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10 attractions of Nha Trang

KHANH HOA – In addition to experiencing the island tours, visitors to Nha Trang will enjoy the beautiful beaches and monuments, and landscapes in the coastal city.

April 2 Square is located in front of Tran Phu Beach, the place where Nha Trang City’s events often take place such as the National Tourism Year 2019 and Nha Trang Sea Festival – Khanh Hoa. This is where people and tourists often focus on playing, walking or exercising sports.

Tourists are watching the scientists swim in the aquarium at the Institute of Oceanography . The nearly 100-year-old research institute, located next to Cau Da port, about 6 km from the city center, is the leading marine research facility in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Here, visitors join the ocean world when the institute still retains about 24,000 samples of marine life with more than 5,000 species, and hundreds of marine species are being nourished with many beautiful, exotic and rare species.

In the Museum of Oceanography, there is also an area for domesticated marine life, artificial mangroves, a large marine biology sample area, marine research facilities and intangible resources.

Nha Trang Cathedral Church (also known as Mountain Church ), located on Bong Mountain, 12 meters higher than the road surface, stands in the middle of a crowded intersection with ancient French architectural style. The work was started and constructed by Fr Louis Vallet in 1928 and completed in 1933. His father’s grave is located at the foot of Bong Mountain. To create ground on the top of the mountain, when building, people had to use about 500 mines.

The church was built with grit stone concrete and dashed brick, a type of brick cast with cement and rubble. The architecture of the building is similar to the church in Sa Pa and some other places in Vietnam. A high bell tower in the middle with three bells is a recognizable spot of Western Catholic churches.

Long Son Pagoda , also known as the White Buddha, Dang Tu, was built in 1886, covering more than 3,000 square meters on October 23, located at the foot of the Trai Thuy field in Nha Trang City. The main hall is more than 1,500 square meters. In particular, on Trai Thuy hill, the statue of Kim Than Buddha (ie the White Buddha) sitting sermon, 24 meters high, built in 1963. The Guinness Book of Vietnam records recognized this as the largest outdoor Buddha statue in Vietnam .

Hon Chong scenic area from above, becomes a place to attract tourists every time to Nha Trang. Hon Chong is about 3 km northeast of the city center. This place is a complex of large rocks with all kinds of shapes, stacked running from high shore into the sea. Another smaller rock group, located at the foot of the eastern hill, is called Hon Vo.

Island tours are one of the popular tourist forms of this city. 25km from the port is Yen Hon Noi Island , managed by Sanest Tourist under the Salanganes Nest Company, famous for its wild beauty, double beaches, a smooth white sand beach and clear blue sea water on both sides. Visitors can see the entire sea view from the top of Du Ha mountain, with about 200 steps and admire the swallow birds and enjoy the cuisine with bold incense for visitors to comfortably experience. Thanks to keeping its natural pristine features, Hon Noi’s Yen Island attracts many visitors.

Tri Nguyen Island in Nha Trang Bay, about 6 km from the shore, has a peaceful landscape of the fishing village. On the island there is a model of Tri Nguyen aquarium with the design of a giant ship. Inside is the basement with 4 pools. This is the main sightseeing area, gathering hundreds of marine life like a miniature ocean. On the 2nd and 3rd floors are the restaurant and souvenir shop. Visitors can also experience “dust” tours or learn about the culture and fishing village of fishermen.

Green moss shelf covering the breakwater on Nha Trang beach, about 50 meters from Tran Phu bridge, is an attractive check-in point. The most appropriate time to visit is 6-9 am when the tidal water recedes. On the weekends, locals and tourists often go to the mossy beach to admire and take pictures. Some people even pick moss for fishing.

Ponagar tower on April 2, becomes magical and sparkling at night. This is Cham Pa temple located on top of a hill about 10m above sea level, at the mouth of Cai river, now in Vinh Phuoc ward. This is one of the largest Cham Pa cultural heritages in the country.

The architecture consists of 3 floors, going from bottom to top following the stone steps. In it, the Gate Tower area is no longer present. In the middle floor or at the front of Mandapa is a place for guests to rest and prepare offerings. There are 4 rows of octagonal columns, including 12 small outer columns and 10 large inner columns.

Dam Market is one of the attractions to attract tourists when coming to Nha Trang. Built in 1970, Dam market is two floors high, with circular architecture, V-shaped roof, symbolizing lotus flowers. The market has many souvenir items, or fresh and dried seafood with bold flavors of the coastal city that visitors can buy as gifts. However, after more than 40 years of operation, Dam market is evaluated to be degraded, not suitable for the planning of Nha Trang city, to be closed from March 31.

Nha Trang is the capital of Khanh Hoa, a province with strong tourism advantages, a cultural and economic center of the South Central region. The city possesses many landscapes, entertainment and clear, white-cut coastline that has attracted many domestic and international tourists over the years. The city with many beaches and islands has been honored in a series of lists such as the top 10 most beautiful diving spots in the world in 2020, top 50 places with the most beautiful beaches in the world, one of the 29 most beautiful bays in the world.

Khanh Hoa tourism industry set a target in 2021 to achieve revenue of 17,500 billion, welcome over 5 million visitors. In particular, the domestic tourist market is about 3.5 million, the international tourist market will focus on attracting foreign workers, groups of experts, diplomats in Vietnam. Follow vnexpress/ Photo: Khoa Tran

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