the waves are calm, the sea depth is also quite moderate, so it is suitable for visitors to swim and have fun. Coming here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a dip, play in the cool water and sunbathe on the fine white sand. 

Immerse yourself in the clear water (Image: matveevalv)

Watch the sunrise

Arriving at Dam Bay Bay in Nha Trang , take some time in the early morning to go for a walk and wait for the dim sunrise to tint the whole space red. That beautiful sunrise moment will surely bring you many special emotions. 

There is nothing better than welcoming the sunrise on this beautiful bay (Photo: catherine_m9)

Snorkeling to see corals 

At noon, when the sun is high, this is the right time for you to scuba dive to see the coral. The bigger the sun, the clearer the seawater helps you to see clearly the glittering, fanciful beauty of the coral reefs. 

The brighter the sun, the more brilliant the coral reefs appear 

Check in 

In Dam Bay Bay, Nha Trang, there are many beautiful shooting angles that promise to satisfy the passion of virtual living of tourists. It is the scene of the deep blue sea, the fine white sand and the rolling rapids,… All are beautiful shimmering backdrops for you to relax. 

(Ảnh: mary_uspenskaya)

What to eat when coming to Dam Bay Bay, Nha Trang? 

During the trip to Dam Bay Bay, Nha Trang , visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy many attractive seafood dishes at restaurants and resorts. The seafood here is caught during the day, so it is extremely fresh and processed into famous delicacies such as: steamed sea snails, apricot fish salad, fish hotpot, grilled oysters with cheese sauce, grilled sea urchin, .. .

Fresh sea urchin 

Dam Bay Nha Trang is a special tourist destination in Hon Tre Island. If you are planning to travel to Nha Trang , you must definitely spend some time here to have fun and enjoy wonderful moments of relaxation. 

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